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Did you receive a data breach letter? Do you have a consumer fraud complaint? We can fix that.

Since 1992, our California-based class action law firm has fought injustices and obtained record setting results for consumers and workers like you across the nation. We demand a level playing field. With us in your corner, you’re going to get it.

If fairness is important to you, we stand ready to fight for it. Whether your question concerns data breaches, false advertising, defective products or an employment law dispute, we offer free and clear answers, and then action.

Review our Cases and our Results pages and you’ll see our success rate is unparalleled. Contacting us is totally confidential and commits you to nothing, but the results may pleasantly surprise you. In fact, well over 95% of our clients didn’t fully understand the violations they had until they called. We understood them, however, and we got them billions. We challenge you to find another law firm that can match that kind of success.

So, whether you just want a free evaluation or you need us to move fast to get you paid, take a minute and contact us. You have nothing to lose and virtually everything to gain.


  • You may not need documents to prove your case. We can get the information for you.

  • It doesn’t cost you anything. If we get you paid, we’ll seek our fees from the other side.

  • There are “statutory” penalties that can make your financial recovery high.


Visit our updated Data Breach Center for steps to protect your confidential information. See if you’ve been hacked!

View our growing list of data breach lawsuits seeking justice for people like you.

Data breaches are on the rise! Is your identity secure? We collect damages and penalties from companies that are reckless with your information.


We are a boutique class action law firm known for aggressive representation and big results in the areas of data breach, consumer and employment law.



We have recovered well over one billion dollars for countless people just like you. We remain the “go to” law firm for protecting your legal rights.



Our updated data breach portal helps you avoid identity theft, keep your personal data secure and seek compensation for your losses.



We are a boutique class action law firm known for aggressive representation and big results in the areas of consumer and employment law.



Since 1992, we have represented clients against businesses of all types and in every industry. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you.



We have recovered well over one billion dollars for countless people just like you. We remain the “go to” law firm for protecting your legal rights.



Generally speaking, our practice is focused on the areas of consumer fraud, data breaches/cyber-security and employment law, but the scope of what we can do is endless. We believe in the motto “the right tool for the job” so, if we can’t help you, we’ll refer you somewhere or to someone who can.

All of our work is done on a “contingency fee” basis. This means we get paid for winning cases, which we believe is an ideal situation for everyone. We also front all costs, meaning we bear all the financial risk. This gives us a huge incentive to fight hard and win your case. Finally, in most of our cases, the law provides that the company is responsible for paying our fees if we’re successful, over and above what you personally recover. That’s a win-win for you!

Every claim we accept has a “statute of limitations.” That means every claim must be brought by a definite date, or the claim is likely lost forever. We don’t expect our clients to know the time restrictions for every claim, which is why we say contact us immediately. That date could be today.

The length of your case will depend on several factors. These include:

  • The time it takes to gather information
  • The caseload at the courthouse
  • The nature of your claims
  • Your motivation to settle early

Depending on these considerations, your case could last anywhere from several months to a few years. But that’s if you file actual litigation. If you’re considering a settlement, the process can move much more quickly, depending largely on how much money or other benefits you want to recover. When you contact us, we can give you a more specific estimation of your options and the related timeline for resolving your dispute.

That depends on the kind of case you have and the strength of your claim. There is no guarantee of future results, since each case is unique, but here are a few examples of potential outcomes:

Data breach claims: California has great laws to protect data breach claimants. You can recover for the time you spent repairing your credit, investigating the breach itself, etc. You can also recover damages under several California statutes. You do not have to show your data was misused but, if you can, even more damages may become available to you.

Consumer claims: If you were ripped off by a company, were defrauded by a false advertisement or bought a defective product, your damages could be very high. Once we determine the kind of consumer claim you have, we’ll advise you accordingly.

Employment claims: Depending on the kind of workplace issue, you may be entitled to back pay, future pay, emotional distress damages, medical expenses, business expense reimbursement, meal and rest break damages, record keeping penalties, late check penalties…and so much more.

For other issues, simply contact us and we can explain the available remedies.

Everyone’s goals are different, and some clients simply want information or a fast result. That’s fine too.

We believe the highest awards are usually achieved after litigation is, at least, started, but we’ll listen to your needs and tailor a plan to get you best outcome under the circumstances. Most companies don’t like litigation either, so they are often highly motivated to work out a deal with you early. Our attorneys are trained and highly skilled negotiators and will work hard to present you with the best result possible.

We don’t win unless and until you win and that motivates us to fight hard in every case we handle. Therefore, if you don’t prevail, we won’t charge you for fee or costs. That’s our commitment to you.

