Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Data Breaches. Consumer Fraud. The Violations Are Everywhere.


Received a data breach letter? Noticing strange transactions in your accounts? Worried about identity theft or how to prevent it? Data breaches can cause enormous damage to you and your family. We help you get paid when a data breach affected you. CONTACT US. It’s free and confidential.

The organizations below have experienced data breaches and are big on our radar. If you’ve done business with any of them, you could be at serious risk. We make getting you paid easy, and our results may surprise you. Search our investigations or click here to see the cases we’ve filed.



Personal health information data breaches now provide another $1,000 per violation. That adds up really fast!


If you received a data breach notification from any of these organizations, or one not on this list, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. To collect damages, your prompt attention is critical.

A&A Services dba Sav-Rx Data Breach Investigation

Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons P.A. Data Breach Investigation

Aizer Health; F/K/A Ezras Choilim Health Center, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Allianz Global Risks U.S. Insurance Company Data Breach Investigation

American International College Data Breach Investigation

Anders Group, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Ascend Dedicated, LLC d/b/a Dedicated Transportation Solutions Data Breach Investigation

Assist System, LLC and Medjet Assistance, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Association of California School Administrators Data Breach Investigation

Bayonne Board of Education Data Breach Investigation

Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center Data Breach Investigation

Bodyartforms LLC Data Breach Investigation

Bridgeway Center, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Brockton Area Multi Services, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Cambrex Corporation Data Breach Investigation

CCM Health Data Breach Investigation

Cencora Data Breach Investigation

Cherry Street Services, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Christie’s Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District Data Breach Investigation

Continuum Health Alliance Data Breach Investigation

CRG Lynwood, LLC, dba Lynwood Manor Data Breach Investigation

Designed Receivable Solutions, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

DG3 North America, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Drive Sally, LLC Data Breach Investigation

El Centro Del Barrio dba CentroMed Data Breach Investigation

ESO Solutions, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

ESO Solutions, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Family Health Center Data Breach Investigation

Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

First American Financial Corporation Data Breach Investigation

Form I-9 Compliance Data Breach Investigation

Four Hands, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C. Data Breach Investigation

Great Bay Distributors, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Group Health Cooperative of South Central WI Data Breach Investigation

HealthFirst Urgent Care PLLC Data Breach Investigation

Heron Therapeutics, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Human Events Media Group Data Breach Investigation

Hypertension Nephrology Associates Data Breach Investigation

Interactive Brokers LLC Data Breach Investigation

Kisco Senior Living, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Laborers Local No. 754 Joint Benefit Funds Data Breach Investigation

Lakeview Health Data Breach Investigation

Lakewood Medical Center Data Breach Investigation

Lewis Brothers Bakeries, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

M.A. Ford Manufacturing Company, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Matthews, Gold, Kennedy & Snow, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

McKim & Creed, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

MedStar Health Data Breach Investigation

MRA – The Mangement Association Data Breach Investigation

My Daily Choice, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

NEI General Contracting, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Newton Centre Dental Data Breach Investigation

Nissan North America, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Ohio Lottery Data Breach Investigation

OmniVision Technologies Data Breach Investigation

Oxford Global Resources, LLC Data Breach Investigation

Panorama Eyecare Data Breach Investigation

Pantana Accounting and Tax Data Breach Investigation

Parksite, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Philips Respironics Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Quechee Lakes Landowwners’ Association, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

R3 Education Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Regal Medical Group Data Breach Investigation

Schuette Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman Data Breach Investigation

Singing River Health System/owned subsidiary, Singing River Gulfport Data Breach Investigation

SinglePoint Outsourcing, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (“SACNAS”) Data Breach Investigation

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service Data Breach Investigation

Sysmex America, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

Thayer Academy Data Breach Investigation

Ticketmaster Data Breach Investigation

TRC Staffing Services, Inc. dba TRC Talent Solutions Data Breach Investigation

Ultrafab, Inc. Data Breach Investigation

University of Chicago Medical Center Data Breach Investigation

Valley Mountain Regional Center Data Breach Investigation

Varo Bank, N.A. Data Breach Investigation

Victoria Eye Center/Victoria Surgery Center/Victoria Vision Center Data Breach Investigation

Visionary Integration Professionals Data Breach Investigation

Webber International University Data Breach Investigation


The organizations listed below have experienced data breaches and are on our radar for new litigation. You can search this list by using the search bar above. Continue clicking to search all occurrences of your search term. If you’ve done business with any of them, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY to find out what damages/penalties we can collect for you. We make it simple and free.

