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Consumer Fraud

For as long as people have been less than honest with each other, false advertising has existed. Luckily, however, California laws prohibiting this practice with regard to consumer goods and services are perhaps the strongest in the nation, yielding extraordinary amounts of damages, including punitive damages, for the benefit of unsuspecting purchasers. The area of [...]

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Overtime Wages

Overtime laws have existed since long before the time of the Great Depression, and are intended as a punishment to employers, to increase worker health and safety and as a tool to incentivize hiring and employee retention. Federal law sets minimum wage and overtime standards, and California state law provides even stronger worker protections. [...]

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Data Breached?

While cyber security and identity theft are already all over the news these days, the number of data breaches continues to increase at an alarming rate. Thousands of data breaches occur every year in California alone, exposing your highly sensitive personal/financial information–and placing it in the hands of criminals. To answer any questions you have [...]

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Toxic Exposure

Toxic chemical releases, unclean water and other forms of pollution of our planet are serious business. This author has, literally, written the book on how badly large corporations can hurt people, their families and their property. We encourage you to read it. We also encourage you to contact us immediately if you believe you have [...]

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Product Defects

If you purchased a product that doesn’t work, doesn’t work to the standard you reasonably expected, or fails to satisfy the use for which you bought it, you may have a great case for a defective product. California law is very consumer protective and violations of those laws may entitle you to substantial compensation. While [...]

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