What’s Wrong With This Thing?

Not all problems you may have with a particular product are lawsuit-worthy but, when they are, they can be extremely important cases to pursue. Defective cars can cost lives. Defective computer hardware can lead to the loss of immeasurable amounts of critical information. What’s more, if you found a product to be defective, chances are that so have others, and that’s the reason class actions are such important tools; they allow people to redress problems like these efficiently and to defray the costs, spreading them out over many victims, and with consistent results. As experts in class action litigation, we are happy to explain how we can help you get back the value of the product (or service) you purchased.

Whether you found the particular product to be defective at the time of purchase or much later, we urge you to call or email us for a determination of what kind of compensation you may be owed.

This information is for illustrative and educational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal advice, the establishment of an attorney-client relationship, or as indicative of a particular outcome regarding any legal issue you might have.