Company/OrganizationDate(s) of BreachReported
First American Financial Corporation12/18/202306/11/2024
CRG Lynwood, LLC, d/b/a Lynwood Manor07/12/202106/11/2024
Christie’s Inc.05/09/202406/10/2024
Parksite, Inc.01/16/202406/10/2024
McKim & Creed, Inc.05/03/202406/07/2024
My Daily Choice, Inc.02/15/202406/07/2024
Frontier Communications Parent, Inc.01/19/202406/07/2024
Family Health Center05/09/202406/07/2024
Panorama Eyecare05/09/202406/06/2024
Drive Sally, LLC05/10/202406/06/2024
Heron Therapeutics, Inc.06/04/202406/05/2024
Philips Respironics Inc.06/04/202406/05/2024
Bayonne Board of Education05/08/202406/05/2024
Assist System, LLC and Medjet Assistance, LLC (Medjet and Medjet Assist)05/10/202406/05/2024
Matthews, Gold, Kennedy & Snow, Inc.04/01/202406/05/2024
Quechee Lakes Landowwners’ Association, Inc.04/02/202406/05/2024
NEI General Contracting, Inc.04/22/202406/05/2024
Visionary Integration Professionals09/21/202306/04/2024
DG3 North America, Inc.03/19/202406/03/2024
M.A. Ford Manufacturing Company, Inc.05/16/202406/03/2024
Form I-9 Compliance04/12/202406/03/2024
Human Events Media GroupN/A05/31/2024
Laborers Local No. 754 Joint Benefit Funds05/06/202405/30/2024
HealthFirst Urgent Care PLLC05/06/202405/30/2024
Lakeview Health05/06/202405/30/2024
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.04/24/202405/30/2024
Schuette Inc.05/14/202405/29/2024
R3 Education Inc.11/07/202305/29/2024
TRC Staffing Services, Inc. d/b/a TRC Talent Solutions05/09/202405/28/2024
Newton Centre Dental04/29/202405/28/2024
Webber International University04/30/202405/28/2024
A&A Services d/b/a Sav-Rx04/30/202405/28/2024
The University of Chicago Medical Center01/30/202405/28/2024
Carmel Minogue CPA & Associates02/23/202405/24/2024
Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons P.A.03/05/202405/24/2024
EFS Advisors LLC05/09/202405/24/2024
El Centro Del Barrio dba CentroMed04/30/202405/23/2024
Association of California School Administrators05/03/202405/23/2024
Laborers Local No. 754 Joint Benefit Funds05/07/202405/23/2024
Trionfo Solutions, LLC01/02/202405/23/2024
Victoria Eye Center/Victoria Surgery Center/Victoria Vision Center03/21/202405/22/2024
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service06/23/202305/21/2024
Hypertension-Nephrology Associates02/06/202405/21/2024
OmniVision Technologies09/04/2023, 09/30/202405/21/2024
Cambrex Corporation11/08/202305/21/2024
Ascend Dedicated, LLC d/b/a Dedicated Transportation Solutions05/06/202405/20/2024
Brockton Area Multi Services, Inc.04/29/202405/20/2024
Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center04/29/202405/17/2024
Interactive Brokers LLC01/11/202405/17/2024
Four Hands, LLC03/15/202405/17/2024
Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District04/29/202405/16/2024
Anders Group, LLC04/24/202405/16/2024
Oxford Global Resources, LLC02/14/202405/16/2024
Sysmex America, Inc.04/02/202405/16/2024
Thayer Academy04/22/202405/15/2024
Nissan North America, Inc. 02/28/202405/15/2024
Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman03/25/202405/14/2024
Great Bay Distributors, Inc.04/23/202405/14/2024
Singing River Health System/owned subsidiary, Singing River Gulfport12/18/202305/14/2024
Allianz Global Risks U.S. Insurance Company05/31/202405/13/2024
Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc. (Updated)02/26/202405/13/2024
The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (“SACNAS”)04/10/202405/13/2024
MRA – The Mangement Association03/01/202405/13/2024
Lewis Brothers Bakeries, Inc.04/18/202405/10/2024
Ohio Lottery04/05/202405/10/2024
Bridgeway Center, Inc.02/22/202405/10/2024
Pantana Accounting and Tax02/24/202405/10/2024
Bodyartforms LLC03/07/202405/09/2024
Ultrafab, Inc.04/09/202405/09/2024
Aizer Health, F/K/A Ezras Choilim Health Center, Inc.09/18/202405/09/2024
American International College 04/08/202405/09/2024
The May Institute, Inc
Recology Inc.
Varo Bank, N.A.
Fundera Inc.
MedStar Health
Continuum Health Alliance
Dohman, Akerlund & Eddy LLC
VeriSource Services, Inc.
Directive Communication Systems Inc.
Enstar (US), Inc.
Bradford-Scott Data, LLC on behalf of Illinois State Credit Union
Lamont Hanley & Associates
Inteplast Group
Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
Associated Wholesale Grocers
Continuum Health Alliance, LLC
Bousquet Holstein PLLC
Mana Products, Inc.
1996 LLC dba Chambers Construction Co.
Liberty University
The Philadelphia Inquirer, PBC
The Lagunitas Brewing Company
Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc.
Aspire Health Alliance
Designed Receivable Solutions, Inc.
J.P. Morgan
Integral Federal Inc.
CoVerica, Inc.
Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC
Catholic Medical Center
Asbury Automotive Group
Synergy Hotel Inc.
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Valley Veterinary Clinic, LLC
Regulator Marine, Inc.
Catholic Diocese of Cleveland
Buffalo Public Schools
Valley Mountain Regional Center
Township of Montclair
Avalon Trust
Green Diamond Resource Company
Blackstone Valley Community Health Center
Butler, Lavanceau, & Sober, LLC
Kisco Senior Living, LLC
Delta T LLC
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Bi-State Development
Cherry Street Services, Inc.
Citizens Property Insurance Corp
Carl Buddig and Company
Atlanta Technical College
Lakewood Medical Center
Cherry Street Services, Inc.
Cocoon Inc.
DES Architects and Engineers
Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
Randolph Health
WIS International
United Seating and Mobility, L.L.C., dba Numotion
SinglePoint Outsourcing, Inc.
Goddard Systems, LLC
Houser LLP
Lewis and Clark College
Bradford-Scott Data, LLC dba The Andovers Federal Credit Union
Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics
Canopy Children’s Solutions
Frank Olean Center
Molen & Associates
Delphinus Engineering, Inc.
CCM Health
Great Hearts Academies
Oceaneering International, Inc.
ESO Solutions Inc.
Rudman & Winchell LLC
EBlock Corp.
08/12/2023, 08/14/202304/09/2024
Group Health Cooperative of South Central WI
Global Financial Atlantic Group
Skender Construction, LLC
Greylock McKinnon Associates, Inc.
American Farmland Trust
Tri-City Healthcare District
Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Company
York County School of Technology
Keenan & Associates
City of Hope
Haverford Township, PA
On Q Financial
Ace Hardware Corporation
The May Institute, Inc.
Clackamas Community College
George & George Attorneys at Law, LLC
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
HALO Branded Solutions
Continental Bank
Prudential Insurance Company of America
Sanford Pierson Thone & Strean, PLC
Gayer Heritage Federal Credit Union
Great Hearts America
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Wyndemere Senior Care LLC
The Chattanooga Heart Institute
Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery
Hot Topic, Inc.
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Reyes Automotive Group
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center dba Ethos
Southwest Boston Senior Services, Inc. dba Ethos
Barings LLC
BodyHealth LLC
M&D Capital Premiere Billing LLC
Select Education Group (including Institute of Technology, National Holistic Institute, Bauman College, Fremont University, and Arch USA) (collectively, “SEG” or the “Company”)
Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.
City of Jacksonville Beach, Florida
St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, Inc.
