Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital

Data Breach Investigation

Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital: Data Breach Investigation


Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital recently detected suspicious activity within its information network and, upon further investigation, determined that an unauthorized actor accessed certain Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital network systems. It has since been confirmed that, during that period of access, certain private data was reviewed and/or removed from particular Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital computer systems, and that private information of a large number of people was involved in this network hack. It is currently unknown how many individuals have had their information used for criminal purposes. What’s more, our experience tells us that the full impact of the Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital data breach may not be known for months or even years. The organization has already started notifying individuals of the incident and may be sending out more notices as further information arises. The organization has also notified, at least, one state Attorney General so that the public can begin to protect itself.

If you received notice of this alarming data breach and/or have transacted in any way with Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital, your information may now be in the hands of cybercriminals, making your urgent attention to this situation very important.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU RECEIVED NOTICE OF THE Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital DATA BREACH?

Take action. Get a free, confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to learn about your rights and legal remedies in response to this data breach by contacting Cole & Van Note at (510) 891-9800, emailing us at or submitting a Request for Information. Participating in this investigation and/or submitting your claim for financial compensation is extremely time sensitive, so please act now. Getting paid for your involvement with this cyber-security breach is a lot easier than you may think.

For more information about this or other data breaches, visit our frequently updated DATA BREACH CENTER and then contact us. For 30 years, our lawyers have been helping people just like you get paid when their rights were violated. Our team is approachable, knowledgeable and happy to walk you through the claims process quickly.


  • Review the breach notice you received and retain a copy
  • Enroll in any free credit monitoring service provided by the breached company
  • Change your passwords and security questions for related online accounts
  • Review account statements and credit reports for signs of fraud or identity theft
  • Contact a credit bureau to request a temporary fraud alert

We can help you with these precautions, and then help get you paid. There are tens of millions of Americans who suffer from data privacy events every year, and in turn, seek legal action for compensation and to hold companies accountable for negligent security systems.


We do not charge you. If we get paid for our services (i.e., only if we successfully get you a financial recovery), the company you sue pays us. Additionally:

(1) We have an exceptional track record.

(2) Our job is to demystify the legal process for you and design a plan of action to get you paid ASAP.

(3) We make submitting your claims for compensation as simple as possible.

(4) We are very aggressive and tactical advocates. You simply won’t find better negotiators for your claim.

(5) We are extremely approachable by our clients. Someone is always available to assist you.


Other sources of information:

1. Check if your email has been hacked
2. HIPAA Journal
3. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights


Visit our Data Breach Center for the steps to see if you were hacked, protect your information and get paid for your losses.

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