Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Received a data breach letter? Noticing strange transactions in your accounts? Worried about identity theft or how to prevent it? Data breaches can cause enormous damage to you and your family. We help you get paid when a data breach affected you. CONTACT US. It’s free and confidential.

The organizations below have experienced data breaches and are big on our radar. If you’ve done business with any of them, you could be at serious risk. We make getting you paid easy, and our results may surprise you. Search our investigations or click here to see the cases we’ve filed.



Personal health information data breaches now provide another $1,000 per violation. That adds up really fast!


If you received a data breach notification from any of these organizations, or one not on this list, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. To collect damages, your prompt attention is critical.

Adelanto HCV Data Breach Investigation

ADOC Medical Group Data Breach Investigation

Aesthetic Dermatology Data Breach Investigation

AlfaTech Data Breach Investigation

Alinsco MGA Data Breach Investigation

AllCare Plus Pharmacy, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Allstate Insurance Company Data Breach Investigation

Aloha Nursing Rehab Center Data Breach Investigation

American Pain and Wellness, PLLC Data Breach Investigation

Ameriprise Data Breach Investigation

Anderson’s Painting Data Breach Investigation

Arhaus Data Breach Investigation

Arizona Health Advantage, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Associated General Contractors of Washington Data Breach Investigation

Associates in Dermatology Data Breach Investigation

Atlantic General Hospital Data Breach Investigation

BAE Systems, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Bank of Eastern Oregon Data Breach Investigation

BayCare Clinic Data Breach Investigation

Baystate Health Data Breach Investigation

Bethany Christian Services Data Breach Investigation

Beach District Surgery Center Data Breach Investigation

Biolase Data Breach Investigation

Blue Shield of California Data Breach Investigation

Booz Allen Hamilton Data Breach Investigation

Breckenridge Insurance Data Breach Investigation

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Data Breach Investigation

California Air Resources Board Data Breach Investigation

CCHSC Data Breach Investigation

Cardiovascular Associates Data Breach Investigation

CareOregon Data Breach Investigation

CCA Health CA Data Breach Investigation

CMS Data Breach Investigation

Centerstone of America Data Breach Investigation

CentraState Healthcare System Data Breach Investigation

Century Aluminum Co Data Breach Investigation

Cerebral Data Breach Investigation

Charter Communications Data Breach Investigation

Chick-Fil-A Data Breach Investigation

Choice Health Insurance Data Breach Investigation

Cineplex Entertainment LP Data Breach Investigation

Citibank Data Breach Investigation

City Enterprises Data Breach Investigation

City of Oakland Data Breach Investigation

Credit Suisse Group AG Data Breach Investigation

CRMHS Data Breach Investigation

Codman Square Health Center Data Breach Investigation

Comcast Xfinity Data Breach Investigation

CommonSpirit Health Data Breach Investigation

Community Health Network Data Breach Investigation

Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporations, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Connexin Software Data Breach Investigation

CDS Texas Data Breach Investigation

C. Overaa & Co. Data Breach Investigation

Crystal Bay Casino Data Breach Investigation

CWGS Group Data Breach Investigation

Cytometry Specialists Data Breach Investigation

Dallam Hartley Data Breach Investigation

David Yurman Data Breach Investigation

DaVita Data Breach Investigation

Dee Zee, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Delaware HSS Data Breach Investigation

Dental Health Management Solutions Data Breach Investigation

Denver Public Schools Medical Plans Data Breach Investigation

Diligent Corporation Data Breach Investigation

Discovery Clothing Company Data Breach Investigation

Doctors’ Center Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Donlen Corp./Sellerco Corp. Data Breach Investigation

DPP II, LLC Data Breach Investigation

DraftKings Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Eastern Bank Data Breach Investigation

eMDs Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Epic Management Data Breach Investigation

Ferguson Wellman Data Breach Investigation

First National Bank of PA Data Breach Investigation

First Republic Bank Data Breach Investigation

Fitchburg State University Data Breach Investigation

Fitzgibbon Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Florida Medical Clinic, LLC Data Breach Investigation

FMC Services, LLC Data Breach Investigation

FocusIT Data Breach Investigation

Foundcare Data Breach Investigation

Fred Hutchinson Center Data Breach Investigation

Fremont County, Colorado Data Breach Investigation

General Mills Data Breach Investigation

Gensco, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Great Neck Dental Data Breach Investigation

Greater Covina Medical Data Breach Investigation

Guardian News & Media Data Breach Investigation

Guidecraft, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Happy State Bank Data Breach Investigation

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Data Breach Investigation

Hatch Bank Data Breach Investigation

Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Heritage life Insurance Data Breach Investigation

Heritage Provider Network Data Breach Investigation

HMS Data Breach Investigation

Hope College Data Breach Investigation

Hope Health Systems Data Breach Investigation

HTI Technology & Industries, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Hutchinson Clinic, P.A. Data Breach Investigation

IIngalls & Snyder, LLC Data Breach Investigation

IST Management Services Data Breach Investigation

Intrado Corporation Data Breach Investigation

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

James Billman-Golemme Data Breach Investigation

Johnstone Supply Data Breach Investigation

Judson Independent School District Data Breach Investigation

Kiefer Aquatics Data Breach Investigation

Kiss Products, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Lakeside Medical Organization Data Breach Investigation

Lamoille Health Partners Data Breach Investigation

Lawson Products Data Breach Investigation

Legacy Health Data Breach Investigation

Legacy Post Acute Care Data Breach Investigation

LifePlans Data Breach Investigation

Lifespire Data Breach Investigation

Lincoln Retirement Services Data Breach Investigation

L. Knife & Son Data Breach Investigation

Longhorn III Investments Data Breach Investigation

LSSI Data Breach Investigation

Lynn Community Health, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Macmillan Data Breach Investigation

Mailchimp Data Breach Investigation

Majestic Care Middletown Assisted Living LLC Data Breach Investigation

Maple Leaf Foods Data Breach Investigation

MLCHC Data Breach Investigation

MassMutual Data Breach Investigation

MFHS Data Breach Investigation

Med Pay Partners Data Breach Investigation

MATLV Data Breach Investigation

MedStar Mobile Healthcare Data Breach Investigation

Mena Regional Health System Data Breach Investigation

Merced College Data Breach Investigation

Merritt Healthcare Advisors Data Breach Investigation

Metropolitan Associates Data Breach Investigation

Michael & Son Services Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Michigan Medicine Data Breach Investigation

Monarch Data Breach Investigation

Mount Saint Mary College Data Breach Investigation

mscripts Data Breach Investigation

MTC Holsters Data Breach Investigation

My Life Foundation Data Breach Investigation

NAR Training Data Breach Investigation

National Center for Construction Education and Research Data Breach Investigation

NCB Management Services, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

New Process Steel LP Data Breach Investigation

Newcourse Communications Data Breach Investigation

News Corp Data Breach Investigation

Northeast Freightways Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Northeast Surgical Group, PC Data Breach Investigation

NorthStar Emergency Medical Services Data Breach Investigation

NR Pennsylvania Associates, LLC Data Breach Investigation

The Olympic Club Data Breach Investigation

OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

OU Medicine, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, LLC Data Breach Investigation

P2 Energy Solutions Data Breach Investigation

Paragon Medical Data Breach Investigation

Paul Smith’s College Data Breach Investigation

Penhall Company Data Breach Investigation

PeopleConnect Data Breach Investigation

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC Data Breach Investigation

Plano Independent School District Data Breach Investigation

Point32Health Data Breach Investigation

Postal Prescription Services Data Breach Investigation

PrimeCare Medical Data Breach Investigation

PTI Systems Data Breach Investigation

Precision Medical, Inc. Breach Investigation

Prudential Insurance Data Breach Investigation

Rackspace Data Incident Investigation

Raymond James Financial Incident Investigation

Regal Medical Group Data Incident Investigation

Rise Interactive Data Incident Investigation

Riverside Medical Group Data Breach Investigation

RiverSource LLC Data Breach Investigation

Rocker Companies Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Sacramento CHS Data Breach Investigation

SEIU Local 503 Data Breach Investigation

Simmons Bank Data Breach Investigation

Sonder Holdings Data Breach Investigation

SWLA Health Care System Data Breach Investigation

Spectrum Eye Physicians Data Breach Investigation, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Stanley Street Data Breach Investigation

Stern Cardiovascular Data Breach Investigation

Steyr Arms Data Breach Investigation

St. Rose Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Stratford University Data Breach Investigation

Stroke Scan Plus Data Breach Investigation

Suncoast Skin Solutions Data Breach Investigation

Sweetwater USD Data Breach Investigation

TD Bank Data Breach Investigation

Teijin Automotive Data Breach Investigation

Texas Medical Liability Trust Data Breach Investigation

Trinity Health Corporation Data Breach Investigation

TruConnect Data Breach Investigation

UCLA Health Data Breach Investigation

University of Colorado Data Breach Investigation

University of Washington Data Breach Investigation

UC Hospital Authority Data Breach Investigation

Upper Peninsula Power Data Breach Investigation

Urology of Greater Atlanta Data Breach Investigation

USAA Data Breach Investigation

Valle del Sol Data Breach Investigation

Veros Credit Data Breach Investigation

VisionWeb Holdings Data Breach Investigation

Vocality Community Credit Union Data Breach Investigation

Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

WakeMed Data Breach Investigation

Wegner CPAs LLP Data Breach Investigation

WTX Oilfield Services Data Breach Investigation

Zacks Investment Research Data Breach Investigation

ZOLL Medical Corporation Data Breach Investigation


The organizations listed below have experienced data breaches and are on our radar for new litigation. You can search this list by using the search bar above. Continue clicking to search all occurrences of your search term. If you’ve done business with any of them, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY to find out what damages/penalties we can collect for you. We make it simple and free.