Newton Public School
Assurance IQ, LLC
Aveanna Healthcare
Victory Bank
Schuster Company
Weirton Medical Center
Plymouth Tube Company Employee Benefit Plan
Valley Oaks Health
Citizens Bank of West Virginia
Johnson Matthey, Inc.
Eastside Union School District
Sycamore Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
Bethel School District
Nations Direct Mortgage, LLC
ACR Electronics, Inc.
Rudman & Winchell LLC
Precision Tune Auto Care, Inc. (PTAC)
CCM Health
UC San Diego Health Hillcrest- Hillcrest Medical Center
Classic Residence Management Limited Partnership dba Vi Senior Living
Orsini Pharmaceutical Services, LLC
Blackbun College
Century Federal Credit Union
Stanford University
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee dba BlueCare Plus Tenn. via EyeMed
Shah Dixit & Associates P.C.
Southeast Vermont Transit, Inc.
Roku, Inc.
01/04/2024, 02/21/202403/11/2024
Classic Residence Management Limited Partnership d/b/a Vi Senior Living (“Vi”)
03/10/2023, 03/13/202303/08/2024
Bethany Congregational Church
Compassionate Psychiatric Services
DGA – Producer Pension & Health Plans
NALS Apartment Homes LLC
Orlando Medical Center
Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PLLC
Fidelity Investments Life Insurance & Empire Fidelity Investments Life Insurance
Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.
Virgin Hotels North America, LLC
Sunway Hospitality, LLC
Alliance College Ready Public Schools
Elemental, LLC
Elemental, LLC
Yakima Valley Radiology PC
Alliance Solutions Group, LLC (dba TalentLaunch)
Muscatine Power & Water
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Santa Clarita Community College District
Prague Regional Memorial Hospital
Brady Martz & Associates
Medical Management Resource Group, L.L.C. American Vision Prts
Retention School District
Bradford-Scott Data, LLC
City of Nashua School District
Department of State Hospitals- Atascadero
Houser LLP
Veolia North America, Inc.
Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd
First Hartford Bancshares, Inc. dba First National Bank of Hartford
APEO, LLC (The Aspen Group “TAG”)
Bay Area Anesthesia, LLC
Interventional Pain & Regenerative
Windsor Cheviot Hills, LLC (NewGen Admin Services)
Egyptian Health Department
Hospice of Huntington
Scurry County Hospital District dba Cogdell Memorial Hospital
10/10/202302/27/2024, LLC
Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance, LLC
Unite Here
Bacon-Universal Holdings, LLC
Washington County Hospital & Nursing Home
Greylock McKinnon Associates. Inc.
medQ, Inc.
Baytown Medical Center, L.P
Air Methods
U-Haul International Inc.
GC Services
EdisonLearning, Inc.
Davlyn Investments
Brazee & Huban, CPA
Matthews International
T.Y. Lin International Group Ltd
Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy & Financing
Pond & Company
Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeons, P.A.
Dawson James Securities, Inc.
Golden Corral Corporation
CUSO Financial
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Advarra, Inc.
Cumberland Advisors, Inc.
County of Cumberland
Tax Favored Benefits (TFB)
Fort Worth Community Credit Union
The Chattanooga Heart Institute
AGC America, Inc.
Coleman Professional Services Inc.
Signature Performance, Inc.
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Finzer Roller, Inc.
International Center of Photography
Connecticut College
City of Clemson South Carolina
The Burton Corporation
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union
Verizon Communications, Inc.
Sage Home Loans Corp. fka Lenox Financial dba Weslend Financial
Health Alliance Medical Plans
National Advisors Holdings, Inc.
Infosys McCamish Systems, LLC
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Michigan Catholic Conference
Emmanuel College
TRISTAR Insurance Group
Concord Music Group, Inc.
Veterans Health Administration
Medical Eye Services, Inc. (MESVision)
GEICO Corporation
National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
J.D. Gilmour
Sirius Federal, LLC
Prestige Care, Inc.
Crago, Inc. dba PrintingCenterUSA
Diocese of Lansing
Texas Wesleyan University
Timex Group USA, Inc.
HL Choice Corp. dba Sun SCC in behalf of Beauty Essence
Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
Planet Home Lending, LLC
PostWorks New York, LLC
Keenan & Associates
ElGuindy, Meyer & Koegel, APC (“EMK”)
Coastal Hospice & Palliative
Cloud South Inc.
Marian Village Corporation dba Marywood Nursing Care Center (“Marywood”)
Raptor Technologies
Center for Urban Community Services
Baked n Joy Foods, Inc.
Fullerton Joint Union High School District
11/14/23, 11/16/2301/25/2024
Moses Lake Community Health Center
Ardent Health Services (AHS) Management Company
DMOS Des Moines Orthopedic Surgeons, P.C.
Ricardo Defense, Inc.
Mount Vernon Dental Smiles (Mount Vernon)
First Financial Security, Inc.
Ashford, Inc.
Foundation Building Materials, LLC.
05/01/2023 – 05/09/202301/19/2024
Columbus Regional Healthcare System
05/19/2023 – 05/21/202301/19/2024
Hutchinson Cox
Rachas, Inc. D/B/A Chuze Fitness
Hamilton Investment Group LLC.
ELO CPAs & Advisors
Fora Financial LLC.
09/09/202201/18/2024, 03/29/2023
Arden Claims Service LLC.
10/05/2023 – 10/17/202301/17/2024
Dickinson County Health Department
Hanmi Bank
05/27/2023 – 05/31/202301/16/2024
Unitransfer USA, Inc.
International Cooling Tower USA, Inc.
Air Methods, LLC.
Summit Medical Group, PLLC.
Rebekah Children’s Services
Hair Club for Men, Ltd., Inc.
Nautic Partners
Carnegie Mellon University
Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board
Blink Mobility
Plus Five Five Inc.
Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium (“ARCC”)
Psychological Holdings, PLLC d/b/a Senior PsychCare
California Public Employees Retirement System
Glendale Unified School District
American Meat Companies
Premium Mortgage Corporation
08/24/2023 – 08/31/202301/10/2024
InHealth Technologies
Sharp Health Plan
05/27/2023 – 05/30/202301/09/2024
Oregon Pacific Bancorp
08/16/2022 – 10/13/202301/09/2024
Burr & Forman LLP
Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital
Villager Construction Inc.
One Stop Financial Services
Oak View Group
11/09/2023 – 11/28/202301/08/2024
Dignity Health Nevada St. Rose Dominican Hospital
Walker County
Tarrytown Acquisition Holdings, LLC.
HMG Healthcare, LLC.
Hi-Crush Inc.
Evolve Cryo + Wellness N/A01/08/2024
Essen Medical Associates, P.C. N/A01/08/2024
Centennial Bank N/A01/08/2024
Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP. 06/16/2022 – 06/17/202201/05/2024
Cooper Clinic, P.A. N/A01/05/2024
Tampa Bay Surgical Group N/A01/05/2024
Fincantieri Marine Group, LLC. 04/06/2023 – 04/12/202301/05/2024
Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Inc. 02/03/202301/05/2024
Morgan Stanley Health Benefits and Insurance Plan
ConsensioHealth, LLC.07/03/202301/04/2024
WICR Waterproofing and Construction Inc. 01/03/202401/04/2024
Elevate ENT Partners N/A01/04/2024
Northern Inyo Healthcare District 08/27/202301/03/2024
Mellow Massage Hollywood dba Best Hands LA 01/25/202201/03/2024
Amerigroup Iowa, Inc N/A01/03/2024
North Kansas City HospitalN/A01/03/2024
Keystone FirstN/A01/02/2024
Knox Ricksen LLP.10/12/202301/02/2024
Community Tri-County HealthcareN/A01/02/2024
Midwest Long Term Care Services dba Senior ScriptsN/A01/02/2024
Toyota Financial Services 09/10/202112/31/2023
Estes Express Lines 09/26/202312/31/2023
Transformative Healthcare (on behalf of Fallon Ambulance Services) N/A12/31/2023
