Our team of legal professionals are standing by to help you.


Our team of legal professionals is standing by to help you.


Since 1992, Cole & Van Note has litigated countless matters against businesses of all types in every industry imaginable. Our skilled team has extensive experience prosecuting class actions, both solo and in various leadership positions. We handle both California and nationwide litigation, publish important articles addressing myriad substantive issues and class action procedures, speak regularly at professional conferences and are well-known and widely-respected members of the legal community. For three decades, our firm has helped recover billions of dollars for millions of consumers and workers, set records and corrected numerous consumer and employment fraud practices.

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Ours is a class action practice, meaning that we strive to make big changes in areas where big change is most needed. Whereas areas like cybersecurity (data breaches), product liability/defect and consumer fraud are most in need of these big changes, we can handle virtually any legal issue you may have. As our Cases page shows, we have vast experience litigating against companies in the industries of Finance/Banking, Health Care, Private Security, Restaurant, Retail Services, Technology and Transportation but the scope of what we can do is virtually endless. Whether you’re confident you have a claim, want fast compensation or just want some friendly advice, it’s worth your time to talk with us. Our staff is approachable, knowledgeable and can work with you to develop a step-by-step plan customized to your unique needs.


We make the law work for you.