Company/OrganizationDate(s) of BreachReported
Integrated Supports for Living, Inc.07/26/2022, 10/07/202203/24/2023
Frideres Dental LLC n/a03/24/2023
Trussbilt LLC n/a03/24/2023
National Center for Construction Education and Researchn/a03/24/2023
Guidecraft, Inc.09/21/202103/24/2023
NCB Management Services, Inc. 02/01/202303/24/2023
American Pain and Wellness, PLLC11/10/2022, 11/27/202203/24/2023
Atlantic General Hospital n/a03/24/2023
Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, Inc. 04/05/2021, 05/17/202203/24/2023
Ultralife Corporationn/a03/24/2023
Texas Medical Liability Trust, Texas Medical Insurance Company, Physicians Insurance Company, Lone Star Alliance, Inc. and Risk Retention Group 10/02/2022, 10/13/202203/21/2023
Hill Collegen/a03/21/2023
Sunland Asphalt and Construction, LLC09/22/202203/20/2023
La Canadienne Enterprises Inc.11/21/2022, 01/30/202303/20/2023
Associates in Dermatology n/a03/17/2023
OU Medicine, Inc. d/b/a OU Health n/a03/17/2023
Majestic Care Middletown Assisted Living LLCn/a03/17/2023 n/a03/17/2023
Brigham and Women’s Hospitaln/a03/17/2023
Kiss Products, Inc.09/28/2022, 10/03/202203/17/2023
Mattson Technology, Inc. 07/08/2022, 10/03/202203/17/2023
Cardiovascular Associates11/28/2022, 12/05/202203/17/2023
Richard T. Miller, DMD, PC, dba Great Neck/Mid Island Dental03/27/2022, 06/01/202203/17/2023
AT&T 03/17/202303/17/2023
Northeast Freightways Inc.n/a03/17/2023
Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporations (CHSPSC), LLC impacted by Fortra data breachn/a03/16/2023
Plano Independent School Districtn/a03/16/2023
New Process Steel LPn/a03/16/2023
Happy State Bank 07/28/2022, 07/29/202203/16/2023
Dee Zee, Inc. 03/12/2022, 03/14/202203/16/2023
Myers Power Products, Inc. 01/21/202303/16/2023
Jackson Lewis PC 01/07/202203/16/2023
Eastern Research Group, Inc.01/28/202303/15/2023
Merritt Healthcare Advisors n/a03/14/2023
James Billman-Golemme/ LPL Financial LLC/ dba Catalyst Wealth Advisors, LLCn/a03/14/2023
Point32Health – Harvard Pilgrim Health Caren/a03/14/2023
Raymond James Financial, Inc.02/202303/14/2023
Bone & Joint Clinic S.C.01/16/202303/14/2023
Art Center Inc. dba Northwest College of Art & Design10/27/202203/14/2023
NorthStar Emergency Medical Services09/16/202203/14/2023
Independent Living Systems, LLC06/30/2022, 07/05/202203/14/2023
Cannabis Control Commissionn/a03/14/2023
AllCare Plus Pharmacy, Inc. 04/14/202203/13/2023
Absco Solutions01/29/2023, 02/05/202303/13/2023
University of Washington02/04/202303/13/2023
Burns & Levinson LLP12/15/2022, 02/16/202303/13/2023
Wegner CPAs LLP11/24/2022, 01/25/202303/13/2023
Mitchell Lewis & Staver Co.01/18/2023, 01/20/202303/13/2023
Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. dba MoneyMailerUSA, Inc.05/31/2022, 06/02/202203/13/2023
Hungerford Nicholas CPAs and Advisors05/21/202203/13/2023
Dotcom Distribution12/19/2022, 12/20/202203/12/2023
Topspin Partners, L.P.n/a03/12/2023
SOMACIS Inc.n/a03/11/2023
Beacon Health System11/18/2018, 02/24/202303/10/2023
Florida Medical Clinic, LLC n/a03/10/2023
Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork, Inc.11/16/2022, 11/22/202203/10/2023
Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank11/01/2022, 11/28/202303/10/2023
Rentschler Biopharma Inc.08/22/2022, 12/19/202203/10/2023
Enterprise Bank & Trustn/a03/10/2023
Colquitt Complete Care, LLCn/a03/10/2023
Assumption University02/28/202303/09/2023
City of Malden, Massachusetts01/25/202303/09/2023
Cog Marketers, Ltd d/b/a AgroLiquid12/01/2022, 12/31/202203/09/2023
Associated General Contractors of Washington10/26/202203/09/2023
Curtis & Croft. LLC09/02/202203/09/2023
Labette Community College 08/14/202203/09/2023
New Glarus School District07/01/202203/09/2023
Benefit Link LLC02/15/202203/09/2023
American Independent Securities Group, LLCn/a03/09/2023
Broadband Access Servicesn/a03/09/2023
Kiefer Aquaticsn/a03/09/2023
Lasell Universityn/a03/09/2023
Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.n/a03/09/2023
Community Health Centers of Greater Daytonn/a03/08/2023
The Olympic Club02/20/2023, 02/21/202303/08/2023
Worldwide Mail Solutions, Inc. dba US Global Mail02/20/2023, 02/21/202303/08/2023
The City of Modesto01/31/202303/08/2023
Fortra, LLC contracted by CHSPSC, LLC01/28/2023, 01/30/202303/08/2023
ZOLL Medical Corporation01/28/2023, 01/29/2023
Erickson Demel & Associates, PLLC01/09/202303/08/2023
NY Creates12/13/2022, 12/14/202203/08/2023
Spaulding McCullough & Tansil LLP11/03/2022, 11/04/202203/08/2023
Merced College10/25/2022, 11/03/202203/08/2023
The M. K. Morse Companyn/a03/08/2023
MassMutual Federal Credit Unionn/a03/07/2023
Mothers Milk Bank of Florida, Inc.n/a03/07/2023
Rocker Companies Inc.02/17/202303/07/2023
Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc.02/15/202303/07/2023
Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc.02/03/2023, 02/04/202303/07/2023
White Bird Clinic01/06/202303/07/2023
dp Brokerage, Inc.12/13/202203/07/2023
Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, LLC07/15/202203/07/2023
Murray City, UT07/14/202203/07/2023, Inc.05/26/202203/07/2023
City of Oakland02/10/2023, 03/03/202303/06/2023
Fleming, Nolen, and Jez, Personal Injury Law Firm01/26/202303/06/2023
Northeast Surgical Group, PC01/08/202303/06/2023
Sullivan Financial Group01/03/202303/06/2023
Trinity Health Corporation12/16/2022, 12/18/202203/06/2023
Style Crest Enterprises, Inc.12/13/2022, 12/17/202203/06/2023
Arena 3D Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary, Dancker Sellew & Douglasn/a03/06/2023
Cineplex Entertainment LPn/a03/06/2023
Fitchburg State Universityn/a03/06/2023
Texas Medical Liability Trustn/a03/06/2023
Precision Medical, Inc.n/a03/06/2023
Exponential Interactive dba VDX.tvn/a03/06/2023
West Virginia University Board of Governorsn/a03/03/2023
Veracyte, Inc.01/27/202303/03/2023
Denver Public Schools Medical Plans01/04/202303/03/2023
Wichita Urology Group, PA01/02/2023, 01/03/202303/03/2023
Kansas City Credit Union08/10/2022, 08/11/202203/02/2023
Chick-fil-A, Inc.12/18/2022, 02/12/202303/02/2023
Tenant, Inc. dba Storagefront.com08/01/2022, 08/30/202203/02/2023
Cerebral, Inc.n/a03/01/2023
Codman Square Health Center11/23/2022, 11/27/202203/01/2023
HTI Technology & Industries, Inc.08/18/202203/01/2023
Vocality Community Credit Union10/12/2022, 10/19/202203/01/2023
National Aviation Academy01/10/2023, 02/27/202303/01/2023
College of the Desertn/a03/01/2023
Oregon Academy of General Dentistry10/07/202203/01/2023
Eileen Fisher, Inc.07/02/2021, 10/19/202103/01/2023
University of Pennsylvania08/13/2022, 10/24/202203/01/2023
Community Health Groupn/a02/28/2023
Clarity Child Guidance Centern/a02/28/2023
MC Group Ventures Corporationn/a02/28/2023
Veris Residential, Inc.n/a02/28/2023
REC Silicon11/01/2022, 11/30/202202/28/2023
Lincoln Families01/17/2022, 02/11/202202/28/2023
Hatch Bank01/30/2023, 01/31/202302/28/2023
New Enchantment Group, LLC10/03/2022, 10/04/202202/28/2023
Jackson O’Keefe, LLP08/09/2022, 09/02/2022
Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth07/14/202202/28/2023
Clarity Water Technologies, LLCn/a02/27/2023
Elephant Insurance Services, LLC01/01/0001, 04/01/202202/27/2023
Elevate Services, Inc.n/a02/27/2023
Jackson National Life Insurance Companyn/a02/27/2023
C. Overaa & Co.12/17/2022, 12/19/202202/24/2023
eMDs, Inc.n/a02/24/2023
Aloha Nursing Rehab Center (HI)n/a02/24/2023
Asante06/12/2014, 01/03/202302/24/2023
School District of Elmbrook08/23/2022, 08/27/202302/24/2023
Sentara Healthcaren/a02/24/2023
David Douglas School District01/29/202302/24/2023
Anderson’s Painting12/06/202202/24/2023
Alight Solutions, LLC06/01/2022, 11/15/202202/24/2023
Christensen Group Insurance10/10/2022, 10/17/202202/24/2023
Advanced Health Media11/27/2022, 12/16/202202/24/2023
Crystal Bay Casino11/27/202202/24/2023
Wallace Supply LLC dba Johnstone Supply11/15/2022, 11/22/202202/24/2023
Aurora Financial Group, Inc.01/20/2021, 01/22/202102/24/2023
Quo Vadis Financial Management Inc.n/a02/24/2023
Lawrence General Hospitaln/a02/23/2023
Texas Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine11/22/202202/23/2023
Evergreen Treatment Servicesn/a02/22/2023
News Corporationn/a02/22/2023
S&K Manufacturing, Inc.n/a02/22/2023
The University of Massachusetts Chan Medical Schooln/a02/22/2023
Riverside Community Caren/a02/22/2023
Woodmeister Master Builders, Inc.n/a02/22/2023
Scott Fetzer Company dba Carefree of Colorado04/27/2022, 01/23/202302/22/2023
Alvaria, Inc.11/24/2022, 11/28/202202/22/2023
Lakeside Software, LLC10/21/2022, 10/29/202202/22/2023
Crum & Forster12/19/2021, 03/20/202202/22/2023
Dental Health Management Solutions08/05/2021, 08/20/202102/22/2023
Henrico Doctors Hospitaln/a02/21/2023
3D Diagnostix, Inc.10/15/202202/21/2023
The Title Group, Inc.05/01/202002/21/2023
Fioravanti Custom Products LLC dba Essential Wholesale & Labs04/24/2022, 05/22/2022, 10/11/2022, 11/05/202202/21/2023
American Guild of Musical Artists04/21/2022, 05/17/202202/21/2023
MiTCON, LLCn/a02/21/2023
Rancho Mesquite Casino, Inc.n/a02/21/2023
TIAA, FSBn/a02/21/2023
UBS Financial Services, Inc.n/a02/21/2023
Hutchinson Clinic, P.A.12/21/202202/17/2023
Anthony-Thomas Candy Company12/20/202202/17/2023
Stanford University12/05/2022, 01/24/202302/17/2023
Rockler Companies, Inc.05/13/202202/17/2023
BJA Partners06/02/202202/17/2023
Sharp Healthcaren/a02/17/2023
Capital One, National Associationn/a02/17/2023
West Cecil Health Centern/a02/17/2023
Silicon Valley Bank Financial Groupn/a02/17/2023
Steven Engineering, Inc.n/a02/17/2023
Troy Roeder DDS PCn/a02/17/2023
O’Neal Industries, Inc.n/a02/17/2023
Warren County Community Collegen/a02/17/2023
Jackson Lewis PC01/07/202202/17/2023
C.S. McCrossan Inc.09/21/2022, 09/28/202202/17/2023
Everest Global Services Inc., dba TempsPlus Staffing Services, Inc.08/08/202202/17/2023
Tom James Company08/01/2022, 08/30/202202/17/2023
Adams Friendship Area School District11/03/2022, 11/15/202202/17/2023
West Cecil Health Center11/03/202202/17/2023
American Welding & Gas, Inc.11/04/2022, 11/08/202202/16/2023
California Department of Social Services01/06/202302/16/2023
Paul Smith’s College07/01/2022, 08/31/202202/16/2023
Synergy Equipment12/22/202202/16/2023
CKF Inc.12/08/202202/16/2023
MKS Instruments, Inc.n/a02/16/2023
Crockett & Myers Associatesn/a02/15/2023
Asotin County Public Facilities District 04/04/2022, 05/31/202202/15/2023
Penhall Company12/28/202202/15/2023
San Juan Regional Medical Centern/a02/15/2023
Logic Global, Inc. dba Logic Information Systems01/21/2022, 02/02/202202/15/2023
The Donovan Company12/20/202202/14/2023
Michael & Son Services Inc.12/15/202202/14/2023
Grand Ridge National Bank09/12/2023, 10/03/202302/14/2023
Town of Stowe08/29/202202/14/2023
CompSource Mutual Insurance Company07/202202/14/2023
Credit Suisse Group AGn/a02/14/2023
Integrative Dentistryn/a02/14/2023
Exposed Floor Design Group, LLCn/a02/14/2023
Central Texas Collegen/a02/14/2023
City of Huntsville, Texasn/a02/14/2023
Nune Khachatrian CPA, P.C. dba Town CPAn/a02/14/2023
Westerra Credit Union09/27/202202/13/2023
Wentworth Health Partners Garrison Women’s Health
04/26/2022, 12/12/202202/10/2023
CentraState Healthcare System, Inc.n/a02/10/2023
Compass Behavioral Healthn/a02/10/2023
CVS Specialtyn/a02/10/2023
Heritage Provider Networkn/a02/10/2023
Lynn Community Health, Inc.n/a02/10/2023
Charter Communications12/21/2022, 12/27/202202/10/2023
Reventics, LLC12/15/202202/10/2023
Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC12/23/2022, 1/19/202302/10/2023
Amotec, Inc.12/26/2022, 1/23/202302/10/2023
Arhaus, LLC10/03/2022, 10/19/202202/10/2023
Gries Financial LLC09/08/2022, 10/11/202202/10/2023
Havenlight7/16/2022, 8/01/202202/10/2023
Janus Research Group11/12/2022, 11/17/202202/10/2023
Lincoln Manufacturingn/a02/10/2023
Nelson Pharmacy Consulting Services PLCn/a02/10/2023
Germer PLLCn/a02/10/2023
Institute for Hormonal Balancen/a02/10/2023
Skin MD, PLLC11/12/202202/10/2023
Town of Brooklinen/a02/10/2023
Northwest Mothers Milk Bank12/18/2022, 12/23/202202/09/2023
Tatnall County, Georgia10/12/202202/09/2023
Apex Tool Group, LLC05/11/202202/09/2023
Berkeley Repertory Theatren/a02/09/2023
Business Insurance & Benefits Services of Massachusettsn/a02/09/2023
Health Benefit Plan of Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School Districtn/a02/09/2023
Paragon Medicaln/a02/09/2023
PeopleConnect, Inc.n/a02/09/2023
Rogin Nassau LLCn/a02/09/2023
Cheyenne Radiology Group & MRI, P.C.n/a02/09/2023
Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation03/07/2022, 04/19/202202/08/2023
Mount Saint Mary College12/20/202202/07/2023
NR Connecticut, LLC dba Retreat Behavioral Health07/01/202202/07/2023
NR Pennsylvania Associates, LLC dba Retreat Behavioral Healthn/a02/07/2023
St. Mary’s Credit Unionn/a02/07/2023
Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistancen/a02/07/2023
Sharp HealthCare01/12/202302/06/2023
Vitra Health, Inc.12/06/202202/06/2023
Spaulding Rehabilitation Network03/07/2022, 04/19/202202/06/2023
Bay State Bankn/a02/06/2023
Alan Goldman P.C.n/a02/06/2023
Teijin Automotive Technologies Welfare Plann/a02/06/2023
Mutual of America Life Insurance Company08/25/202202/05/2023
Center for Autism and Related Disorders01/24/202302/04/2023
TracFone Wireless, Inc.01/202302/03/2023
Highmark12/13/2022, 12/15/202202/03/2023
Rise Interactive Media & Analytics, LLC11/14/202202/03/2023
S.R. Freeman Inc.11/30/202202/03/2023
Southeast Colorado Hospital District11/23/202202/03/2023
Our Daily Bread Ministries11/18/2022, 12/29/202202/03/2023
Cardiovascular Associates11/28/2022, 12/05/202202/03/2023
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP01/28/2022, 02/18/202202/02/2023
The Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, Inc.01/21/202302/02/2023
GRM Information Management Services Inc.01/21/202302/02/2023
Diligent Corporation05/21/202202/02/2023
Motto Mortgage Commit12/18/2022, 12/28/202202/02/2023
UT Specialty Dental Services, PLLC d/b/a Aspire Surgical12/07/202202/02/2023
Wings Etc.09/04/2022, 10/28/202202/02/2023
Discovery Clothing Company10/03/2022, 12/28/202202/02/2023
Arizona Health Advantage, Inc.n/a02/01/2023
Unique Surety and Insurance Services, LLC10/24/202202/01/2023
ADOC Acquisition Co.12/01/2022, 12/02/202202/01/2023
Covina Medical Group, Inc.12/01/2022, 12/02/202202/01/2023
Regal Medical Group, Inc.12/01/2022, 12/02/202202/01/2023
Lakeside Medical Organization12/01/2022, 12/02/202202/01/2023
Cleveland Brothers Holdings, Inc.11/03/2022, 11/05/202201/31/2023
SevenRooms, Inc.12/11/2022, 12/15/202201/31/2023
Bellevue Private Wealth LLC06/16/2022, 07/07/202201/31/2023
Miller Miller Gerber LLP10/05/202201/31/2023
Bell-Carter Foods LLC09/09/2022, 09/13/202201/31/2023
Royal Alliancen/a01/31/2023
William Warren Properties01/23/2023, 01/26/202301/30/2023
Brooks Rehabilitation12/202201/30/2023
Air T, Inc.04/15/2022, 04/30/202201/30/2023
Homeschool Legal Defense Association02/02/202201/30/2023
R.C. Stevens Construction Co.n/a01/30/2023
Agilix Solutions11/28/202201/28/2023
Stroke Scan Inc.n/a01/27/2023
Cedar Oaks Surgery Centern/a01/27/2023
Minuteman Senior Services11/30/202201/27/2023
Argon Medical Devices, Inc.05/04/2022, 05/14/202201/27/2023
Davido Consulting Group11/09/202201/27/2023
Howard Memorial Hospital11/14/202201/27/2023
Benefit Administrative Systems, LLC09/17/202201/27/2023
Rev-A-Shelf07/12/2022, 11/28/202201/27/2023
Haydon Corporationn/a01/27/2023
PHH Mortgage Corporationn/a01/27/2023
California Air Resources Board01/03/202301/26/2023
Thread Bancorp, Inc.n/a01/26/2023
Phase Change Software, LLCn/a01/26/2023
Niagara County Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Servicesn/a01/26/2023
Matco Tools03/01/202201/26/2023
Stratford University08/26/202201/26/2023
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture01/201701/26/2023
Vice Media, LLCn/a01/26/2023
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois12/31/202101/25/2023
New Narrative01/01/202301/24/2023
Citibank, N.A.08/21/2022, 10/25/202201/24/2023
Quality Behavioral Health11/24/2022, 11/26/202201/24/2023
Xavier University of Louisiana11/22/202201/24/2023
Med Pay Partners, LLCn/a01/24/2023
Mount Auburn Hospital12/07/202201/24/2023
Indianapolis Housing Agencyn/a01/24/2023
Zacks Investment Research, Inc.
11/2021, 8/202201/24/2023
Peachtree Immediate Care, FP, LLCn/a01/23/2023
AppleCare, LLCn/a01/23/2023
Brown Brothers Harrimann/a01/23/2023
Sonder Holdings Inc.05/21/202201/23/2023
Zenith American Solutions01/19/202301/23/2023
New Life Church06/20/2022, 12/01/202201/23/2023
Bank of Eastern Oregon09/08/2022, 09/14/202201/23/2023
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association Health Corporation02/19/202201/23/2023
City of Cleveland10/14/202201/20/2023
Guardian News & Media Limited12/20/202001/20/2023
Pacific Lutheran University01/04/202301/20/2023
The City of Fairburn, Georgian/a01/20/2023
Eurasia Group12/01/2020, 06/24/202201/20/2023
Jackson Lewis PC01/07/202201/20/2023
Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP04/11/202201/20/2023
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLCn/a01/20/2023
Satellite Healthcaren/a01/20/2023
Walsh & Albert Company, Ltd.n/a01/20/2023
DCH Health Systemn/a01/20/2023
Mass General Brighamn/a01/19/2023
The Denver Wholesale Florists Companyn/a01/19/2023
Chico Immediate Care Medical Center, Inc.n/a01/19/2023
Digital Prospectors Corp.09/26/202201/19/2023
Ferguson Wellman Capital Management, Inc.12/21/202201/19/2023
Nowlin & Associates09/07/2022, 09/12/202201/19/2023
One Brooklyn Health Systemn/a01/18/2023
Health Plan of San Mateon/a01/18/2023
Pay Pal, Inc.12/06/202201/18/2023
Omega Morgan12/06/202201/18/2023
General Mills, Inc.11/18/202201/18/2023
Hufcor Holdings, Inc.11/04/2021, 02/02/202201/18/2023
Members Trust of the Southwest Federal Credit Union09/28/2022, 10/04/202201/18/2023
Ipog, Inc. d/b/a Illegal Pete’s LLCn/a01/18/2023
Samuels & Son Seafood Co., Inc.n/a01/18/2023
mscripts, LLCn/a01/17/2023
University of Colorado Hospital Authorityn/a01/17/2023
ODIN Intelligence, Inc.1/10/2023, 1/15/202301/17/2023
Los Angeles Unified School District07/30/2022, 09/03/202201/17/2023
MTC Holsters LLC d/b/a Crossbreed Holsters12/05/202201/17/2023
Automotive Services Network, Inc.11/30/202201/17/2023
Drs. Keith and Herman Rundle10/09/202201/17/2023
Huber, Erickson, and Bowman LLC08/01/2022, 08/31/202201/17/2023
David Yurman Enterprises LLCn/a01/17/2023
Crist Biorn Shepherd Roskoph APC01/13/202301/16/2023
Elephant Insurance Services, LLC09/09/2021, 03/28/202201/16/2023
1st Franklin Financial Corporation Master Welfare Benefit Plan