Quaker Window Products Co.11/25/202312/29/2023
EDI Health Group dba DentalXChange08/11/202312/29/2023
Amwins Group Inc. 05/31/202312/29/2023
Navvis & Company, LLC 07/12/2023 – 07/25/202312/29/2023
Bunker Hill Community College 05/23/202312/29/2023
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP 02/28/202312/29/2023
Electrostim Medical Services, Inc. d/b/A EMSI N/A12/28/2023
Maxco Supply Inc. 12/08/202312/28/2023
St. Lucie County Tax Collector’s Office 10/16/202312/28/2023
Merrick Bank 05/27/2023 – 05/31/202312/28/2023
City Facilities Management LLC. 05/31/202312/28/2023
Town of Islip11/24/202212/27/2023
Horne LLP.12/08/202112/26/2023
Buckley King LPA04/06/202312/26/2023
Housing Authority of the County of San Bernadino05/19/2023 – 06/26/202312/26/2023
Highlands Oncology Group PA09/25/202312/22/2023
Kent County Community Mental Health Authority d/b/a Network180N/A12/22/2023
NYC Health + HospitalsN/A12/22/2023
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.08/11/202312/22/2023
Foleck Center, LTD10/26/202312/22/2023
Mountain Dermatology Specialists, PCN/A12/22/2023
Clay County Social ServicesN/A12/22/2023
Eye Physicians of Central FloridaN/A12/22/2023
Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties11/29/202312/22/2023
Brown & Streaza LLP.09/05/202312/22/2023
Retina Group of Washington, PLLC03/26/202312/22/2023
Academy Mortgage Corporation 03/21/202312/22/2023
Panasonic Avionics Corporation 12/14/202212/22/2023
Garr Silpe, P.C. 10/25/202312/22/2023
McCarthy Fingar, LLP04/06/2023 – 04/21/202312/22/2023
HealthEC LLC07/14/2023 – 07/23/202312/22/2023
Spudnik Equipment Company LLC11/27/202312/22/2023
National Amusements, Inc.12/13/2022, 12/15/202212/22/2023
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center11/19/2023, 11/25/202312/22/2023
Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists, PAN/A12/21/2023
First Choice Dental10/22/202312/21/2023
Lone Peak Physical Therapy, Inc.N/A12/21/2023
AccessDx Laboratory, LLCN/A12/21/2023
360 Physical Therapy, LLCN/A12/21/2023
Qorvo Inc.N/A12/21/2023
Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan LLP11/04/202312/21/2023
Security 1st Title, LLC09/19/202212/21/2023
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health10/17/202312/21/2023
Middlefield Banking Company04/11/202312/21/2023
Rush System for HealthN/A12/21/2023
Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board02/18/202212/21/2023
California Northstate University02/12/2023, 02/13/202312/21/2023
Brunswick Corporation 06/10/202312/21/2023
RevSpring, Inc.10/24/2023 – 10/26/202312/20/2023
LoanCare, LLC.11/19/202312/20/2023
JAE Oregon, Inc.10/16/2023 – 11/02/202312/20/2023
Cumberland Advisors, Inc.08/31/202312/20/2023
Glendale Community CollegeN/A12/20/2023
Merced City School DistrictN/A12/20/2023
Recology Inc.N/A12/20/2023
Illuminate Education, Inc. (on behalf of Orcutt Union School District & Riverside Unified School District)N/A12/20/2023
Fresno Surgical HospitalN/A12/20/2023
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Inc.N/A12/20/2023
Noteboom the Law FirmN/A12/20/2023
Snagajob Inc. 12/06/202312/19/2023
Kwik Trip 10/08/202312/19/2023
Bellin Health N/A12/19/2023
Kimco Staffing Services Inc. 06/24/202312/19/2023
TTM Technologies 09/26/202312/19/2023
ABNB Federal Credit Union 05/31/202312/19/2023
Kirksey Architects, Inc. N/A12/19/2023
Erie Family Health Center, Inc. d/b/a Erie Family Health Centers 10/19/202312/18/2023
Zoll Medical Corporation 08/02/202312/18/2023
Primary Health & Wellness Center, LLC. N/A12/17/2023
Nationstar Mortgage (dba Mr. Cooper) 10/31/202312/15/2023
Plug Power Inc. 03/13/2023 – 03/23/202312/15/2023
Coos Health & Wellness 04/28/202312/15/2023
Eyefinity, Inc. N/A12/14/2023
Dentegra Insurance Company 05/27/202312/14/2023
Discount Emporium, Inc. d/b/a Drug Emporium N/A12/14/2023
Wianno Club 05/26/202312/14/2023
Delta Dental 05/27/202312/14/2023
Florida Water Products N/A12/14/2023
Rogue Credit Union 05/27/2023 – 05/31/202312/14/2023
Lipsey Communications N/A12/14/2023
Florida Community Care, LLC05/31/202312/14/2023
Independent Vision Group, Ltd. N/A12/13/2023
UnTax dba TaxPlus 08/24/202312/13/2023
Jacmar Companies, LLC. 06/02/202312/13/2023
Health Diagnostic Management N/A12/12/2023
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons, P.A. N/A12/12/2023
ESO Solutions, Inc. 09/17/202312/12/2023
City of Hope N/A12/12/2023
Keenan & Associates 09/27/202312/12/2023
Yorkshire Wellness Group, Corp. N/A12/12/2023
Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network N/A12/12/2023
Warrior Met Coal, Inc. 07/29/202312/12/2023
Idaho National Laboratory (Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC.) 11/19/202312/12/2023
Harrisburg Medical Center 12/19/2022 – 12/23/202212/12/2023
National Electric Coil N/A12/12/2023
Regional Family Medicine 06/26/202312/12/2023
Atlas Technical Consultants 07/28/2023 – 07/29/202312/11/2023
Tristar Insurance Group 11/10/202212/11/2023
Pandol Brothers. Inc. 03/27/202312/11/2023
VNS CHOICE d/b/a VNS Health Plans N/A12/08/2023
McCarthy & Holthus LLP. 10/01/2023 -10/08/202312/08/2023
Pinnacle Bank Nebraska 05/27/202312/08/2023
Red Roof Inns, Inc. 09/21/2023 – 09/23/202312/08/2023
Independent Living Systems, LLC. 05/31/202312/08/2023
Americold Logistics LLC.04/26/202312/08/2023
CVC Holding Corp.11/01/202312/08/2023
City of Homer N/A12/07/2023
Wichita Urology Group 01/03/202312/07/2023
Kirkwood Bank & Trust 05/27/2023 – 05/31/202312/07/2023
Financial Risk Mitigation09/28/2023 – 09/29/202312/07/2023
Spectris Inc.05/30/202312/07/2023
Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC11/07/202312/06/2023
Iscar Metal, Inc. 11/16/202312/06/2023
Butler Bros. 11/16/202312/06/2023
Berkshire Production Supply, LLC d/b/a Berkshire eSupply 11/16/202312/06/2023
Butte School District 11/04/202312/06/2023
Fedway Associates, Inc.09/20/2023 – 09/23/202312/06/2023
United Home Loans, Inc.03/15/202312/06/2023
Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.07/26/2023 – 07/30/202312/06/2023
Simoniz USA, Inc.03/24/2023 – 04/03/202312/05/2023
Advantis Global08/18/2022 – 10/24/202212/05/2023
Hi School Pharmacy11/02/2023-11/03/202312/05/2023
Leggett & Platt Incorporated Employee Benefit FundN/A12/04/2023
National Student Clearinghouse05/30/202312/04/2023
Gunster, Yoakley, Steward & PA07/20/2022, 11/27/202212/04/2023
Taylor University02/26/2023 – 05/18/202312/04/2023
4 Over LLC.11/19/202212/04/2023
Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP.02/08/202312/04/2023
Pan-American Life Insurance Group, Inc. 05/28/202312/04/2023
Strategic Management LLCN/A12/03/2023
KY Cabinet for Health and Family ServicesN/A12/03/2023
STI Holdings, Inc.05/25/2023 – 06/09/202312/02/2023
Cardiovascular Consultants Ltd. 09/29/202312/01/2023
Neuromusculoskeletal Center of the Cascades N/A12/01/2023
Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference06/02/202312/01/2023
Hershey Company09/03/2023 – 09/04/202312/01/2023
City of Waynesboro01/20/202312/01/2023
County of Rock09/22/2023 – 09/30/202312/01/2023
Kimber MFG, Inc.10/23/202312/01/2023
Community Healthcare Network, Inc.09/19/202311/30/2023
Broadview Federal Credit Union06/01/202311/30/2023
Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority04/29/202311/30/2023
Valrhona Inc.09/02/202111/30/2023
Koeller Nebeker Calrson & Haluk LLP02/07/202311/30/2023
United Regional Health Care SystemN/A11/30/2023
Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC09/20/2023 – 09/24/202311/29/2023
