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Cybercrime is the nation's #1 threat and smart folks are taking it seriously. Review the topics below and then call us. us to get paid for the damage you're facing.


Data breaches can be devastating. You can lose your money, credit, private/sensitive information, livelihood and peace of mind. Cyber criminals don’t care if you “deserved” it. If it’s accessible, they’ll take it. That’s where careful consumers like you–and firms like ours–come in. But it all starts with education, so click below to learn what to do to prevent and redress data breaches:

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Statistics show hackers are highly motivated by money to acquire your data and personal information. They take it, use it to get credit in your name, access your accounts and trick your friends and family. If you don’t think your information is already in the hands of criminals, think again. That information can and likely will be used against you when you least expect it. Many experts agree that cybercrime is already the #1 biggest threat to citizens of this nation. It is also clear that companies are not sufficiently prepared for breaches. Between 2005 (when most data breach reporting began) and 2021, there were over 12,000 recorded breaches. 3,950 of those confirmed data breaches occurred in 2020 alone, with a cyberattack effort occurring every 39 seconds. The vast majority of people in this country have had their information accessed in just the past five years–often via multiple data breaches. This is a reality which is getting worse every day.

If you use credit cards, browse online or otherwise purchase products on the internet, you are a prime target for cybercrime–and you should call us immediately. Your credit card numbers, bank accounts, security codes, email addresses, passwords and medical health records are not safe.

Not only can we help you determine how many times your information has been taken, we can give you great preventative tips moving forward. Just as importantly, we can help you recover for your losses, including thousands of dollars of special penalties and incentives only available in California. Again, please do not delay in taking this issue seriously. Many of our clients have experienced devastating impacts–losing money, time, their businesses and/or personal property–simply because they were uninformed about these issues beforehand and because big business did not sufficiently protect these clients’ privacy rights.


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