Jefferson County Health Center d/b/a Jefferson County Health Department


The Prudential Insurance Company of America


Haartz Corporation12/22/202201/13/2023
Intelligent Business Solutionsn/a01/13/2023
Steele Solutions Inc.10/20/2022, 10/26/202201/13/2023
Midjit Market, Inc. dba Green Valley Grocery07/06/202201/13/2023
Nissan North America, Inc.06/21/2022, 09/26/202201/13/2023
Hussey Gay Belln/a01/13/2023
US Polymers-Accurez LLCn/a01/13/2023
UCLA Healthn/a01/12/2023
SAVERS BANKn/a01/12/2023
Vincent Fister, Inc.n/a01/12/2023
Sierra Pacific Industries06/10/202201/11/2023
Minnesota Department of Human Servicesn/a01/11/2023
Intrado Corporationn/a01/11/2023
Gramercy Risk Management, LLCn/a01/10/2023
Corporate Interiors, Inc.n/a01/10/2023
Community Psychiatry Management, LLC, dba Mindpath Healthn/a01/10/2023
Maternal and Family Health Service08/21/2021, 04/04/202201/10/2023
Macoby Street Operations LLC d/b/a Pennsburg Manorn/a01/10/2023
Sanatoga Centern/a01/10/2023
Quakertown Community Centern/a01/10/2023
Gen Digital Inc.n/a01/09/2023
Insulet Corporation01/09/202301/09/2023
Meriplex Communications, Ltd.08/30/202201/09/2023
West Oaks Eyecaren/a01/09/2023
Whitman-Hanson Regional School District 08/09/202101/06/2023
BayCare Clinic, LLPn/a01/06/2023
Fidelity Business Services Groupn/a01/06/2023
Integrity Financial Services Group, LLC11/23/202201/06/2023
Law Office of Laird & Associates, PLLCn/a01/06/2023
SAIF Corporationn/a01/06/2023
Universal Music Groupn/a01/06/2023
Abrams & Bayliss, LLC  (A&B)02/24/2022, 03/17/202201/05/2023
Pershing Health Systemn/a01/05/2023
Affiliated Management, Inc.n/a01/05/2023
Oconto County01/15/2018, 09/27/202201/05/2023
AUS, Inc.11/27/2022, 11/28/202201/05/2023
Lee Kennedy Company12/02/2022, 12/03/202201/05/2023
Erickson Senior Living Management d/b/a Lantern Hill Retirement Communityn/a01/05/2023
Vascular Institute of North Texas, PLLCn/a01/05/2023
Vascular Institute of Houston, PLLCn/a01/05/2023
Vision Technologies11/7/22-11/28/2201/05/2023
Financial Partners Group10/13/202201/05/2023
Watertown Savings Bankn/a01/05/2023
Andrews McMeel Universal11/19/202201/04/2023
San Benito Consolidated Independent School District11/24/202201/04/2023
Superior Extrusion Inc.10/11/202201/04/2023
Knox College11/24/202201/04/2023
OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. on behalf of The State Life Insurance Company07/15/202201/04/2023
Dallas Countyn/a01/04/2023
Cima Abstract Company, LLCn/a01/04/2023
General Computer Resources, Inc. d/b/a GCR Professional Services08/14/2022, 09/03/202201/03/2023
Weaver Popcorn Manufacturing, Inc.06/16/2022, 07/07/202201/03/2023
Entrust Corporation06/18/202201/03/2023
Altek Electronics, Inc.11/22/202201/03/2023
Live Oak Surgery Centern/a01/03/2023
Circles of Care, Inc.n/a01/03/2023
The Kelberman Center10/31/2022, 11/03/202212/30/2022
Fitzgibbon Hospitaln/a12/30/2022
Paric Corporation12/12/202212/30/2022
Center for Human Development11/02/202212/30/2022
TrailWest Bank10/13/2022, 10/17/202212/30/2022
L. Knife & Son10/13/2022, 10/19/202212/30/2022
Retreat Behavioral Health07/01/202212/30/2022
Adams Street Partners LLC05/03/202212/30/2022
RiverSource, LLC04/05/2022, 06/02/202212/30/2022
Wabtec Corporation03/15/202212/30/2022
SAFE Credit Unionn/a12/30/2022
City Enterprisesn/a12/30/2022
Bosselman Energy, Inc. Employee Health Benefits Plann/a12/30/2022
California Department of Financen/a12/30/2022
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center “LMHC”12/16/202212/29/2022
Botetourt County, Virginia10/21/202212/29/2022
Five Guys Enterprises, LLC and Five Guys Operations, LLC09/17/2022, 12/08/202212/29/2022
MJ Care05/31/2022, 06/24/202212/29/2022
Bay Bridge Administrators, LLC09/03/202212/29/2022
Main Street Bankn/a12/29/2022
Verisma Systems, Inc.n/a12/29/2022
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLPn/a12/29/2022
Elevate Services, Inc.03/05/2022, 03/15/202212/29/2022
Entrust Corporation06/18/202212/28/2022
RiverSource LLC04/05/2022, 06/02/202212/28/2022
Kankakee County Title Company11/11/2021, 11/12/202112/28/2022
Southern California Edison Co. 11/28/202212/28/2022
City of Grandview, Missourin/a12/27/2022
Cooperman Lester Miller Carus LLPn/a12/27/2022
Quality Behavioral Healthn/a12/26/2022
Sequoia Federal Credit Union07/13/2022, 08/16/202212/24/2022
Cedar Cares, Inc.n/a12/23/2022
Cincinnati State Technical Community College10/30/2022, 11/02/202212/23/2022
Medicare beneficiaries of Healthcare Management Solutions/ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)10/09/202212/23/2022
IBW Financial Corporation 09/30/202112/23/2022
Independent School District #72809/30/202112/23/2022
Jarrett & Hoyt PLC08/26/202212/23/2022
Nederlander Theatrical Corp. / Nederlander Organization, Inc.11/21/202112/23/2022
Northpoint Mortgage, Inc.n/a12/23/2022
General Computer Resources, Inc. d/b/a GCR Professional Servicesn/a12/23/2022
Gerber Life Insurance Co.n/a12/23/2022
Emtec, Inc.09/07/2022, 09/14/202212/23/2022, 10/14/2022
Innovative Education Management, Inc.11/06/2022, 11/14/202212/22/2022
Apex Clearing Corporation10/28/2022, 11/02/202212/22/2022
Altek Electronics, Inc.10/28/2022, 11/02/202212/22/2022
Southwest Louisiana Health Care System, Inc. d/b/a Lake Charles Memorial Health System10/21/202212/22/2022
Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants, S.C.09/27/2022, 09/29/202212/22/2022
Human Investing, LLC07/20/202212/22/2022
Blue Shield of California (BSC)06/17/2022, 10/30/202212/22/2022
Lamoille Health Partners06/12/2022, 06/13/202212/22/2022
Steel River Systems, LLC05/25/2022, 07/16/202212/22/2022
City of Wheat Ridge08/29/202212/22/2022, 10/05/2022
Legacy Hospicen/a12/22/2022, 10/05/2022
University of Miamin/a12/22/2022
Beartooth Billings Clinic11/07/202212/21/2022
Ethos Technologies Inc.08/04/202212/21/2022
Steyr Arms, Inc06/15/2022, 08/24/202212/21/2022
BetMGM, LLC (“BetMGM”)05/21/2022, 05/23/202212/21/2022
MTM Insurance Associates, LLCn/a12/21/2022
First Republic Bankn/a12/21/2022
ABM Therapeutics Corporationn/a12/21/2022
Schrader-Pacific/Schrader-Bridgeport International, Inc.10/06/2022, 10/24/202212/20/2022
Stanley Street Treatment & Resources, Inc.10/14/202212/20/2022
Prairie Lakes Healthcare System10/08/202212/20/2022
JAKKS Pacific, Inc.09/20/202212/20/2022
Edge Federal Credit Union08/08/2022, 08/15/202212/20/2022
W. W. Wallwork, Inc.06/13/202212/20/2022
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Inc.04/01/202212/20/2022
RCG Global Services, Inc.n/a12/20/2022
Grape Creek Independent School Districtn/a12/20/2022
Louis A. Johnson Veterans’ Administration Medical Centern/a12/20/2022
CEC Facilities Group, LLCn/a12/20/2022
P2 Energy Solutions11/08/2021, 11/17/202112/19/2022
Guideline, Inc.11/16/202112/19/2022
NAR Training, LLC11/17/202212/19/2022
NuLife Med, LLC11/11/202212/19/2022
Prinova US, LLC11/11/202212/19/2022
Prinova US, LLC11/11/202212/19/2022
Hawaiian Eye Center11/02/202212/19/2022
Conduent HR Services, LLC10/27/202112/19/2022
Red Fire Farms05/24/202212/19/2022
Metropolitan Area EMS Authority dba MedStar Mobile Healthcaren/a12/19/2022
Hilldrup Companies, Inc.n/a12/19/2022
RINA Accountants & Advisors02/28/2022, 06/06/202212/17/2022
DraftKings Inc.11/18/202212/16/2022
Foundcare, Inc.09/02/202212/16/2022
FGM Architects Inc.05/15/202212/16/2022
Your Patient Advisor by Captify Health03/01/202112/16/2022
Louise W. Eggleston Center, Inc.10/14/202212/09/2022, 12/16/2022
Hope College09/27/202212/16/2022
Everest Global Services, Inc.08/01/2022, 08/31/202212/16/2022
Blue Sky Hospitality08/08/2022, 08/15/202212/16/2022
Scott Coenen08/15/202212/16/2022
Bethany Christian Services06/30/202212/16/2022
BerganKDV LTD05/06/2022, 05/25/202212/16/2022
Mastech Digital, Inc.04/26/2022, 07/22/202212/16/2022
Commonwealth Care Alliance10/20/202212/15/2022
King Business & Financial Management LLC10/20/202212/15/2022
Baystate Health10/21/202212/15/2022
Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network10/12/202212/15/2022
CyberOptics Corporation10/21/202212/15/2022
Keck Medicine of USC09/30/202212/15/2022
Order Express, Inc.07/29/2022, 09/07/202212/15/2022
Heartland Alliance04/27/202212/15/2022
Hays 489 Unified School District02/07/202212/15/2022
Eagle Brook Church01/01/2017, 12/31/201912/15/2022
Montana Tire Distrubutors12/02/202212/14/2022
The Robins & Morton Group10/16/2022, 10/17/202212/14/2022
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Youth Servicesn/a12/14/2022
The Elizabeth Hospicen/a12/14/2022
H.R. Allen Inc.n/a12/14/2022
Veracity Research Companyn/a12/14/2022
Avem Health Partnersprior to 05/14/202212/13/2022
Jonathan Simmons, PLLC11/12/202212/13/2022
Transamerica Life Insurance Company11/07/202212/13/2022
Hartnell Community College District10/02/202212/13/2022
Fremont County, Colorado08/13/202212/13/2022
Hartwell Financial Services08/12/202212/13/2022
Northeastern University08/202212/13/2022
Smith Grambrell & Russel, LLP07/19/2022, 07/28/202112/13/2022
Robert S Miller, LICSW, ACSW, PLLC12/02/2022, 12/04/202212/13/2022
Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Centern/a12/13/2022
Lakeside Software, Inc.n/a12/13/2022
Rancho Mesquite Casino, Inc.n/a12/13/2022
Sophia Institute Pressn/a12/13/2022
Blaze Solutions12/20/202112/12/2022
The Haggard Law Firm, P.A.11/15/202112/12/2022
San Diego Unified School District10/25/202212/12/2022
Sequoia Benefits and Insurance Services LLC/ Sequoia One09/22/202212/12/2022
Greenfield Cooperative Bankn/a12/12/2022
North Star Leasingn/a12/12/2022
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture LLC10/25/202212/12/2022
The Eye Group of Southern Indiana11/11/202112/12/2022
WBI Investments07/01/2022, 07/07/202212/10/2022
Central Restaurant Products04/04/202212/09/2022
Natural Wellness02/03/2022, 09/18/202012/09/2022
Special Buys Clothing Inc. DBA Bargain Balloons09/27/2022, 11/07/202212/09/2022
Robert J Young Company LLC10/16/202212/09/2022
Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Office of Medicaid10/27/202212/09/2022
KEMET Electronics Corporation10/11/2022, 10/12/202212/09/2022
RFI Security, Inc.02/18/202212/09/2022
Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.n/a12/09/2022
SEACOR Holdings Inc.n/a12/09/2022
Caritas Communities Inc.n/a12/09/2022
Schumacher Companies, Inc.n/a12/09/2022
MountainOne Bankn/a12/09/2022
Pediatrics West, P.C.n/a12/09/2022
Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC & Pingora Loan Servicing LLC & Community Loan Servicing, LLC10/27/2022, 12/07/202212/08/2022
Gap Inc.11/09/202212/08/2022
City of Clarksburg, West Virginia10/12/202212/08/2022
City of Whitehall05/28/202212/08/2022
Think Surgical, Inc.08/10/2022, 8/18/202212/08/2022
Provost, Salter, Harper & Alford, LLC04/03/202212/08/2022
Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance04/14/202212/07/2022
Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC11/10/202212/07/2022
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital10/29/202212/07/2022
Veros Credit12/10/202112/07/2022
Teleperformance USA, Inc.11/04/202212/07/2022
Barry University01/20/202212/07/2022
Emory Healthcaren/a12/06/2022
Black, Gould & Associates, Inc.08/31/2022, 09/10/202212/06/2022
Crane Worldwide Logistics09/27/202212/06/2022
Suncoast Skin Solutions07/14/202112/06/2022
Acuity Brands, Inc.10/6/2020, 12/8/202112/06/2022