The Walker School, Inc.10/04/202311/29/2023
Park Bank05/27/202311/29/2023
Fenway Community Health Center, Inc.N/A11/29/2023
DePauw University10/31/202311/28/2023
Medical Eye Services, Inc.N/A11/28/2023
Henry Schein, Inc.N/A11/28/2023
Morrison Community Hospital District09/24/202311/28/2023
Equality HealthN/A11/27/2023
Lakeview Healthcare System, LLCN/A11/27/2023
Zeroed-In Technologies, LLC08/07/202311/27/2023
World Learning, Inc.04/20/202311/27/2023
Bluefield University04/29/2023, 05/11/202311/27/2023
Dallas Makerspace N/A11/27/2023
Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital, Inc.09/25/202311/24/2023
Oakstreet HealthN/A11/24/2023
East River Medical Imaging, PC.N/A11/22/2023
Saisystems International, Inc.N/A11/22/2023
Berglund Management Group, Inc.05/10/202311/22/2023
The Charles Lea CenterN/A11/22/2023
Molina Healthcare of Iowa, Inc.N/A11/22/2023
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America 03/28/202311/22/2023
Inline Plastics Corp. 04/16/202311/22/2023
City of Nassau 05/23/202311/22/2023
Pinal County Superintendent’s Office 09/25/2023, 09/26/2023, 09/27/202311/22/2023
Midwest Gaming & Entertainment, LLC. N/A11/22/2023
Brodart Co. 10/14/202311/22/2023
Detroit Chassis, LLCN/A11/21/2023
Delaware Life Insurance 02/09/202311/21/2023
NSC Technologies06/19/202311/21/2023
Deanco Healthcare LLC. (d.b.a. Mission Community Hospital)05/01/202311/21/2023
Sierra County02/21/202311/21/2023
AGN Glass LLC. 07/20/2023 – 07/30/202311/21/2023
Proliance SurgeonsN/A11/20/2023
Autozone 08/15/202311/20/2023
International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan 05/30/202311/20/2023
Enstar Group 05/29/202311/20/2023
Precisely Software, Inc. 08/13/202311/20/2023
Welltok and Stanford Healthcare 05/30/202311/18/2023
Psychiatry Associates of Kansas CityN/A11/17/2023
CKF Addiction Treatment, Inc. N/A11/17/2023
Forward Bank 09/06/202311/17/2023
New York City Bar Association 12/02/2022 – 12/24/202211/17/2023
Gerber Life Insurance Company 04/25/2023, 05/01/202311/17/2023
First Guaranty Bank 05/31/202311/17/2023
U.S. Drug Mart, Inc. N/A11/17/2023
Rusnak 06/13/2023, 06/16/202311/16/2023
Systems East 08/25/202311/16/2023
Wyoming County Community Health System 02/24/202311/16/2023
Westside Community Services 04/25/2023, 05/01/202311/15/2023
CareTree, Inc. N/A11/15/2023
Adams Bank and Trust 05/15/202311/15/2023
Washington College 02/11/202311/15/2023
Stanley Steemer International, Inc. 02/10/2023 – 03/06/202311/15/2023
McAlester Regional Health Center 04/13/2023 – 04/24/202311/15/2023
Medical Eye Services, Inc. 05/28/2023, 05/31/202311/15/2023
Medical College of Wisconsin 05/27/202311/14/2023
Endocrine and Psychiatry Center 03/20/202311/14/2023
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP. 09/21/202311/14/2023
Southwest Behavioral Health Center 04/20/202311/13/2023
Medical University of South Carolina N/A11/13/2023
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. N/A11/13/2023
St. Bernards Healthcare, Inc. 05/30/202311/13/2023
KMR Professional ServicesN/A11/13/2023
American Trading and Production Corporation02/17/202211/10/2023
Pahl & McCay06/07/202311/10/2023
Spectrum Brands, Inc.05/30/202311/10/2023
International Association of Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation Workers 09/09/202311/10/2023
Woodfords Family Services 06/19/202311/10/2023
Republic Bank of Chicago N/A11/10/2023
Warren General Hospital 09/24/202311/09/2023
Healix Infusion Therapy, LLC. N/A11/09/2023
State of Maine 05/28/2023 – 05/29/202311/09/2023
Hill International Inc. 06/10/202311/09/2023
Lobel Financial Corporation 05/31/202311/09/2023
Cinfed Federal Credit Union 09/22/2023 – 09/25/202311/09/2023
Refresco Beverages 05/14/202311/09/2023
Pacific Union College 03/05/2023 – 03/19/202311/08/2023
River Park Mutual Homes04/12/202211/08/2023
Kyocera AVX Components02/16/2023-03/30/202311/08/2023
Riverside County Office of Education 05/27/202311/07/2023
IPM Healthcare DBA Boomerang HealthcareN/A11/07/2023
Pharmacy Group of Mississippi, LLC.N/A11/07/2023
Hillman Group 05/30/2023 – 06/02/202311/07/2023
CRC Insurance Services, LLC. 01/18/202311/07/2023
Foursquare Healthcare, Ltd. N/A11/07/2023
Prestige Care, Inc.09/07/202311/06/2023
WellLife Network Inc.N/A11/06/2023
Healthsoft LLC.N/A11/06/2023
Sun Life Financial 05/29/2023, 05/30/202311/06/2023
Next Financial Group, Inc.05/10/202311/06/2023
Franklin Mutual Insurance Group03/11/202311/06/2023
Growers Express, LLC.09/20/202311/05/2023
Mayo Clinic N/A11/03/2023
Sutter Health 09/22/202311/03/2023
Catholic Charities of Long Island 05/05/202311/03/2023
Mulkay Cardiology Consultants at Holy Name Medical Center PC09/05/202311/03/2023
Kelly Insurance & Investments, Inc. 03/01/202311/03/2023
Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc.05/02/202311/03/2023
Life Generations Healthcare LLC.05/24/2023, 06/13/202311/03/2023
Hilb Group Operating Company, LLC. N/A11/02/2023
Okta, Inc. 09/23/202311/02/2023
Deer Oaks – The Behavioral Health Solution 09/01/202310/31/2023
Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc. 09/09/202310/31/2023
Longhorn Village N/A10/31/2023
Postmeds, Inc. N/A10/31/2023
United Medical Centers N/A10/30/2023
Northern Iowa Therapy PC. 03/10/202310/29/2023
Cadence Bank 05/31/202310/27/2023
Resort Data Processing 08/01/202210/27/2023
Drug Free Workplaces 03/29/2023, 05/04/202310/27/2023
Pennsylvania General Store 11/24/2021, 12/14/202210/27/2023
Hospital Sisters Health System 09/27/202310/26/2023
Western Washington Medical Group N/A10/26/2023
Chambersburg Area School District 08/21/2023 – 08/26/202310/26/2023
Fredericksburg Foot & Ankle Center04/21/202310/26/2023
Ben E. Keith Company03/03/2023 – 03/05/202310/26/2023
Livingston Street Capital, LLC. 05/02/2023 – 05/03/202310/26/2023
Edward C. Taylor, PhD.08/19/202310/25/2023
South Austin Health Imaging LLC (d.b.a. Longhorn Imaging Center)N/A10/25/2023
Andesa Services, Inc. 05/30/202310/25/2023
Kearny Bank 05/27/2023 – 05/31/202310/25/2023
Southern Illinois University 05/29/2023 – 05/30/202310/25/2023
Full Color, Inc. 12/09/202210/25/2023
City of Victorville08/12/2023, 09/06/202310/24/2023
GPD Holdings LLC (d.b.a. CoinFlip) 08/07/2023 – 08/08/202310/24/2023
Humana, Inc. 08/09/202310/24/2023
University of Missouri 05/31/202310/24/2023
Dollar Energy Fund 01/31/2023 – 02/05/202310/24/2023
Dakota Eye Institute N/A10/23/2023
Progressive Leasing 09/09/202310/23/2023
Wabash College 04/13/202310/23/2023
Bank of Canton 05/27/202310/23/2023
Wescom 10/30/2022 – 05/30/202310/21/2023
City of Philadelphia 05/24/202310/20/2023
McLaren Healthcare N/A10/20/2023
NASCO 05/30/202310/20/2023
City of Brazoria 02/20/2023 – 02/23/202310/20/2023
La Red Health Center N/A10/20/2023
Hospital & Medical Foundation of Paris, Inc.N/A10/19/2023
Counseling and Recovery Services of OklahomaN/A10/19/2023
Oscar Insurance Company of FloridaN/A10/19/2023
Pisenti & Brinker, LLP. 12/01/2022, 12/21/202210/19/2023
Trust Benefit Technologies05/22/202310/19/2023
Revival Animal Health11/24/2021, 12/14/202210/19/2023
Fauquier County Public Schools09/09/202310/19/2023
Galveston CollegeN/A10/18/2023
Singing River Health System08/19/202310/18/2023
BHI Energy Health and Welfare Benefits Plan06/29/202310/18/2023
Helping the Aging Needy and Disabled Inc.N/A10/18/2023
BHI Energy I Specialty Services LLC05/30/2023 – 07/07/202310/18/2023
Peerstar LLC.02/22/202310/16/2023
Pacific ClearVision Institute03/07/2023 – 06/23/202310/16/2023
Atlas Healthcare CT01/20/202310/13/2023