Our firm was founded in 1992 and we’ve been committed to handling claims like yours ever since. Through our team of skilled attorneys and support staff, we bring decades of experience to bear in every case–something you’ll find essential to navigate your case to a profitable resolution.

Being seasoned lawyers also means we’ve cultivated an excellent network around the nation. Since we don’t address every possible legal issue, that means we also have the resources to refer you to someone who can assist you–perhaps even joining forces with them to provide you the best team. In those situations, we would only do so if we are convinced (and you agree) they possess the highest standards and talent.

Every law firm has a different “culture” and approach to representing its clients. Ours favors very aggressive representation and we never back down from a fight. It’s just not who we are.

But that’s not to say we don’t negotiate and collaborate–when that benefits our clients. And it often does. When the situation calls for working through problems by being conciliatory, we’re experts at that, and yet our hard-hitting style always comes through in how we ensure our clients are getting the best deal and we’re “leaving nothing on the table.” It’s why we’ve achieved the results you can see on these web pages, why we’ve set records in our cases, and why clients come back to us when new legal issues arise.

To pick the right lawyers, you should first shop around. After you do, we’re confident you’ll pick us.

It’s all about strategy.

Not all lawyers are the same. Usually, lawyers specialize and, despite what you may think (or are told) the experience of one lawyer may be very different than what you need for your claim. For 30 years, we have focused on just a few limited areas so we’re able to analyze the claims, and then negotiate a settlement or move them toward trial (depending on your particular goals) skillfully and fast. Additionally, we’re very good at our work because we look at legal and factual issues at deep levels and are not satisfied until we’ve gamed out every move. For us, litigation is a chessboard, and we’d like to show you how we bring that focus to bear in getting you the best recovery.

If you are not already sure whether your case fits in one of our practice areas, please call us. We’ll be happy to tell you and, if we don’t handle your type of case, we can tell you how to find someone who can.

You bet it is. The attorney client privilege is the highest duty we honor. It applies not just to situations where you have formally retained an attorney; it applies whenever you’ve sought legal advice from an attorney and that’s defined very broadly. Even in “close call” situations, we honor your confidentiality, and, in 30 years, it has never once been suggested that we violated it. You certainly won’t find that track record with many other firms.

Whether we accept your claim, or you simply want answers to your legal questions, we represent you. You never have to think twice about what we discussed leaving the safety of that conversation.

Don’t worry. “Evidence” takes many forms and, while documents to prove your claim are certainly helpful, they are seldom required. When they are required, the entity being sued is usually required to have kept those documents; sometimes, third parties possess them; other times, when no one kept the needed information, the evidence can be reconstructed. It’s rarely a problem.

Ultimately, what kind of proof you need depends on the kind of claim you’re bringing but rest assured that we’re very good at finding creative solutions and uncovering the necessary facts for you. That work is at the heart of litigation and one of the things we do best.

Class action cases are wonderful tools for bringing together the claims of many people in one lawsuit. In these “representative” cases, just one person becomes the spokesperson for many, sometimes even millions of people harmed by the same company and the same unlawful practice. If you know of witnesses to your dispute or others who also suffered the way you did, we want to know that, but you have no obligation to go out and find them. As we call it, “the power of one” makes the class action a very powerful way to get justice–and a potentially huge result–to a large number of impacted people.

We will not accept your case or pursue a settlement for you unless we think there is a realistic opportunity for recovery. Since we do not get paid unless you recover, we have no incentive to waste your time or ours. We will be transparent with you about the facts of your case and whether we believe it is worth pursuing. Having said that, our track record is excellent and almost all of our past clients were surprised how many violations they had upon talking with us.

California has some of the most protective laws in the nation for workers. CLICK HERE to get answers to your labor and employment law FAQs.

Cyber security is an enormously important issue that cannot be overlooked. California has some of the most protective laws in the nation for people and businesses affected by data breaches. What you may not know, however, is that heavy penalties and damages may be easily available to you. Visit our DATA BREACH CENTER to get fast identity theft answers, and then contact us to discuss your situation.

CLICK HERE to read some of our blog posts and to get answers quickly to common legal questions. If you still need help, CONTACT US.

It’s important to act quickly.

A few minutes now may mean the difference between winning and losing your case! Getting your FREE legal review is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


You have more power than you may think.
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We’re here to help answer your questions. Legal issues can be complicated, but we stand ready to break them down so we can explore your options with you.

Contacting us is completely free, confidential…and worth it.

Let us surprise you with our results.

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