Hendry Regional Medical Center08/25/202212/05/2022
Sprouting Rock Asset Management, LLC05/17/2022, 05/05/202212/05/2022
Massachusetts General Hospitaln/a12/05/2022
CentiMark Corporationn/a12/05/2022
Snap Finance LLC and Snap RTO LLCn/a12/05/2022
Polsinelli PCn/a12/05/2022
Jobs with Justice Education Fund (JWJEF)08/11/202212/02/2022
NR Pennsylvania Associates, LLC dba Retreat Behavioral Healthn/a02/07/2023
St. Mary’s Credit Union09/01/2020, 11/17/202112/02/2022
BAE Systems, Inc.n/a12/02/2022
Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLCn/a12/02/2022
Greylock Federal Credit Unionn/a12/02/2022
Rock Energy Systems, LLC12/21/2021, 04/21/202212/02/2022
CWS Corporate Housing LLC10/03/202112/02/2022
NYC Health + Hospitals06/30/202212/02/2022
The Village Bankn/a12/02/2022
Patton Law Offices, PLLC09/17/202212/02/2022
Exeter Finance, LLCn/a12/02/2022
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation11/02/202212/01/2022
Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital10/06/202212/01/2022
CommonSpirit Health09/16/2022, 10/03/202212/01/2022
Macmillan Publishers, Macmillan Learning, and MPS06/16/2022, 06/25/202212/01/2022
Edovate Learning Corp/ CurriculumExpress05/04/2022, 09/08/202212/01/2022
DataPath, Inc.12/15/202112/01/2022
Wing Financial Services, LLC
09/2020-01/2022, 08/07/202212/01/2022
Sargent & Lundy, LLCn/a12/01/2022
Easton Cardiovascularn/a11/30/2022
U.S. Vision, Inc.4/20/2021, 5/17/202111/30/2022
Orion Systems Integrators, LLC07/25/2022, 07/26/202211/30/2022
Virginia Community Capital07/13/2022, 07/17/202211/30/2022
Suffolk University07/09/202211/30/2022
Last Pass/ GoTo08/25/202211/30/2022
Jonathan Adler04/26/202211/30/2022
Crown Uniform & Linen Servicen/a11/30/2022
Edens Limited Partnershipn/a11/30/2022
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.n/a11/30/2022
Lehigh Valley Women’s Medical Specialtiesn/a11/30/2022
Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, PCn/a11/30/2022
Pendurthi Surgical Associatesn/a11/30/2022
174 Power Global Retail Texas, LLC d/b/a Chariot Energyn/a11/30/2022
Children’s Rehabilitation Institute / TeletonUSAn/a11/30/2022
Ellen M. Field, M.D.n/a11/30/2022
MaryAnne Freeman Brndjar, D.O., PCn/a11/30/2022
Peter J. Isaac, D.O.n/a11/30/2022
Dr. Douglas C. Shoenberger, PCn/a11/30/2022
NU House Calls, PCn/a11/30/2022
Disability Services of the Southwest10/03/202211/30/2022
Texas Mutual Insurance Companyn/a11/30/2022
Travis County Title Company d/b/a DHI Title Agencyn/a11/30/2022
Mobomo, LLC06/202211/29/2022
Klamath County01/14/2022, 3/29/2022, 5/1/2022, 7/29/2022, 10/10/202211/29/2022
Alvarez Tax Service, LLC02/07/2022, 07/18/202211/29/2022
Ward & Taylor, LLC08/08/202211/29/2022
Assurance IQ, LLC & USA Family Protection Insurance Services, LLC11/13/2020, 04/01/202211/29/2022
Optimal Home Health Care INC10/30/2022, 11/10/202211/29/2022
First National Bank of Pennsylvania09/20/2022, 10/06/202211/28/2022
Vaupell Holdings, Inc.03/21/2022, 03/17/202211/28/2022
Avamere Health Services, LLC1/19/2022, 03/17/202211/24/2022
Cohen Cleary, P.C.1/17/202211/24/2022
Maple Leaf Foodsn/a11/23/2022
Primmer, Piper, Eggleston, & Cramer / Primmer11/01/202211/23/2022
Ingalls & Snyder, LLC10/31/202211/23/2022
Lamtec Corporation / Lamtec10/28/202211/23/2022
Kenosha Unified School District10/20/202211/23/2022
Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District; DHCHD09/27/202211/23/2022
ViewSonic Corporation8/16/2022, 9/9/202211/23/2022
International Falls School District; IFSD09/07/202211/23/2022
Johnson County, Texas07/07/202211/23/2022
Legacy Health07/202211/23/2022
WMH Corporation06/24/202211/23/2022
Upper Peninsula Power Company / UPPCO06/23/202211/23/2022
The Father’s Table LLC06/23/202211/23/2022
Premium Quality Lighting, PDL, Inc.05/04/202211/23/2022
Columbia Grain International LLC03/21/202211/23/2022
Cape Cod Five / The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bankn/a11/23/2022
Brian D. Fuhro, LLC.08/01/202211/22/2022
Rockland Trust10/5/2022, 11/9/202211/21/2022
Ametros Financial Corporation10/06/202211/21/2022
Laser Aiming Systems Corporation09/14/2022, 10/06/202211/21/2022
County of Southampton, Virginia09/06/202211/21/2022
Hope Health Systems Inc.08/24/202211/21/2022
Mattapan Community Health Center04/05/2022, 07/202211/21/2022
South Walton Fire District05/30/202211/21/2022
Yonex Corporation06/09/2022, 09/12/202211/21/2022
Receivables Performance Management, LLC4/8/202111/21/2022
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesseen/a11/21/2022
Emma Norton Servicesn/a11/21/2022
Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.n/a11/21/2022
Disability Help Group, LLC06/13/2022, 06/16/202211/19/2022
Point32Health – Tufts Health Plann/a11/18/2022
California Correctional Health Care Services/ CCHCS/ operating within CDCR10/12/2022, 10/21/2022, 10/24/202211/18/2022
HomeTrust Mortgage Co.07/15/202211/18/2022
Orlando Health07/5/2022, 07/13/202211/18/2022
Sacramento County Correctional Health07/06/202211/18/2022
Gateway Rehabilitation Center06/01/202211/18/2022
Hansell & Associates, LLP05/25/202211/18/2022
Community Health Network, Inc. as an Affiliated Covered Entity04/06/202211/18/2022
Other Commercial02/11/202211/18/2022
Wright & Filippis LLC01/26/202211/18/2022
CommuteAir, LLC11/09/202211/17/2022
University of Vermont10/28/202211/17/2022
CONSUMER DIRECTED SERVICES IN TEXAS, INC. breached by third-party: Internap Holding, Inc. “INAP”9/28/202211/17/2022
US Cellular9/02/202211/17/2022
Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse09/02/202211/17/2022
Lochridge-Priest, Inc.n/a11/17/2022
The Rosewood Corporationn/a11/17/2022
Longhorn III Investments, LLCn/a11/17/2022
Gensco, Inc.06/30/202211/17/2022
CareFirst Administrators/National Capital Administrative Services03/22/202211/17/2022
Tuloso-Midway Independent School District03/16/202211/17/2022
Century Aluminum Company01/28/2022, 02/16/202211/17/2022
AAA Collections, Inc. / Advanced Asset Alliance09/07/202211/16/2022
Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley08/29/202211/16/2022
Innovative Service Technology Management Services, Inc.06/03/202211/16/2022
Eastern Bankn/a11/15/2022
Arkansas Department of Human Services09/16/202211/15/2022
CCA Health Plans of California09/16/202211/15/2022
Pro-Tem, Inc. dba PTI Systems07/07/2021 to 07/16/202211/15/2022
Pacific Union College07/06/2021, 02/25/202211/15/2022
Simmons Bank09/21/202211/15/2022
Epic Management LLC/ Epic Healthcare Management, LLCn/a11/14/2022
Lincoln Retirement Services Company, LLCn/a11/14/2022
Dialpad, Inc.n/a11/14/2022
The Stern Cardiovascular Foundation, Inc.09/06/202211/14/2022
Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP / Sanford Heisler1/14-2/13/2022, 3/19- 4/1/202211/14/2022
Health Care Management Solutions, LLCn/a11/14/2022
Yale University/ Yale Medicine/ Dr. Tito Vasquez, Plastic Surgery Group LLC 01/01/2009, 05/03/202111/14/2022
Security State Bank of Wanamingon/a11/14/2022
Connexin Software, Inc.08/26/202211/14/2022
CDH, PCn/a11/11/2022
Yale University11/11/202211/11/2022
MassMutual Life Insurance Company10/06/202211/11/2022
Camden Family Health09/02/202211/11/2022
New-York Presbyterian Hospital09/01/202211/11/2022
Sierra College08/20/202211/11/2022
Neurology Center of Nevada07/17/202211/11/2022
I Know I Can, Inc.06/23/202211/11/2022
American Metering Services (AMS), LLC03/10/202211/11/2022
Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, Inc.10/14/202111/11/2022
Adams Community Bank10/25/202211/10/2022
LoanCare Servicingn/a11/10/2022
Michigan Medicine07/12/202211/10/2022
QM Services, Inc.05/13- 14/2022, 10/03/202211/10/2022
Liberty Healthcare Management4/19/202211/10/2022
Three Rivers Provider Network6/2-3/202211/09/2022
Work Health Solutions2/16/2022, 3/24/202211/09/2022
Doctors’ Center Hospital (Puerto Rico)n/a11/09/2022
Westfield State Universityn/a11/09/2022
University of Coloradon/a11/09/2022
Pitman Farms10/15/202211/08/2022
Best Buy Stores, LPn/a11/08/2022
Metropolitan Associates
03/26/2022, 29/202211/07/2022
CorrHealth Inc.10/31/202211/07/2022
Sweetwater Union High School District10/10/202211/07/2022
Heritage Life Insurance Company03/12/202211/07/2022
McMillan Metro, P.C.09/26/202211/07/2022
Booz Allen Hamilton11/03/202211/07/2022
CWGS Group (Camping World)01/14/202211/07/2022
Salud Family Health09/06/202211/04/2022
TD Bank US Holding Company09/01/202211/04/2022
Trustees of Amherst College05/18/2022, 05/23/202211/04/2022
Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.07/11/202211/03/2022
Alinsco Managing General Agency, Inc.08/24/202211/03/2022
Ethos Group, Inc.08/01/2022, 10/28/202211/03/2022
Anesthesia Associates of El Paso PA09/23/202211/02/2022
My Life Foundation09/01/2021, 11/01/202111/02/2022
Alfa Tech Consulting Engineers, Inc.09/30/202211/01/2022
Arvest Bank07/05/202111/01/2022
Allstate Insurance Company03/04/202111/01/2022
Pathward N.A.09/04/202211/01/2022
Breckenridge IS, Inc./Renasant Bank07/07/202211/01/2022
PrimeCare Medical, Inc.01/22/202210/31/2022
CorrectCare Integrated Health07/07/202210/31/2022
Beyond 79, LLC07/11/2022, 07/18/202210/31/2022
United Veterinary Care03/11/202210/31/2022
Gateway Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC05/10/202210/31/2022
St. Luke’s Healthn/a10/31/2022
SightCare, Inc.n/a10/31/2022
OakBend Medical Centern/a10/31/2022
Nationwide Optometry, P.Cn/a10/31/2022
Multi-Color Corporation09/15/202210/29/2022
TaxSquad08/17/2022, 08/22/202210/28/2022
Assurance Health System, LLC03/08/2022, 04/08/2022, 04/21/2022, 06/10/202110/28/2022
Newcourse Communications04/27/2022, 05/03/202210/28/2022
Restorative Arts Physical Therapy, Inc. d/b/a Core Conditioning08/29/202210/28/2022
Goudy Construction Company10/04/202210/28/2022
Minka Lighting LLCC06/27/202210/27/2022
Covenant Care California, LLC02/24/2022, 05/03/202210/27/2022
U.S. Bank09/23/202210/27/2022
Rosenfield & Company, PLLC09/27/202210/27/2022
Davenport Community School District09/07/202210/27/2022
Anesthesia Services Of San Joaquin PC07/09/202210/25/2022
WCF National Insurance Company06/23/2022, 09/20/202210/25/2022
Symbia Logistics07/06/202210/25/2022
Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc.06/26/202210/25/2022
Regions Hospitaln/a10/24/2022
Vivendi Ticketing US LLC dba See Tickets USn/a10/24/2022
Gordon Davis Johnson & Shane P.C.n/a10/24/2022
Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan05/16/202210/21/2022
Abcam plcn/a10/21/2022
Phoenix Programs of Florida, Incn/a10/21/2022
Massengale Eye Caren/a10/21/2022
MDL Medical Group (TX), PLLCn/a10/21/2022
Forefront Management, LLC and Forefront Dermatology, S.C.n/a10/21/2022
Klatzkin & Company05/05/202210/20/2022
Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLCn/a10/20/2022
Sigmund Software, LLCn/a10/20/2022
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center03/25/202210/20/2022
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services08/23/202210/20/2022
Ippolito International LP04/26/202210/20/2022
Fee, Smith & Sharp LLPn/a10/20/2022
MODE Global, LLC (“MODE”)n/a10/20/2022
Spray-N-Grow, Incn/a10/20/2022
American Chemet Corporation9/8/202210/20/2022
Ryan Faenza Carey, P.Cn/a10/19/2022
Resourcing Edgen/a10/19/2022
Amadas Industries08/19/202210/19/2022
WM Symposia, Inc.01/01/202210/19/2022
Flambeau, Inc.07/27/202210/19/2022