Wishbone Medical03/02/202310/13/2023
Andromeda Systems, Inc.05/03/202310/13/2023
Newtron Group, LLC.08/02/2023, 08/03/202310/13/2023
San Diego PACE05/28/202310/13/2023
Taylored Services Parent Co. 09/17/202210/13/2023
OrthoAlaska, LLC. 09/06/202210/13/2023
Williamette Falls Paper Company 04/06/20310/12/2023
Tri Counties Bank 02/07/202310/12/2023
Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance Agency LLC. 09/13/202310/11/2023
Spartanburg County 04/27/202310/11/2023
Great Expressions Dental Centers 02/17/2023 – 02/22/202310/11/2023
Lena Pope 09/30/202310/11/2023
R. Bank N/A10/11/2023
Frazier & Deeter, LLC. 05/19/202310/11/2023
BHS Physician Network 08/11/202310/10/2023
Lennar Corporation 07/20/202310/10/2023
City of Lakewood 12/20/202210/10/2023
West Texas Gas 05/16/202310/10/2023
University Federal Credit Union 05/27/2023 – 05/07/202310/09/2023
Fellowship VillageN/A10/08/2023
Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics08/31/202310/06/2023
Exactech, Inc.04/04/202310/06/2023
Caesars Entertainment, Inc. 08/23/202310/06/2023
Auto Club Trust 05/27/202310/06/2023
Corvias Group LLC. 04/18/202310/06/2023
Region 4 South Mental Health Consortium08/06/202310/05/2023
Neurovative Diagnostics, LLC. N/A10/05/2023
Responsive Care Solutions N/A10/05/2023
Carle Health 04/23/202310/05/2023
Generational Equity LLC. 02/15/202310/05/2023
Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, Inc. 05/28/202310/05/2023
Walmart, Inc.N/A10/04/2023
DMS Health Technologies 03/27/2023 – 04/24/202310/04/2023
Arcadia Publishing, Inc. 03/06/202310/04/2023
Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. 05/28/2023 – 05/30/202310/03/2023
Borgfeld DentalN/A10/03/2023
Navico Group06/09/202310/02/2023
Day & Zimmermann Group, Inc.04/08/2023 – 04/14/202310/02/2023
Greater Dallas Healthcare EnterprisesN/A10/02/2023
Physio Logic Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, PLLC.N/A09/29/2023
South Florida Behavioral Health NetworkN/A09/29/2023
Cornerstone Home LendingN/A09/29/2023
Arietis Health, LLC.05/29/202309/29/2023
Financial Asset Management Systems 03/31/202309/29/2023
API Financial Solutions06/28/202309/29/2023
Builders Mutual Insurance Company12/14/202209/29/2023
Grinnell College03/13/202309/29/2023
Prospect Medical Holdings07/31/2023 – 08/03/202309/29/2023
Classic Residence Management (d.b.a “Vi Living”)03/10/2023, 03/13/202309/29/2023
Nice Pak Products, Inc. and PDI, Inc.05/28/2023, 06/15/202309/28/2023
V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.12/09/202209/28/2023
Tutor Doctor07/30/202309/27/2023
Entertainment Community Fund02/19/202309/27/2023
Shopoff Realty Investments, LP.04/27/202309/27/2023
Wacoal America, Inc.08/28/202309/27/2023
Bluegrass Care NavigatorsN/A09/26/2023
The Pavilion at HealthPark, LLC (“Park Royal Hospital”)05/08/202309/26/2023
Blackhawk Engagement SolutionsN/A09/26/2023
Texas Facilities CommissionsN/A09/26/2023
Hawaii Coffee Company02/14/202309/26/2023
U.S. Waffle Inc.01/18/2023 – 03/03/202309/26/2023
Concierge Care NP09/06/202309/26/2023
NorthEast Community Bank05/27/202309/26/2023
Community First Medical Center 07/12/202309/26/2023
Francesca’s Acquisition, LLC. 01/12/2023 – 1/31/202309/25/2023
Data Media Associates, LLC. 05/31/2023 – 06/01/202309/25/2023
Lumberton Independent School District06/12/202309/25/2023
First Team Real Estate07/01/202309/22/2023
LCS Financial Services02/25/202309/22/2023
Clover Health LLCN/A09/22/2023
Health First, Inc.N/A09/22/2023
CWT Travel Holdings, Inc. 05/28/202309/22/2023
American National Standards Institute 12/04/2020 – 11/19/202109/22/2023
O’Brien Steel Service Co. 05/18/2023 – 06/01/202309/22/2023
Frax Outsourcing 11/02/2022 – 11/15/202209/22/2023
Financial Institution Service Corporation 05/30/202309/22/2023
Johnson Financial Group 05/27/202309/22/2023
Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc.07/29/2021, 04/27/202309/22/2023
Toth Financial Advisory Corporation07/27/2023, 07/31/202309/21/2023
Ricoh, USA, Inc.05/31/202309/21/2023
Oak Valley Hospital District04/21/2023, 07/18/202309/21/2023
San Francisco Jazz Organization05/23/202309/21/2023
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. 05/27/2023, 05/31/202309/21/2023
RotoCo HoldCo LLC03/28/2023, 03/31/202309/21/2023
Unum Group05/31/2023, 06/01/202309/21/2023
Hasz Fund Control, Inc.03/23/2023, 03/25/202309/21/2023
Dana Innovations (now named Sonance)05/25/2023, 06/03/202309/21/2023
Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. 05/29/2023, 05/31/202309/21/2023
Amana Meat Shop & Smokehouse11/24/2021-12/14/202209/20/2023
Lakeland Community College03/07/2023 – 03/31/202309/20/2023
BMO Bank N.A.05/27/202309/19/2023
Grant Thornton LLP.04/19/202309/19/2023
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, Inc.05/31/2023 – 06/03/202309/19/2023
Erlanger Health, Inc.N/A09/18/2023
Virginia Department of Medical Assistance ServicesN/A09/18/2023
Wahl, Willemse & Wilson LLP.07/24/202309/18/2023
Ty, Inc.04/21/2023 – 04/26/202309/18/2023
Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLC. 06/28/2309/18/2023
Cadence Bank 05/31/202309/18/2023
Founder Project Rx, Inc. N/A09/18/2023
Nuance Communications N/A09/18/2023
Upstream RollCo, LLC. 01/24/2023 – 01/31/2023, 02/03/2023 – 02/09/202309/18/2023
Peach State Health PlanN/A09/15/2023
United Association National Pension Fund 05/29/2023, 05/30/202309/15/2023
Limestone Bank11/21/2022 – 03/23/202309/15/2023
Skidmore College02/15/202309/15/2023
R. BankN/A09/15/2023
Pharm Pacc Corporation03/24/202309/15/2023
Emmi Roth USA, Inc.08/10/202309/15/2023
Mather Group LLC.06/21/202309/14/2023
Star Island Management Company08/21/202309/13/2023
Honeywell International05/27/202309/13/2023
Aetna Life Insurance N/A09/12/2023
City of Tomball05/16/202309/12/2023
MarketPlace Handwork of India12/14/202209/11/2023
XL Specialized Trailers02/03/202309/11/2023
Commerce Insurance Company dba MAPFRE Insurance 07/01/2023 – 7/02/202309/08/2023
Brady Martz & Associates PC 11/18/202309/08/2023
Planet Home Lending, LLC. 05/29/202309/08/2023
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 08/11/202309/08/2023
Community Trust Bank 05/27/202309/08/2023
Sun Life N/A09/08/2023
Episcopal School of Dallas 03/18/202309/08/2023
Northfield Bank 05/27/2023 – 05/31/202309/07/2023
Ryders Health Management LLC.06/29/202309/07/2023
Lifeline Systems Company07/27/2022 – 08/06/202209/07/2023
Roseman University of Health SciencesN/A09/06/2023
Lyon Real Estate04/18/202309/06/2023
NOW Health Group, Inc.03/17/202309/05/2023
Minneapolis Public Schools02/06/202309/05/2023
Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists LLC.02/03/2023 – 03/05/202309/05/2023
Just Kids Dental 08/02/202309/04/2023
Bloom Health CentersN/A09/01/2023
CBiz, Inc. 05/29/2023 – 06/05/202309/01/2023
Radius Global Solutions, LLC. 05/29/2023 – 05/30/202309/01/2023
Caleres Inc. 07/07/2023-07/18/202309/01/2023
Sonny’s Enterprises LLC. 06/19/202309/01/2023
National Student Clearinghouse 05/30/202308/31/2023
Mountain View Family Practice, PC.06/10/202308/31/2023
O’Neil Digital Solutions, LLC.N/A08/30/2023
Leader Bank N.A. 05/26/202308/30/2023
Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union 05/30/202308/30/2023
Loyal American Life Insurance Company 05/29/202308/30/2023
S&G Financial, Inc.04/27/202308/29/2023
Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp.08/01/202308/29/2023
Forever 21 LLC. 01/05/202308/29/2023
Cornwell Quality Tools 09/22/202208/29/2023
