Toxic chemical releases, unclean water and other forms of pollution of our planet are serious business. This author has, literally, written the book on how badly large corporations can hurt people, their families and their property. We encourage you to read it. We also encourage you to contact us immediately if you believe you have been hurt by any form of pollution by big business.

Fallout is the true story of a four-year journey—from the discovery of a major toxic chemical release by one of the world’s largest petroleum refiners, through California’s complex court system, across the doorsteps of the victims of corporate indifference, to the author’s coming-of-age as a legal advocate, a shrewd player in the world of highly-tactical, uber-aggressive class-action litigation, and a compassionate human being. This 5-star rated story is a “must read” for anyone interested in corporate cover-ups, our complex legal system, or just wanting to know how to make a difference in the face of overwhelming pressure to keep quiet. Pick up your copy today.


In our legal practice, we have seen entire towns suffer while refineries and other heavy industry pollute them. It’s a sad truth that sees little chance of ending without stronger regulation and the willingness of people like you to stand up, file cases, and fight back. Substantial damages, including punitive damages, and penalties may apply, so don’t delay if these issues speak to you. You really owe it to yourself, your family and your community to let us know if you suspect pollution in your area. You CAN make a difference.

By Published On: November 28th, 2021