Southeastern Financial04/14/202210/19/2022
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Codn/a10/17/2022
Cleary Insurance, Inc.n/a10/17/2022
Ascension St. Vincent’s Coastal Cardiologyn/a10/14/2022
WakeMed Health and Hospitalsn/a10/14/2022
Alain A. Montiel, DDSn/a10/14/2022
The Valley Hospitaln/a10/14/2022
Springfield Clinicn/a10/14/2022
Glenn County Office of Education04/19/2022, 05/10/202210/14/2022
Keystone Health08/19/202210/14/2022
Casco Bay EyeCare, PA, LLCn/a10/14/2022
Presbyterian Healthcare Servicesn/a10/14/2022
HH/Killeen Health System, LLC dba Seton Medical Center Harker Heightsn/a10/14/2022
Emtec, Inc.09/07/202210/14/2022
FDG J&N LLC08/23/202210/13/2022
Financial Dimensions Group, Inc06/01/202210/13/2022
Alternative Investment Resource03/28/202210/13/2022
Vellum Mortgage08/15/202210/13/2022
M Green and Company LLP05/18/202210/13/2022
Sage Counseling Omahan/a10/12/2022
LifePlans Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.04/21/202210/12/2022
Legacy Post Acute Care01/19/2022, 03/02/202210/12/2022
Defense Health Headquartersn/a10/12/2022
Radiology Ltd.n/a10/12/2022
Choice Health Insurance LLCn/a10/11/2022
The Hibbert Companyn/a10/11/2022
Timpano Acquisition, LLCn/a10/11/2022
Tavistock Towncenter Container Park, LLCn/a10/11/2022
Tavistock Towncenter Brewery, LLCn/a10/11/2022
Tavistock Atlanta Restaurants, LLCn/a10/11/2022
Creative Capital Management Investments, LLC05/18/202210/11/2022
BBRG Woburn TR, LLC04/06/202210/11/2022
BBRG Waterfront TR, LLC04/06/202210/11/2022
BBRG TR, LLCn/a10/11/2022
BBRG Newbury TR, LLCn/a10/11/2022
Nexus Luxury Management Company Ltd. dba Albany Condominiumsn/a10/10/2022
100 Church Street Club, Incn/a10/10/2022
BBRG Dedham TR, LLCn/a10/10/2022
Family Paths, Inc.n/a10/09/2022
GEE Groupn/a10/10/2022
Aesthetic Dermatology Associates, PC08/15/202210/10/2022
Linn-Mar Community School District07/31/202210/10/2022
Family Paths, Inc.n/a10/09/2022
Seredor Centers, Incn/a10/08/2022
Thomas J. Hubbard, MD, Inc. DBA Hubbard Plastic Surgery & Skin Enhancement Centern/a10/07/2022
Urology of Greater Atlanta, LLCn/a10/07/2022
Wisconsin Department of Health Servicesn/a10/07/2022
Lifespire Services, Incn/a10/07/2022
Country Club Management of Orlando04/06/202210/07/2022
Interstate Parking Company LLCn/a10/07/2022
Windsong Radiology Group, P.C12/24/202210/07/2022
Felix Storch, Incn/a10/07/2022
Watertown Savings Bankn/a10/07/2022
Barran Liebman08/19/202110/07/2022
Falcon Healthcare, Inc. dba Interim Healthcare of Lubbock Texasn/a10/07/2022
State Bar of Georgia04/31/202210/07/2022
Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youthn/a10/06/2022
32 Bar Blues LLC09/18/2022, 02/13/202210/06/2022
Matrix Medical Network (“Matrix”) contracts with OneTouchPoint, Inc. (Matrix client name: Highmark DE)07/27/2022, 02/13/202210/06/2022
Marshall Financial Solutions, LLCn/a10/06/2022
PepsiCo, Inc, LLCn/a10/06/2022
BOKF, NA05/03/202210/06/2022
Regional Women’s Health Group, LLCn/a10/05/2022
Valle Del Sol01/25/202210/05/2022
Century Park Capital Partnersn/a10/05/2022
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.n/a10/05/2022
EPAL, Inc.09/30/202210/05/2022
Columbia River Mental Health Services05/14/202210/04/2022
Whitworth University09/06/202210/04/2022
Reel FX, Inc.06/04/2022, 06/26/202210/04/2022
Aurora Financial Group, Inc.12/03/202110/04/2022
VisionWeb Holdings, LLCn/a10/03/2022
Medical Review Institute of America11/02/202110/03/2022
Family Medicine Shady Grove LLCn/a10/03/2022
Fusion Credit Union Ltdn/a10/03/2022
Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association11/02/202110/03/2022
Mt. Vernon Mills08/20/202210/03/2022
Perkins & Co.11/08/2020, 12/03/202210/03/2022
Tavistock Corp.04/06/202210/03/2022
Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services08/20/202210/03/2022
Edovate Learning Corp09/08/202210/03/2022
Lake Nona Estates Management, LLC04/06/202210/03/2022
Tavistock Restaurants Upscale Group Holdings, LLC04/06/202210/03/2022
Tavistock Reals Estates Management Services, LLC04/06/202210/03/2022
Baycorp Holdings Ltd.04/06/202210/03/2022
Tavistock Development Company, LLC04/06/202210/03/2022
Anthem ACEn/a09/30/2022
Riverside Medical Group08/03/202209/30/2022
Delta Dental of Washington06/-/202209/30/2022
University of Alaska05/23/202209/30/2022
Baer’s Furniture Company, Inc.08/21/202209/30/2022
Lenax Construction Services, Inc.09/14/202209/30/2022
Keswick Multi-Care Center05/26/202209/30/2022
Trillium Health Inc.07/26/202209/30/2022
The City of Fulton, New York09/02/202209/30/2022
Chemonics International, Inc.07/12/202209/30/2022
Keck Medicine of University of Southern California01/20/202209/30/2022
Zomo Health01/15/202209/30/2022
Monroe Ear Nose and Throat Associates, PC10/19/202109/30/2022
focusIT, Inc. on behalf of 32 business customers06/01/2022, 08/03/202209/30/2022
Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Incorporated04/29/202209/29/2022
Biblical Ministries Worldwide07/25/202209/29/2022
Charlotte Radiology, P.A. 12/24/202109/29/2022
Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.10/04/202209/28/2022
City of Tucson, AZ05/17/2022, 05/31/202209/29/2022
Hallmark Aviation Services, LP02/01/202209/29/2022
Stephan Pelletier & Sons, Inc.09/23/202209/29/2022
Security Federal Savings Bank06/07/202209/28/2022
Untracht Early LLC03/25/2022, 06/09/202209/28/2022
West Babylon Union Free School District07/25/202209/28/2022
Mansfield Independent School District (“MISD”)01/27/2022, 08/22/202209/28/2022
AMH Health, LLC and AMH Health Plans of Mail05/07/202209/28/2022
Somerset Countyn/a09/28/2022
Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG)04/12/202209/28/2022
Breckenridge IS, Inc. and its subsidiary, Overby-Seawell Company, on behalf of Borger Federal Credit Union06/05/202209/28/2022
Northern California Fertility Medical Center07/24/202209/28/2022
Novato Unified School District09/20/202209/28/2022
Anthem Blue Cross05/07/202209/28/2022
Impression Homes, LLC08/09/202209/27/2022
Northern Data Systems05/13/202209/27/2022
Fesmire & Williams11/17/202109/27/2022
Extended MLTCn/a09/26/2022
Cytometry Specialists, Inc. d/b/a CSI Laboratories07/15/202209/26/2022
Center for a Brighter Tomorrow PLLCn/a09/26/2022
The North Highland Company LLC05/26/202209/26/2022
Reid and Riege, P.C.n/a09/26/2022
Oregon Public Broadcastingn/a09/26/2022
PenFacs Groupn/a09/26/2022
Client 1st Financialn/a09/26/2022
Cash Express, LLCn/a09/26/2022
Commonwealth Corporationn/a09/26/2022
Ballast Capital Advisors, LLCn/a09/26/2022
Elbit Systems of America LLCn/a09/25/2022
OneMain Financial Group, LLC07/22/2022, 08/08/202209/23/2022
FMC Services, LLC07/26/202209/23/2022
Central Iowa Farm Business Association01/05/202209/23/2022
Physician’s Business Office04/05/202209/23/2022
Dirigo Management Companyn/a09/23/2022
Dyersburg Family Walk-In Clinic (d/b/a Reelfoot Family Walk-In Clinic)n/a09/23/2022
Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospitaln/a09/23/2022
Personally Deliveredn/a09/23/2022
Georgetown Financial Groupn/a09/23/2022
WellMed Medical Managementn/a09/23/2022
Validity Finance LLCn/a09/23/2022
Apex Capital Corp. and TransConnect Servicesn/a09/23/2022
Diodes Incorporatedn/a09/23/2022
Hendrick Health Systemn/a09/23/2022
School District of Elm Brookn/a09/23/2022
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLCn/a09/22/2022
Reiter Affiliated Companies, LLC, on behalf of itself and certain data owners06/25/2022, 07/04/202209/21/2022
The Savannah College of Art and Design, Inc.08/21/2022, 08/22/202209/21/2022
American Freightn/a9/21/2022
Pet Food Experts, LLCn/a09/21/2022
Best Practice Associates DBA Federal Advisory Partnersn/a09/21/2022
Seattle Children’s Hospitaln/a09/21/2022
Ocean House Managementn/a09/21/2022
Research Center for Children, Youth & Families, Inc.n/a09/21/2022
Rock County Human Services Departmentn/a09/21/2022
Chaney Electronics, Inc.n/a09/20/2022
D&G Dealer Services, LLCn/a09/20/2022
Rawle & Henderson, LLPn/a09/20/2022
Wolfe Clinic, P.C.12/04/202109/19/2022
The Physicians’ Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists of Georgia, P.C.n/a09/19/2022
Kitsap Bankn/a09/19/2022
Sunstone Psychiatric, LLCn/a09/19/2022
Judson Independent School Districtn/a09/19/2022
Bonita Springs Retirement Village, Inc.n/a09/19/2022
Emerson Collegen/a09/19/2022
Kaye-Smith Enterprises, Inc.n/a09/19/2022
Ocean House Managementn/a09/19/2022
University System of New Hampshiren/a09/17/2022
MutualOne Bankn/a09/16/2022
Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc.n/a09/16/2022
Gerten Greenhouse & Garden Center, Inc.n/a09/16/2022
San Luis Coastal Unified School District05/22/202209/16/2022
Audio Advisor, Inc.09/18/2020, 02/03/202209/16/2022
Country Doctor Community Clinicn/a09/16/2022
Levin & Perconti LLPn/a09/16/2022
Fraudwatch International, Inc.n/a09/16/2022
First Technology Federal Credit Union
06/15/2022, 07/31/202209/16/2022
Tessie Cleveland Community Services Corp.06/17/2022, 06/30/202209/16/2022
WellDyneRX, LLC10/30/2021, 11/17/202109/15/2022
The Village Bankn/a09/15/2022
Cuso Home Lendingn/a09/15/2022
American Airlines, Inc. and its subsidiaries Envoy Air and Piedmont Airlinesn/a09/15/2022
Neurology Center of Nevadan/a09/15/2022
Landmark Management Servicesn/a09/15/2022
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.n/a09/15/2022
Mass General Brighamn/a09/14/2022
St. Marys Credit Unionn/a09/14/2022
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Companyn/a09/14/2022
Saggar & Rosenberg, P.C.n/a09/14/2022
Area Five Agency on Aging & Community Servicesn/a09/14/2022
Mansfield Independent School Districtn/a09/14/2022
M.C. Dean, Inc.12/24/2021 09/14/202209/14/2022
CORE Cashless, LLC01/29/2022, 07/30/202209/13/2022
Blaze Solutions12/29/202109/13/2022
City Furniture, Inc.n/a09/13/2022
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.n/a09/13/2022
Cultural Experiences Abroad, LLCn/a09/13/2022
Cape Electrical Supply LLCn/a09/12/2022
Eastern Bankn/a09/12/2022
Vail Healthn/a09/12/2022
Anfinson, Thompson & Company, P.A.n/a09/12/2022
Worldwide Marketing Technologies Corporationn/a09/12/2022
MP Global Products LLCn/a09/12/2022
Winchester Savings Bankn/a09/12/2022
Centerstone of Tennessee, Inc.n/a09/12/2022
Fund Evaluation Group LLCn/a09/12/2022
TIC International Corporationn/a09/10/2022
University of West Florida Board of Trusteesn/a09/10/2022
Newcourse Communications04/27/2022, 05/03/202209/10/2022
Radiology Associates of Albuquerque and Advanced Imaging, LLC12/22/2020, 08/03/202109/09/2022
Ballistic Products, Inc.09/18/202009/09/2022
U-Haul International, Inc.11/05/2021, 04/05/202209/09/2022
Silver Superstore09/10/2020, 02/02/202209/09/2022
White & McClung, LLCn/a09/09/2022
SERV Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.n/a09/09/2022
LPL Financial LLCn/a09/09/2022
Overby-Seawell Companyn/a09/09/2022
TNTP, Inc.n/a09/08/2022
Platinum Performance, Inc.n/a09/08/2022
St. Marys Credit Unionn/a09/08/2022
Williams Adams & Company07/28/202209/08/2022
Wilson’s Gun Shop, Inc.09/17/202009/08/2022
Jonathan S. Resnick, CPAn/a09/07/2022
Kenneth M. Gerstein, CPA, MST, LLCn/a09/07/2022
South Shore Bankn/a09/07/2022
Savers Bankn/a09/07/2022
Discover Financial Servicesn/a09/07/2022
Main Street Bankn/a09/06/2022
Sherman & Howard L.L.C.n/a09/06/2022
Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.09/06/2022