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC. n/a08/29/2023
Hilltop Securities 05/27/202308/29/2023
Kipp Public Schools Northern California 06/01/202308/28/2023
PennyMac Loan Services LLC. 05/27/202308/28/2023
CareSource 05/31/202308/28/2023
Louis Garneau Sports Inc. 06/08/202308/28/2023
Gaston College 02/21/202308/25/2023
NTT DATA Americas Inc. 08/22/202308/25/2023
Cognisight LLC. 05/29/202308/25/2023
Thirty One Gifts LLC. 07/21/202308/25/2023
Selective Enterprises, LLC. 04/04/202308/25/2023
Tucson Unified School District 01/20/202308/25/2023
PurFoods, LLC. 01/16/202308/25/2023
Cognizant/TMG 05/30/202308/25/2023
SERRV International 11/24/202108/25/2023
Associates in Pediatric Dentistryn/a08/25/2023
Chevron Federal Credit Union 05/30/202308/24/2023
Primis Bank 05/30/2023 – 05/31/202308/24/2023
Continental General Insurance Company 05/29/202308/24/2023
First Farmers Bank and Trust 05/30/202308/24/2023
Detroit Central City Community Mental Healthn/a08/24/2023
SK USA, Inc. 03/01/202308/24/2023
Milan Eye Center 04/23/2020 – 05/18/202008/23/2023
Dow Credit Union 05/30/2023 – 05/31/202308/23/2023
Ohio Historical Society 07/09/202308/23/2023
Datamedia Associates, LLC.05/31/2023 – 06/01/202308/23/2023
CLEAResult Consulting Inc. 05/30/202308/23/2023
IEC Group, Inc. dba AmeriBenn/a08/23/2023
First Colony Church of Christn/a08/23/2023
Vecino Health Centersn/a08/23/2023
Portfolio Escrow 07/10/202308/22/2023
Dufresne Spencer Group, LLCn/a08/22/2023
MidFirst Bank n/a08/22/2023
Sunflower Bank07/14/202308/22/2023
Ally Bank 05/25/202308/22/2023
Mauch Chunk Trust Company05/30/202308/22/2023
Healthcare Service Corporation n/a08/21/2023
Cornerstone Energy Services, Inc.07/25/202308/21/2023
McAndrews, Mehalick, Connolly, Hulse and Ryan P.C. 10/28/202208/21/2023
Oak Ridge Associated Universities05/28/2023, 05/30/202308/21/2023
Discord Inc.03/29/202308/21/2023
Progress Software Corporation05/29/202308/18/2023
Mitsuwa Corporationn/a08/18/2023
Levare U.S. Inc.08/02/202308/18/2023
Discovery at Home, LLC 06/01/202308/18/2023
Tesla, Inc.05/10/202308/18/2023
Venture Transportation Partners, LLC05/13/202308/18/2023
Proskauer Rose LLP 11/01/2022, 03/15/202308/18/2023
Osiac (formerly Advisor Group) N/A08/18/2023
Florida Water ProductsN/A08/18/2023
ICAFS, Inc. dba General Services Corporation (“GSC”)04/10/202307/06/2023; 08/17/2023
The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD06/30/202308/17/2023
Baesman Group, Inc. 05/29/202308/17/2023
Morris Hospital 04/04/202308/17/2023
M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. & Associates, Inc. 05/15/2023, 05/31/202308/17/2023
Bailey Cavalieri LLC 11/22/2022, 12/13/202208/17/2023
Dorel Industries, Inc.03/22/202308/17/2023
Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers04/04/202308/17/2023
Hiawatha Harris MD, Inc dba Pathways to Wellness Medication Clinics03/28/202308/17/2023
Baltimore County of Maryland 05/29/2023 – 05/30/202308/16/2023
BankCard USA Merchant Services Inc. 05/31/202308/16/2023
Colorado State University System 05/29/202308/16/2023
Monocacy Valley Dental Brian K. Motz, DDS, PC n/a08/15/2023
Advance America, Cash Advance Centers of Montana 02/07/202308/15/2023
Carter Mario Law Firm 01/22/202308/15/2023
Community Action Partnership of Madera County 12/15/2022 – 12/18/202208/15/2023
First National Bank of Omaha 05/29/2023 – 05/30/202308/15/2023
Gerber Childrenswear 06/13/2023 – 06/26/202308/14/2023
BCD Travel USA LLC. 05/29/2023 – 06/01/202308/14/2023
Shoyeido USA, Inc. 11/24/202108/14/2023
VNS Health Plans 05/30/2023 – 06/02/202308/14/2023
Regional Transportation Authority of Northeastern Illinois 03/01/202308/14/2023
El Centro Del Barrio (CentroMed) 06/12/202308/14/2023
Stephen Austin State University 06/10/2023-06/12/202308/14/2023
Interface, Inc. 10/15/202208/11/2023
Kinsley, Inc. 02/03/202308/11/2023
Hub International 12/12/2022, 01/17/202308/11/2023
Tift Regional Health System, Inc. 08/11/202208/11/2023
Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. 02/02/202308/11/2023
Umpqua Bank 05/27/2023, 05/31/202308/11/2023
EP Global Production Solutions, LLC. 06/30/202308/11/2023
WorkPlace, Inc. 02/03/202308/11/2023
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing 05/28/202308/11/2023
PH Tech 05/30/202308/11/2023
Paul Martin American Grill n/a08/11/2023
Brightspring Health Services 03/12/202308/10/2023
Club Vita U.S. 05/29/2023, 05/30/202308/10/2023
County of Santa Clara 05/30/2023, 05/30/202308/10/2023
New York Life Insurance 05/29/202308/10/2023
EMS Management and Consultants Inc. 05/30/202308/10/2023
Associated Materials04/25/202308/09/2023
Virginia Dept. of Medical Assistance Servicesn/a08/09/2023
Ernst & Young LLP05/27/2023, 05/31/202308/09/2023
Vermont Christmas Company 11/24/202108/09/2023
Slipstream Group, Inc. 03/21/202308/09/2023
Global Atlantic Financial Group, LLC. 05/29/2023, 05/30/202308/08/2023
TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 05/28/2023, 05/30/202308/08/2023
Stockman Bank 05/30/202308/08/2023
Willis Towers Watson US LLC. (affiliate Acclaris, Inc.) 05/29/202308/08/2023
Washington National Insurance Company 05/29/202308/08/2023
King Ranch, Inc. n/a08/08/2023
Danbury Public Schools 07/17/202308/07/2023
Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC. 07/19/202308/07/2023
Valencia Wilberding & Romero 07/19/202308/07/2023
Life and Accident Insurance Company n/a08/07/2023
City of Dallas 05/03/202308/07/2023
American National Group, LLC. 07/07/202308/07/2023
Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company 05/29/202308/04/2023
Lendio Partners, LLC. n/a08/04/2023
Civil Air Patrol 06/29/202308/04/2023
Cambridge College 02/20/2023, 03/02/202308/04/2023
Baird Insurance Services, Inc. 05/19/202308/04/2023
Loren D. Stark Company 10/18/202208/04/2023
Reliance Steel & Aluminum & Co. 04/03/202208/03/2023
Hayward Sisters Hospital d.b.a. St. Rose Hospital 11/18/202208/03/2023
Christianbook, LLC. 04/04/202308/03/2023
Lazarus Naturals 03/01/2023, 06/02/202308/02/2023
Serco, Inc.05/31/202308/02/2023
Lumico Life Insurance 05/29/202308/01/2023
Cheyenne Radiology Group 12/12/202208/01/2023
Progressive Casualty Insurance 05/18/202308/01/2023
Jonas Fitness, Inc. 06/01/202308/01/2023
MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley 11/05/202208/01/2023
Genworth North America Corporation 05/29/202308/01/2023
Highland Baking Company 05/01/2023, 05/03/202307/31/2023
VALIC Retirement Services Company (VRSCO) 05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/31/2023
Synergy Healthcare 11/30/2022, 12/03/202207/31/2023
Paycom Payroll, LLC05/28/2023, 06/02/202307/31/2023
Hot Topic, Inc. 02/07/2023, 03/11/2023, 05/18/2023-05/21/2023, 05/27/2023, 05/28/2023, 06/18/2023, 06/21/202307/31/2023
Flagstar Bank 01/20/2021, 01/22/202107/30/2023
Maximus, Inc. 03/27/202307/28/2023
F&G Annuities and Life 05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/28/2023
MW Components 04/24/202307/28/2023
Childnet Youth and Family Services 04/24/202307/28/2023
Delaware Life Insurance 11/30/202207/28/2023
Aven Financial, Inc. 07/17/202307/28/2023
Bibles in Bulk04/27/202307/28/2023
Chattanooga Heart Institute 03/08/202307/28/2023
Bank of the Rockies 03/30/202, 04/04/202307/28/2023
Allegheny County 05/27/202307/28/2023
University of Rochester 05/27/202307/28/2023
Group 1001 11/30/202207/28/2023
Cupertino Electric, Inc. 06/14/202307/28/2023
Milliman Solutions dba Milliman Intelliscript06/16/202307/28/2023
Capital Formation Group, Inc.02/09/202307/28/2023
