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Victim of a data breach or consumer fraud? Unfairly treated at work? No meal or rest breaks? We can fix that. Since 1992, our California law firm has fought against injustice, set records and achieved enormous success for consumers and workers just like you. We demand a level playing field. With us in your corner, you’re going to get it.

If fairness is important to you, we stand ready to fight for it for you. Whether your dispute concerns data breaches, overtime, discrimination, wrongful terminationmeal/rest breaks, expense reimbursementsconsumer fraud or false advertising, or virtually any other kind of unfair commercial or employment problem imaginable, we offer totally free and totally confidential answers, and then action. Just review our Cases page and you’ll quickly see that our success rate is unparalleled. Submitting your information commits you to nothing, but the result may pleasantly surprise you. Indeed, over 95% of our clients who received compensation didn’t know how many violations they really had. Because of this, it’s easy to see how you have nothing to lose by contacting us, and everything to gain.