DPI Specialty Foods, Inc.01/22/2022, 02/20/202109/06/2022
Napa Valley College06/10/202209/06/2022
VF Outdoor, LLC07/26/2022, 08/20/202209/05/2022
North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners06/03/202209/02/2022
Legacy Supply Chain08/05/202209/02/2022
American Health Imaging 12/17/2021, 12/24/202109/02/2022
Allied-Locke Industries, Inc.09/02/2022
Genesis Health Care, Inc.09/02/2022
Gateway Diagnostic Imaging09/02/2022
Center for Living & Working, Inc.09/02/2022
CWS Apartment Homes, LLC09/02/2022
Lincoln Retirement Services Company, LLC09/02/2022
Jackson National Life Insurance Company09/02/2022
Ellington Management Group LLC09/01/2022
Midway Importing, Inc.09/01/2022
Joissu, Inc.09/01/2022
Radiant Logistics, Inc.09/01/2022
Ancora Holdings LLC09/01/2022
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates09/18/2020, 02/03/202209/01/2022
San Francisco 49ers02/16/2022, 02/11/202209/01/2022
Grellas Shah LLP (“Grellas”) 12/20/2021, 03/28/202209/01/2022
Covenant Care California, LLC02/24/2022, 05/03/202209/01/2022
MMA Operations, Inc. 03/26/2021, 02/23/202209/01/2022
Methodist McKinney Hospital08/26/2022
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.09/18/2020, 02/03/202208/17/2022
Service by Medallion, Inc.08/21/2021, 01/16,202208/17/2022
HanesBrands Inc.05/24/202208/16/2022
Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards, Inc.09/18/202008/16/2022
San Diego American Indian Health Center05/05/202208/15/2022
Novant Health Inc. / NMG Services, Inc.n/a08/14/2022
OneTouchPoint, Inc.04/27/2022, 04/28/202208/12/2022
Onyx Technologyn/a08/12/2022
City of Maywood01/05/2022, 03/06/202208/11/2022
United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley08/24/2021, 08/28/202108/11/2022
Biolase, Inc.12/21/2021, 12/29/202108/11/2022
Valent U.S.A. LLC.12/21/2021, 12/29/202108/11/2022
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP08/09/202108/08/2022
Sarku Japan01/14/202208/08/2022
Yellow Social Interactive Limited 2 Irish Town04/27/202208/08/2022
Proformance Associates, Inc.06/29/202208/05/2022
Cornerstone National Insurance Company11/29/202108/05/2022
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company11/29/202108/05/2022
Practice Resources, LLC, on behalf of entities to which PRL provides professional services04/12/202208/04/2022
TransUnion LLC08/04/2021, 01/31/202208/04/2022
Marymount Manhattan College11/09/202108/03/2022
Gibson Overseas, Inc.03/25/202208/03/2022
Information Dynamics Incorporated dba SinglePoint05/20/202208/03/2022
Orange Business Services U.S., Inc.01/04/202208/03/2022
A. Duda & Sons Inc.06/19/2022, 07/10/202208/03/2022
Lower LLC12/10/2022, 12/14/202208/02/2022
St. Luke’s Health System, Ltd.n/a08/02/2022
RINA Accountants & Advisors02/28/2022, 06/06/202208/01/2022
CareSource04/27/2022, 04/28/202208/01/2022
California Department of Justice06/27/202207/30/2022
Capsule Corp.04/05/202207/30/2022
San Gabriel Unified School Districtn/a07/29/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. on behalf of Greenfield Union School District12/28/2021, 01/08/202207/29/2022
Mall Services Group LLC09/18/2020, 02/03/202207/29/2022
Del Grande Dealer Group11/28/2021, 04/12/202207/28/2022
Gatto, Pope & Walwick, LLP03/17/2022, 05/08/202207/27/2022
BECU05/18/2022, 06/02/202207/25/2022
Zulily, LLC02/23/2022, 06/15/202207/22/2022
Shields Health Care Group, Inc.03/07/2022, 03/28/202207/22/2022
Clinivate, LLC03/12/202207/22/2022
Arndt Electronics d/b/a Jameco Electronics04/23/202207/22/2022
AllOne Health09/01/2021, 03/24/202207/20/2022
PPA Holdings, Inc.07/23/2019, 03/08/202207/19/2022
East Valley Ophthalmologyn/a07/15/2022
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Southern California05/20/202207/15/2022
Premere Infinity Rehab, LLCn/a07/13/2022
KMJ Corbin & Company LLPn/a07/13/2022
Lawson Products, Inc.02/02/202207/13/2022
Klein DeNatale Goldner11/18/202107/13/2022
Blue Shield of California04/28/202207/12/2022
Warner Norcross and Judd, LLP06/28/202107/11/2022
Afni, Inc.06/07/202107/11/2022
Spectrum Eye Physicians10/26/2021, 12/04/202107/11/2022
LendingTree, LLC02/14/202207/11/2022
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation05/26/202207/08/2022
Chefs’ Toys, LLC11/12/2021, 04/26/202207/08/2022
Central Licensing Bureau11/29/202107/08/2022
Princeton University04/28/202007/08/2022
Sixt Rent-a-Car, LLC04/27/2022, 05/01/202207/06/2022
Petersen International Underwritersn/a07/06/2022
Ernest Packaging Solutions05/19/202207/04/2022
Professional Finance Company, Inc.02/22/202207/01/2022
ATC Healthcare Services, LLC02/09/2021, 12/22/202107/01/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Ventura Unified School District)12/28/2021, 01/08/202207/01/2022
The People Concern04/06/2021, 12/09/202106/30/2022
Comstar LLC03/19/2022, 03/26/202206/30/2022
Michigan Avenue Immediate Care11/11/2021, 05/04/202206/30/2022
PlanMember Securities Corporation02/17/202206/29/2022
Bill Pollard CPA03/31/202206/28/2022
MCG Health03/25/202206/28/2022
Baptist Medical Center/Baptist Health System03/31/2022, 04/24/202206/24/2022
Pandemic Response Lab09/06/202106/24/2022
Alameda Health System04/30/2020, 02/28/202206/24/2022
Bank of the West11/10/202106/23/2022
Covenant Care California02/24/2022, 03/22/202206/22/2022
Unrivaled Brands dba Silver Streak, Inc.04/06/202206/19/2022
Flagstar Bank, FSB12/03/2021, 12/04/202106/17/2022
Fishman Visionn/a06/17/2022
Greenheart Farms Inc.01/22/2022, 04/04/202206/16/2022
ADM Associates, Inc.09/15/202106/15/2022
Baptist Medical Center03/31/2022, 04/24/202206/30/2022
Shapiro Tax Group LLP03/01/202206/13/2022
Aon PLC12/29/2020, 02/25/202206/10/2022
Danaher Corporation03/10/202206/03/2022
Simpson University07/29/2021, 09/17/202106/10/2022
PracticeMax04/17/2021, 05/05/202106/10/2022
90 Degree Benefits, Inc.01/28/202206/10/2022
Alliance Physical Therapy Partners12/23/202106/10/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/202106/09/2022
Choice Health Insurance, LLC05/07/202206/08/2022
Survival Servers, LLC06/04/202206/07/2022
Lincare Holdings Inc.09/10/2021, 09/29/202106/06/2022
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation01/23/2022, 04/05/202206/06/2022
Express Scripts, Inc.04/30/202206/03/2022
Varsity Tutors LLC11/01/2021, 11/06/202106/03/2022
On Deck Capital, Inc.03/10/202206/03/2022
ECS Tuning, LLC operating as Rennline Automotive (“Rennline”)09/21/2020, 02/03/202206/03/2022
Shutterfly, LLC12/03/202106/02/2022
Rainier Arms06/01/2021, 01/19/202206/02/2022
The Lanier Law Firm PLLC02/02/2021, 02/21/202106/02/2022
Finkelstein Eye Associatesn/a05/27/2022
Lower LLC12/10/2021, 12/14/202105/27/2022
Perkins & Company, PC11/08/2020, 12/03/202005/27/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Riverside County Office of Education)12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/27/2022
Aon Plc05/29/2020, 03/01/202205/26/2022
Ceres Unified School District12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/26/2022
Elephant Insurance Services, LLC03/26/2022, 04/01/202205/25/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/202105/24/2022
Andrew Lundholm CPA04/13/202205/24/2022
North Orange County Community College District12/07/2021, 01/10/202205/24/2022
C.R. England, Inc.10/30/202105/24/2022
Singleton Schreiber, LLP10/03/202105/24/2022
San Mateo County Transit District06/02/202105/23/2022
Sterling Valley Systems d/b/a Inntopia10/09/2021, 02/18/202205/23/2022
Leiters, Inc.04/06/2022, 04/08/202205/23/2022
Biolase, Inc.12/21/2021, 12/29/202105/23/2022
Nederlander Theatrical Corp.11/21/2021, 11/22/202105/20/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Los Angeles Unified School District)12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/20/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Los Angeles Unified School District)12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/20/2022
JDC Healthcare Management LLC07/27/2021, 08/11/202105/19/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/202105/18/2022
Partnership HealthPlan of California03/19/202205/18/2022
Anthem Blue Cross01/24/202205/18/2022
First Financial Credit Union (“FFCU”)01/17/2022, 02/07/202205/18/2022
Covenant Care California, LLC, on behalf of relevant home health agency02/24/2022, 03/04/202205/17/2022
Can Lines Engineering, Inc.03/05/2022, 03/25/202205/16/2022
General Motors Company04/11/2022, 04/29/202205/16/2022
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Rocklin Unified School District)12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/13/2022
48forty Solutions, LLC12/31/202105/13/2022
Parker-Hannifin Corporation03/11/2022, 03/14/202205/12/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/02/202105/10/2022
Medical Review Institute of America11/02/202105/10/2022
MX Holdings US, Inc.08/17/202105/10/2022
Area Wide Protective11/30/202105/10/2022
Acuity International04/09/202005/10/2022
FPS Medical Center02/28/2022, 03/03/202205/06/2022
Cornish College of the Arts06/06/2021, 06/10/202105/06/2022
University of Southern California09/28/202105/05/2022
El Monte RV Rental and Sales01/22/2022, 01/24/202205/05/2022
Paramit Corporationn/a05/05/2022
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.12/31/202105/05/2022
SAC Health Systemn/a05/05/2022
Rocklin Unified School District12/28/2021, 01/08/202205/04/2022
FPS Medical Centern/a05/02/2022
Salusive Health Inc./MyNurse03/03/2022, 03/07/202204/29/2022
Advent Health Partners, Inc.07/14/2021, 08/27/202104/27/2022
AUTOPAY Direct, Inc.02/02/2022, 02/03/202204/26/2022
Liberty Partners Financial Services, LLC09/17/202104/25/2022
Jewish Family and Children’s Services02/09/202204/25/2022
Illinois Gastroenterology Group, PLLCn/a04/22/2022
National Imaging Associates, Inc.11/01/2021, 03/08/202204/22/2022
DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.2/2/2022, 7/9/20214/21/2022
Rialto Markets LLC11/30/20214/21/2022
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health10/18/20224/20/2022
Creative Services, Inc.11/23/20214/18/2022
UNITE HERE Retirement Fund11/12/20214/18/2022
PlanMember Securities Corporation2/17/20224/15/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/20214/15/2022
Contra Costa County6/24/2021, 8/12/20214/15/2022
Kingsley and Kingsley Lawyers8/21/20214/15/2022
Chiropractique, Inc.n/a4/15/2022
Medscan Labratory, Inc. (“Adaptive Health Integrations”)10/17/20214/15/2022
Center for Sustainable Energy11/17/2022, 4/5/20224/14/2022
TransNational Bankcard L.L.C.2/8/2021, 2/24/20214/13/2022
Tackle Warehouse, LLC10/1/20214/12/2022
Skate Warehouse, LLC10/1/20214/12/2022
Tennis Warehouse, LLC10/1/20214/12/2022
Running Warehouse, LLC10/1/20214/12/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/20214/11/2022
Shoring Engineers, Inc., Structural Shotcrete Systems, Inc. and Santa Fe Building and Equipment12/2/20214/8/2022
Plumas County, California10/20/2021, 11/14/20214/8/2022
Stevens & Lee6/28/20214/8/2022
EMC National Life Company12/28/2021, 12/30/20214/8/2022
Snap-on, Inc.3/3/20224/7/2022
Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC10/27/2021, 12/7/20214/6/2022
The Guidance Center, Inc.n/a04/05/2022
Sterling Valley Systems d/b/a Inntopia10/9/2021, 2/18/20224/5/2022
IRA Financial Trust2/2/20224/5/2022
City of Hercules, California11/16/2021, 12/24/20214/4/2022
Sea Mar Community Health Centers12/12/2020, 3/15/20214/1/2022
Veterans Medical Research Foundation9/13/2021, 12/2/20214/1/2022
Tangible Solutions, Inc.10/24/20213/31/2022
IRA Financial Trust2/2/20223/30/2022
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP9/9/20213/29/2022
Super Care, Inc. dba SuperCare Health7/23/20213/25/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/20213/25/2022
Medsurant Holdings, LLC9/23/2021, 9/30/20213/25/2022
North Orange County Community College District12/7/2021, 1/10/20223/25/2022
Marten Transport, Ltd.9/30/2021, 10/4/20213/25/2022
Christie Business Holdings Company, P.C.n/a03/25/2022
Shutterfly, LLC12/3/20213/23/2022
Leerburg Enterprises, Inc.9/8/2020, 11/24/20213/23/2022
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.5/18/2021, 12/16/20213/23/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/20213/22/2022
Alacrity Solutions Group, LLC3/1/2021, 3/3/20213/22/2022
Major League Baseball Players Benefit Plan11/12/20213/22/2022
Citadel Servicing Corporation dba Acra Lending3/31/2021, 8/24/20213/22/2022
Morley Companies, Inc.7/20/20213/21/2022
First Financial Merchant Services, LLC d/b/a Payscape5/01/20193/18/2022
Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC10/27/2021, 12/7/20213/18/2022
Clinic of North Texas LLP10/4/20213/18/2022
Wolff-ST, LLC d/b/a Marmi and Wolff Shoe8/29/20213/16/2022
Comprehensive Health Services4/9/2020, 10/22/20203/16/2022
Sarku Japan1/13/2022, 2/6/20223/16/2022
The Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office10/24/2021, 11/04/20213/15/2022
Penn LLC d/b/a Pulse TV11/1/2019, 2/2/20223/15/2022
American Financial Resources Inc.12/6/20223/11/2022
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers10/28/2021, 11/15/20213/11/2022
GreenSlate LLC12/10/2021, 12/15/20213/9/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC11/10/20213/9/2022
Barlow Respiratory Hospital8/21/2021, 9/1/20213/4/2022
Monongalia Health System, Inc.12/8/2021, 12/19/20212/28/2022
Compton Eye Care Optometry11/3/20212/28/2022
JDC Healthcare Management LLC7/27/2021, 8/11/20212/25/2022
Washington State Department of Licensingn/a2/25/2022
Bako Diagnostics12/21/2021, 12/22/2021, 12/23/2021, 12/24/2021, 12/25/2021, 12/26/2021, 12/27/2021, 12/28/20212/25/2022
Creative Services, Inc.11/23/20212/23/2022
Logan Health Medical Centern/a02/22/2022
Logan Health Medical Center11/18/2021, 11/22/20212/22/2022
Pekin Insurance12/4/20212/22/2022
JMA Energyn/a2/22/2022
Meyer Corporation, U.S.10/25/20212/18/2022
Nelnet Campus Commerce1/17/2022, 1/19/20222/18/2022
Eichenbaum Comer & Ratynets AAC10/4/2020, 10/8/20202/17/2022
The E. W. Scripps Company1/12/20222/16/2022
Comprehensive Health Services4/9/2020, 10/22/20202/15/2022
Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii2/12/20222/15/2022
DPI Specialty Foods, Inc.1/22/2021, 2/20/20212/11/2022
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company4/5/2021, 4/25/20212/11/2022
CVS Pharmacy1/6/20222/11/2022
Ethos Technologies Inc.7/15/20212/11/2022
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation1/5/20222/8/2022
National Math and Science Initiative9/23/2021, 10/18/20212/7/2022
City of Hesperia11/28/20212/7/2022
Faneuil, Inc.4/21/20212/7/2022
Ohlone Community College District1/20/20222/4/2022
Mortgage Connect LP8/24/20212/4/2022
John Stokes Financial (“JSF”)10/7/2021, 10/14/20212/3/2022
Medical Review Institute of America11/2/20212/3/2022
PUMA North America, Inc.12/11/20212/3/2022
Morley Companies, Inc.7/20/2021, 9/2/20212/1/2022
Professional Personnel Services d/b/a Luttrell Staffing Group6/1/2021, 6/18/20212/1/2022
Kenyon Companies, Inc.8/25/20212/1/2022
Romeo Power, Inc.10/21/2021, 10/27/20212/1/2022
Pellissippi State Community College12/6/20212/1/2022
Accutech Systems Corporation8/16/20211/29/2022
Keller Supply Company11/22/20211/28/2022
Unum Group “Unum”10/28/2021, 11/15/20211/28/2022
ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc.8/8/20211/27/2022
UNCLE Credit Union12/29/2021, 1/9/20221/26/2022
Lodi Unified School District9/20/2021, 10/3/20211/26/2022
Midland University1/18/20211/25/2022
Sacramento County Department of Child, Family & Adult Services6/22/20211/25/2022
Aditi Consulting12/09/2021, 12/10/20211/25/2022
Penn LLC d/b/a Pulse TV11/1/2019, 8/31/20211/25/2022
Spencer Gifts LLC11/24/2021, 11/26/20211/24/2022
Acme Press, Inc. dba Calithon/a1/24/2022
Seneca Family of Agencies8/25/2021, 8/26/2021, 8/27/20211/21/2022
County of Kings2/15/2021, 12/6/20211/21/2022
Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc.3/26/2020, 4/7/20211/21/2022
LendUS, LLC2/2/2021, 3/22/20211/19/2022
Pitco Foods11/6/20211/19/2022
The Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association d/b/a 92nd Street Y8/22/20211/18/2022
Medical Review Institute of America11/2/20211/18/2022
American Family Life Insurance Company12/5/20211/14/2022
Volunteers of America Southwest11/16/20211/14/2022
Fluid Components International LLC9/17/2021; 11/8/20211/14/2022
Caring Communities12/7/20211/14/2022
Jim Koons Automotive Company5/19/2021; 6/5/20211/14/2022
Bet Tzedek Legal Services6/28/2021; 9/3/20211/13/2022
Entira Family Clinics12/4/2021; 7/1/20211/13/2022
Altura Credit Union10/24/20211/11/2022
Harder + Company Community Research, Inc.4/17/20211/11/2022
Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy J.A.T.C.9/15/20211/10/2022
City of Grass Valley4/13/2021; 7/1/20211/7/2022
Medical Review Institute of America11/2/20211/7/2022
Eden Housing5/18/2021; 8/11/20211/7/2022
Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center7/15/20211/7/2022
Advent Health Partners, Inc.7/14/2021; 8/27/20211/6/2022
Ebara Technologies, Inc.11/10/20211/6/2022
Marquez Brothers International, Inc.9/1/20211/5/2022
Marlabs, Inc.5/27/20211/5/2022
North Broward Hospital District d/b/a Broward Health10/15/20211/1/2022
Anthem, Inc. on behalf of its affiliated covered entities1/12/2021; 1/21/202112/31/2021
Phase II Systems, d/b/a PARS3/31/2021; 5/24/202112/31/2021
Xanitos, Inc.5/6/2021; 7/6/202112/30/2021
Barlow Respiratory Hospital8/21/2021; 9/1/202112/30/2021
The Marker Group Inc.9/3/202112/30/2021
Visalia Unified School District1/1/2021; 6/3/202112/30/2021
HOYA Optical Labs of America, Inc.3/15/202112/28/2021
Innovations Group, Inc., a subsidiary of UpHealth, Inc.10/27/202112/23/2021
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP, on behalf of relevant data owner(s)9/9/2021, 9/14/202112/23/2021
Anderson McPharlin & Conners, LLPn/a12/23/2021
Health Net9/12/202112/22/2021
City of Sebastopol4/28/2021, 5/11/202112/22/2021
Pro Wrestling Tees4/1/202112/22/2021
University of Southern California9/28/202112/22/2021
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District11/1/202112/21/2021
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation3/19/202012/21/2021
BearTooth Mapping, Inc.11/13/2021, 11/19/202112/21/2021
Tennis Warehouse, LLC10/1/202112/18/2021
Skate Warehouse, LLC10/1/202112/18/2021
Tackle Warehouse, LLC10/1/202112/18/2021
Running Warehouse, LLC10/1/202112/18/2021
Homeowners Financial Group7/5/200712/17/2021
Heirloom Roses2/24/2021, 10/26/202112/17/2021
Index Fund Advisors, Inc.8/5/202112/17/2021
Ghilotti Bros., Inc.n/a12/16/2021
McGrath RentCorp
Sound Generations7/18/2021, 9/18/202112/15/2021
Cirrus Asset Management, Inc.11/11/2021, 11/12/202112/15/2021
Lozano Smith1/1/202112/14/2021
California Physicians’ Services d/b/a Blue Shield of California1/20/202112/13/2021
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services, LLC10/25/2021, 11/11/202112/10/2021
County of Monterey8/25-27/202112/10/2021
The Travelers Indemnity Company4/7/2021, 11/17/202112/10/2021
Allergy Partners, PLLC1/12/2021, 2/23/202112/9/2021
Mor Furniture for Less, Inc.7/13/2021, 7/16/202112/9/2021
East Bay Paratransit8/6/2021, 9/19/202112/9/2021
Green, Polack & Companyn/a12/8/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies8/25/2021, 8/26/2021, 0/27/202112/6/2021
Humana Inc.8/25/202112/6/2021
Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C.n/a12/06/2021
Nippon Life Insurance Company of America10/5/202112/3/2021
Keolis Transit America1/04/2021, 5/23/202112/3/2021
American Council for International Studies5/25/2021, 6/10/202112/3/2021
California Correctional Health Care Services9/3/202112/2/2021
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles10/9/2021, 10/17/202111/30/2021
Bansley and Kiener, L.L.P.8/20/2020, 12/1/202011/30/2021
DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc.5/24/2021, 7/28/202111/29/2021
Lincare Holdings Inc.9/10/202111/24/2021
Anthem Blue Cross10/1/2021, 11/4/202111/24/2021
ON24, Inc.n/a11/23/2021
Local 2/Hospitality Industry Child and Elder Care Plan11/2/2021, 11/4/202111/23/2021, LLC9/6/2021, 9/7/2021, 9/8/2021, 9/9/2021, 9/10/2021, 9/11/2021, 11/7/202111/23/2021
Astoria Company LLC1/19/202111/22/2021
One Community Health4/19/2021, 4/20/202111/22/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies8/25/2021, 8/26/2021, 8/27/202111/19/2021
ACE Surgical Supply Co., Inc.6/29/2021, 7/08/202111/19/2021
PAL Card Minnesota, LLC9/28/202111/19/2021
Pawn America Minnesota, LLC9/28/202111/19/2021
Utah Imaging Associates, Inc.8/29/2021, 9/04/202111/18/2021
Next Peak CPA, Inc.2/18/2021, 2/19/202111/18/2021
San Francisco Symphony9/7/202111/17/2021
PUC National1/26/202111/17/2021
Alcon Vision, LLC10/5/202111/16/2021
Quest Diagnostics10/29/202111/16/2021
Diode Dynamics, L.L.C.9/26/202011/16/2021
Traffic Solutions Corporation, doing business as Statewide Safety Systemsn/a11/16/2021
California Pizza Kitchen9/15/202111/15/2021
Olympus Corporation of the Americas10/10/202111/15/2021
San Luis Obispo County YMCA7/19/202111/12/2021
The Urology Center of Colorado (“TUCC”)9/07/2021, 9/08/202111/10/2021
Valley Mountain Regional Center9/15/202111/9/2021
Vitreo-Retinal Medical Group, Inc. d/b/a Retinal Consultants Medical Group7/12/202111/9/2021
Cambro Manufacturing8/11/2021, 8/13/202111/9/2021
Lab Logistics7/12/202111/9/2021
AGI Publishing, Inc. (d/b/a Valley Yellow Pages)9/11/202111/8/2021
Sea Mar Community Health Centers12/12/2020, 3/15/202111/5/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies8/25/2021, 8/26/2021, 8/27/202111/5/2021
Lodi Unified School District9/20/2021, 10/03/202111/5/2021
University of Maryland Global Campus10/7/202111/5/2021
Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc.9/18/202111/5/2021
Maxim Healthcare Group10/01/2020, 12/04/202011/4/2021
Baywood Medical Associates, PLC dba Desert Pain Institutehn/a11/03/2021
Terrier Media Buyer, Inc. dba Cox Media Group6/3/202111/2/2021
GMGS Risk Management & Insurance Services12/21/202011/2/2021
Goldwater Bank, N.A.5/21/202110/29/2021
AGI Publishing, Inc. (d/b/a Valley Yellow Pages)9/11/202110/29/2021
BPM LLP11/11/2020, 9/20/202110/28/2021
Gorilla Circuits8/18/2021, 9/15/202110/28/2021
Anthem, Inc.8/3/202110/28/2021
Amin Dean, CPA7/8/202110/27/2021
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (“PRMI”)8/8/202110/27/2021
Blue Shield of California8/25/202110/27/2021
Employee Benefits Administration & Management (“EBA&M”)6/04/2021, 8/16/202110/26/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies8/25/2021, 8/26/2021, 8/27/202110/26/2021
Community Medical Centers, Inc.10/10/202110/26/2021
Blue Cross of California8/25/202110/26/2021
Foundation for Medical Care of Merced County8/3/202110/26/2021
Sheridan Production Company III, LLC8/14/2021, 8/19/202110/25/2021
Centinela Valley Union High School District6/22/202110/21/2021
SCUF Gaming International, LLC2/23/202110/21/2021
Wallick & Volk, Inc.8/02/2021, 8/05/202110/20/2021
Valley Truck and Tractor Company5/13/2021, 6/17/202110/20/2021
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.8/17/2020, 7/02/202110/20/2021
PracticeMax Inc.4/17/2021, 5/05/202110/19/2021
Carnival Corporation and plc3/12/202110/18/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundationn/a10/18/2021
World Travel Holdings7/1/202110/18/2021
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (“UMC”)6/14/202110/15/2021
Anthem, Inc.5/01/2021, 6/30/202110/15/2021
Elevated Title, LLC7/21/202110/14/2021
Academic Therapy Publicationsn/a10/14/2021
Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann, L.L.C.2/24/202110/14/2021
The Public School and Education Employees Retirement Systems of Missouri9/11/202110/14/2021
Newbridge Securities Corporation2/24/2021, 3/18/202110/14/2021
American Osteopathic Association6/25/202010/13/2021
PetroQuest Energy LLC4/9/202110/13/2021
National Community Renaissance of California1/01/2021, 4/10/202110/12/2021
Timios, Inc. (“Timios”)7/19/2021, 7/25/202110/11/2021
ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics, Inc.8/8/202110/8/2021
Terrier Media Buyer, Inc. dba Cox Media Group6/3/202110/8/2021
Pacific City Bank8/19/2021, 8/30/202110/7/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Education Foundation7/15/202110/6/2021
Synchrony Bank7/31/202110/5/2021
Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc.8/16/202110/1/2021
Eskenazi Healthn/a10/01/2021
The Neiman Marcus Group, LLC (“NMG” or the “Company”)5/02/2020, 5/17/20209/30/2021
Coinbase, Inc.3/17/20219/27/2021
MTG USA, Inc.6/25/2021, 6/15/20219/26/2021
Golden Entertainment1/24/20219/24/2021
Forward Air Corporation12/15/20209/24/2021
Innovative Construction Solutions (“ICS”)6/17/2021, 6/26/20219/22/2021
Navistar, Inc.5/20/20219/21/2021
Epik Holdings, Inc.9/13/20219/20/2021
PFU America, Inc.11/30/2020, 7/27/20219/17/2021
Sugar Steel Corporation12/08/2020, 12/22/20209/17/2021
B&B Transport Inc.9/8/20219/16/2021
Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc.5/01/2020, 7/09/20219/16/2021
King’s Seafood Company6/4/20219/15/2021
Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center7/15/20219/13/2021
Dick Blick Holdings3/11/2020, 12/15/20209/13/2021
HCI, LLC9/2/20209/13/2021
Carpenter Co3/18/20219/11/2021
Nations Lending Corporation7/26/20219/10/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation7/15/20219/9/2021
Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc.5/20/20219/9/2021
California Massage Therapy Council11/4/20209/8/2021
Resource Anesthesiology Association of California, a Medical Corporation7/8/20219/5/2021
K and B Surgical Center, LLC3/24/2021, 3/30/20219/3/2021
Smile Brands Inc.4/23/2021, 4/24/20219/3/2021
CA Department of State Hospitals – Coalinga8/27/2019, 10/12/2016, 7/21/20139/3/2021
Sequoia Concepts, Inc.6/28/2021, 7/01/20219/2/2021
County of Los Angeles Fire Department7/13/20219/1/2021
DuPage Medical Group, Ltd.7/12/2021, 7/13/20219/1/2021
MFA Financial, Inc.3/10/20219/1/2021
Career Group, Inc.6/28/20218/31/2021
Healthpointe Medical Group, Inc.6/9/20218/30/2021
Mater Dei High School1/01/2021, 3/04/20218/30/2021
DuPage Medical Group, Ltd.n/a8/30/2021
SmartStart Employment Screening, Inc.5/13/20208/27/2021
LifeLong Medical Care11/24/20208/27/2021
SAC Wireless, LLC4/13/20218/26/2021
T-Mobile USA7/22/20218/25/2021
San Andreas Regional Center7/3/20218/25/2021
SafetyCall International11/24/2020, 12/03/20208/24/2021
County of Los Angeles Fire Department7/13/20218/24/2021
American Freight, LLC and its related subsidiaries and affiliates, including American Freight Outlet Stores, LLC11/24/2020, 12/09/20208/24/2021
Syufy Enterprises, LP9/07/2020, 9/15/20208/24/2021
Pendrick Capital Partner Holdings, LLC4/12/2021, 5/14/20218/23/2021
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority3/25/20218/23/2021
H Mart, Inc.n/a8/20/2021
Fresno Unified School Districtn/a8/19/2021
Walter’s Automotive Group6/09/2021, 6/16/20218/19/2021
The Dixie Group, Inc.4/09/2021, 4/19/20218/18/2021
WSSC Watern/a8/17/2021
Secure Administrative Solutions, LLC (“SAS”)4/18/2021, 5/25/20218/17/2021
BackNine Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.4/23/2015, 7/12/20218/17/2021
Sierra Joint Community College Districtn/a8/13/2021
University Medical Center Southern Nevadan/a8/13/2021
The Research Foundation for the State University of New York5/22/2021, 7/09/20218/13/2021
Academic HealthPlans, Inc.8/02/2020, 10/02/20208/13/2021
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.5/24/20218/13/2021
On Lok Senior Health Services5/14/2021, 5/14/20218/12/2021
Jim Provencher (“the Firm”)9/8/20208/11/2021
Morgan Truck Body, LLC7/16/20218/11/2021
Bath & Body Works Direct, Inc.6/20/2021, 6/25/20218/10/2021
Abode Services3/16/2021, 4/15/20218/9/2021
Ibex Global Solutions, Inc. (“Ibex”)7/27/20208/6/2021
SafetyCall International11/24/2020, 12/03/20208/6/2021
MLD Mortgage, Inc.7/7/20218/6/2021
NTS Holding Corporation11/2/20208/5/2021
University of Kentucky1/08/2021, 2/06/20218/5/2021
Transtar Industries Inc.1/9/20218/4/2021
Transamerica Retirement Solutions, LLC6/04/2021, 6/05/2021, 6/06/2021, 6/07/2021, 6/08/2021, 6/09/2021, 6/10/2021, 6/11/2021, 6/12/2021, 6/13/2021, 6/14/20218/4/2021
Tuff Shed, Inc.2/10/20218/3/2021
LERETA, LLC5/21/20208/2/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foudation7/15/20218/2/2021
Divvy Up, Inc.5/10/2021, 6/18/20217/30/2021
WideOrbit LLC7/1/20207/30/2021
Ryan Specialty Group4/04/2021, 4/20/20217/30/2021
La Jolla Professional Insurance Associates, Inc.n/a7/30/2021
Motor Trend Group LLC6/19/20217/29/2021
Spiezle Group, Inc.n/a7/29/2021
A2Z Diagnostics, LLC2/02/2021, 4/02/20217/28/2021
D&K Engineering Inc.5/19/20217/27/2021
Transform SR Holding Management LLC6/03/2021, 6/15/20217/26/2021
Specialty Tax & Bookkeeping Services3/1/20217/26/2021
Inner City Law Center8/04/2020, 1/26/20217/23/2021
G2 Insurance Services2/2/20217/23/2021
Savory Spice4/05/2018, 3/27/20217/23/2021
Resort Data Processing, Inc.1/01/2019, 2/22/20217/22/2021
Hyphen, LLC3/13/20217/21/2021
CMC Tax Services11/30/2020, 5/17/20217/20/2021
SafetyCall International11/24/2020, 12/03/20207/19/2021
Davaco LP6/11/20217/19/2021
SN Servicing Corporationn/a7/16/2021
eJuice Direct8/15/2020, 8/25/2020, 7/07/20217/16/2021
Sierra Nevada Primary Care Physiciansn/a7/16/2021
California Student Aid Commission7/8/20217/16/2021
Guidehouse on behalf of Community Memorial Health System located in Ventura, CA1/20/20217/16/2021
Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC1/23/20217/15/2021
Birtcher Anderson & Davis Associates Incn/a7/12/2021
Direct Energy LP, together with its affiliates First Choice Power, LLC and Home Warranty of America, Inc.11/3/20207/12/2021
CSI Financial Services, LLC (“ClearBalance”)3/8/20217/9/2021
Guess?, Inc.2/02/2021, 2/23/20217/9/2021
CNA Financial Corporation3/5/20217/8/2021
Forefront Management, LLC and Forefront Dermatology, S.C.5/28/2021, 6/04/20217/8/2021
Hello Housing11/24/2020, 12/03/20207/7/2021
Stride, Inc.11/04/2020, 11/19/20207/6/2021
VotePlus10 Inc. DBA Impactree7/1/20217/2/2021
Morgan Stanley1/20/20217/2/2021
The Paradies Shops, LLC10/08/2020, 10/13/20207/2/2021
Discovery Practice Management, Inc.6/22/2020, 6/26/20207/1/2021
Nevada Restaurant Services Inc.1/16/20217/1/2021
Professional Business Systems d/b/a Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions and PBS Medcode Corp.12/25/20207/1/2021
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.7/02/2020, 9/26/20206/30/2021
Hudson Envelope of New Jersey Corp.6/25/2020, 1/11/20216/30/2021
Marsh McLennan4/22/20216/30/2021
Wolfe Clinic, P.C.2/8/20216/29/2021
Pharmavite LLC4/6/20216/28/2021
Abode Services3/16/20216/25/2021
Highmark Inc.12/23/20206/24/2021
Maximus, Inc.5/17/20216/23/2021
Asset Marketing Services, LLC d/b/a GovMint.com5/21/20206/23/2021
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., on behalf of the Royal Caribbean Group2/6/20216/23/2021
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center Inc.2/6/20216/22/2021
Stephen F. McFadden CPAn/a6/22/2021
Amgen Inc.4/21/20216/22/2021
Naito Corporation dba Made In Oregonn/a6/18/2021
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.7/13/2020, 12/14/20206/18/2021
Prominence Health Plan11/30/20206/18/2021
STG International, Inc.10/22/2020, 1/12/20216/16/2021
Herff Jones, LLC1/11/20216/16/2021
Aspiration Financial, LLC5/20/20216/16/2021
Archbishop Mitty High School5/17/20206/16/2021
Ally Financial Inc2/18/20216/15/2021
HOYA Optical Labs of America, Inc.3/15/20216/11/2021
NEC Networks, LLC d/b/a CaptureRx2/6/20216/11/2021
San Dieguito Union High School District4/12/20216/11/2021
Maricopa County Community Colleges District3/12/2021, 3/16/20216/10/2021
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.n/a6/10/2021
Alderson Broaddus University (“Alderson Broaddus”)1/22/2021, 1/27/20216/10/2021
AireSpring, Inc.4/7/20216/10/2021
Warren Resources, Inc.4/14/2021, 4/17/20216/9/2021
Hnilo Naturals LLC10/1/20206/9/2021
Progrexion ASG, Inc.3/03/2021, 4/22/20216/9/2021
HCI LLC2/21/20206/8/2021
Public Alliesn/a6/7/2021
Victor Valley Union High School District2/26/20216/3/2021
Supplemental Income Trust Fund; MonRoc Administrators LLC3/22/20216/3/2021
DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.3/14/2021, 3/16/20216/3/2021
City of Azusa Police Department3/9/20216/2/2021
Scripps Health4/29/20216/1/2021
20/20 Eye Care Network, Inc.1/11/20215/29/2021
USA Waste-Management Resources, LLC1/21/2021, 1/23/20215/28/2021
STG Holdings, LLC (“STG”)5/03/2020, 5/19/20205/27/2021
Plains Commerce Bank12/10/2020, 1/15/20215/27/2021
Accucom Corporation5/25/2020, 12/16/20205/27/2021
Underwriters Laboratories Inc and UL Inc.10/17/2020, 2/13/20215/26/2021
Building Material Distributors, Inc.9/18/20205/26/2021
Sugarfina USA, LLC11/01/2019, 9/03/20205/25/2021
Infinity Insurance Company1/07/2021, 4/04/20215/25/2021
Custom Benefit Programs, Inc., an Aon Company12/17/20205/21/2021
Atrium Windows and Doors, Inc12/24/20205/21/2021
Defender Industries, Inc.11/22/20205/21/2021
ZocDoc, Inc.n/a5/20/2021
Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services1/21/20215/19/2021
Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ)9/26/2020, 10/12/20205/18/2021
The NOCO Company (“NOCO”)10/08/2019, 3/23/20215/18/2021
Marshall Medical Center2/6/20215/18/2021
Phillip Galyen PC3/1/20215/14/2021
REEF Global Inc.9/30/2020, 10/15/20205/14/2021
M Bar C Construction7/9/20205/14/2021
University of California12/24/20205/13/2021
County of Orange Social Services Agency (OCSSA)n/a5/13/2021
Midvale Indemnity Company1/19/2021, 1/29/20215/13/2021
American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I.2/06/2021, 3/19/20215/13/2021
Sacramento County IHSS Public Authority2/28/20215/12/2021
Oak Valley Community Bank2/01/2021, 2/02/20215/11/2021
CA Department of State Hospitalsn/a5/11/2021
State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company3/11/2021, 3/31/20215/11/2021
Aspen Education Group, Inc.12/13/20205/10/2021
SAC Health System11/15/2020, 11/22/20205/10/2021