Clear Spring Life and Annuity Company02/09/202307/28/2023
Capital Formation Group, Inc.05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/27/2023
TIAA Kaspick, LLC05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/27/2023
Corebridge Financial 05/29/202307/27/2023
Saint Francis Health System 05/31/202307/26/2023
HRM Enterprises, Inc.11/24/2021, 12/14/202207/26/2023
Family Vision of Anderson, P.A.05/21/202307/26/2023
Gazaleh Consulting LLC 02/02/2023, 02/07/202307/26/2023
Bayside Interiors 04/07/2023, 04/08/202307/26/2023
Lifeworks Wellness Center05/20/202307/26/2023
Cabot Risk Strategies04/24/202307/26/2023
Basis Education Group 01/24/2023, 03/01/202307/25/2023
Kraemer North America03/14/2023, 03/19/202307/25/2023
American Board of Internal Medicine05/30/202307/25/2023
Life Management Center of Northwest Florida03/30/202307/25/2023
Jackson National Life Insurance Company05/29/202307/25/2023
UC Davis Health05/24/202307/25/2023
Mendocino County Office of Education03/06/202307/25/2023
Bi-Bett Corporation n/a07/25/2023
UT Southwestern Medical Center05/30/202307/24/2023
Andrews McMeel Universal11/17/202207/24/2023
Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York 05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/24/2023
Jack Stack Barbecue11/24/2021, 12/14/202207/24/2023
Togetherwork Holdings, LLCn/a07/24/2023
Northwestern Mutual05/30/202307/22/2023
Sutter Senior Care05/28/202307/22/2023
Scrubs and Beyond, LLC 04/07/202307/21/2023
Harris Health System 06/02/202307/21/2023
Westat, Inc. 05/29/202307/21/2023
TRJ Accounting, Inc.11/15/202307/21/2023
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services n/a07/21/2023
John Hopkins University and The John Hopkins Health System Corporation05/29/202307/21/2023
Aurora National Life Assurance Company05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/21/2023
Three Rivers Provider Network 06/02/202207/21/2023
UnitedHealthcare Student Resources05/27/202307/21/2023
Creedmoor Sports, Inc. 12/14/202207/21/2023
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (“TIAA”)05/29/202307/21/2023
Pension Benefit Information, LLC 05/29/202307/21/2023
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc.05/29/202307/21/2023
UnTapped LLC04/12/202307/21/2023
Mission Essential Group 04/19/202307/20/2023
Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company 05/29/202307/20/2023
Maersk Line, Limited05/24/202307/20/2023
Rogers Towers, P.A. 01/10/2023, 01/19/202307/20/2023
TSG Interactive US Services Limited (d/b/a PokerStars) 04/12/202307/20/2023
The Mission Essential Group04/19/202307/20/2023
Athene Annuity & Life Company and its affiliates05/29/2023, 05/30/202307/20/2023
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union05/31/202307/20/2023
MSX International Inc.02/06/202307/20/2023
Rock-It Global02/13/202307/19/2023
Wasserstrom Holdings, Inc.04/20/2023, 04/21/202307/18/2023
Massachusetts Mutual Life Company05/29/202307/17/2023
Quorum Federal Credit Union05/28/2023, 05/30/202307/17/2023
EBS Services, LLC05/29/23, 05/30/2307/17/2023
Brett/Robinson Gulf Corporation04/22/202307/17/2023
IMX Medical Management Services06/18/2022, 10/26/202207/17/2023
Henry Ford Health03/20/202307/14/2023
Pension Benefit Information, LLC07/12/202307/14/2023
Fairfax Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeryn/a07/14/2023
Care N’ Care Insurance, Inc. 06/01/202307/14/2023
1st Source Bankn/a07/14/2023
Sovos Compliance, LLC05/31/202307/13/2023
BTCE Inc d/b/a Great Fermentations11/24/2021, 12/14/202207/12/2023
UnitedLex Corporation 03/02/202307/12/2023
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. 03/05/202307/12/2023
Rockland Trust 05/31/202307/10/2023
Revance Therapeutics, Inc.03/15/202307/10/2023
Norton Healthcare05/09/202307/07/2023
Parsley Health, Inc.12/14/202207/07/2023
American Express Travel Related Services, Inc. n/a07/07/2023
Mac Pizza Management04/14/202307/07/2023
Classical Conversations03/14/202307/07/2023
Pear Tree Advisors 05/31/202307/07/2023
Vitality Group, LLC05/30/202307/06/2023
Ventura County Credit Union12/14/202307/06/2023
Letter Arts Book Club, Inc 11/24/202107/05/2023
Mountain View Hospital 05/29/202307/03/2023
Bates College 05/30/202307/03/2023
Von Housen Automotive Group01/18/202307/03/2023
Smith Brothers Insurance LLC07/19/202207/03/2023
Dole plc02/10/202307/02/2023
Stibbs & Co.11/15/202206/30/2023
Gates Corporation02/07/2023, 02/11/202306/30/2023
Union Bank and Trust 05/31/202306/30/2023
Sweetwater Union High School District02/11/202306/30/2023
South Suburban Surgical Suites, LLC 05/30/202306/30/2023
Nucor Corporation 05/26/202306/30/2023
Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe LLP03/07/202306/30/2023
Sweetwater Union High School District02/11/202306/30/2023
South Suburban Surgical Suites, LLC05/30/202306/30/2023
Barton Cotton Religious Products & Services, LLC11/24/202106/30/2023
Citarella Operating, LLC and Lockwood and Winant Seafood, LLC02/10/202306/30/2023
Genesis Energy, L.P. 05/30/202306/30/2023
Clearwater Credit Union 05/30/202306/30/2023
Realm IDX Inc.05/31/202306/30/2023
City National Bank of Florida05/29/202306/30/2023
Valley Power Systems, Inc.06/09/202306/30/2023
The Vitality Group, LLC05/30/202306/30/2023
Union Bank and Trust Company05/29/202306/30/2023
Arx Patient Solutions03/30/202206/30/2023
Lansing Community College 12/25/2022, 03/15/202306/30/2023
Union Bank and Trust Company 05/29/202306/30/2023
Mount Desert Island Hospital, Inc.04/28/202306/30/2023
Peter’s Township School District02/11/2022, 04/05/202206/29/2023
Baker’s Best Health Products, Inc.11/24/2021, 12/14/202206/29/2023
Altamed Health Services 05/30/202306/29/2023
Smithfield Specialty Foods Group LLC11/25/2021, 12/14/202206/29/2023
Advanced Medical Practice Management, LLC 07/11/202106/29/2023
Chattanooga State Community College 05/06/202306/28/2023
Wealth Enhancement Group 04/04/202306/28/2023
Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company05/29/202306/28/2023
Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC12/23/2022, 02/10/202306/28/2023
New England Ice Cream Company03/04/202306/28/2023
Roosevelt University05/01/202306/28/2023
United Healthcare02/19/202306/28/2023
Clallam County Public Utility District11/14/202206/27/2023
MAC Pizza Management, Inc. 04/17/202306/27/2023
BrightSpring Health Services, Inc. 03/30/202306/27/2023
Topcon Healthcare Technologies, Inc. 02/05/202306/26/2023
Connor Strong & Buckelew03/30/202206/26/2023
Incredible Technologies, Inc.08/03/202206/26/2023
Allegiant Air LLC 05/31/202306/26/2023
Town of Braintree 05/11/202306/26/2023
Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP 05/04/202306/23/2023
David Douglas School District01/29/202306/23/2023
The Williamsport Home04/18/202306/23/2023
Senior Choice, Inc.04/18/202306/23/2023
Activate Healthcare LLC04/22/202306/23/2023
NatureWorks LLC 12/07/202206/23/2023, Inc.01/15/202306/23/2023
Datasite LLC05/30/202306/23/2023
Citi Trends, Inc.01/14/202306/23/2023
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois 12/31/202106/23/2023
GeoSouthern Energy Corporation 12/15/202206/23/2023
American Airlines, Inc. 04/30/2023, 05/01/202306/23/2023
Atlantic General Hospital01/20/2023, 01/29/202306/23/2023
Southwest Airlines Co. 04/30/202306/23/2023
Workers Federal Credit Union03/28/23, 04/17/2306/23/2023
Gary Motykie, M.D., a Medical Corporation05/09/202306/23/2023
Desert Physicians Management04/23/202306/23/2023
Max-Tech, Inc.09/01/2022, 01/18/202306/22/2023
Limbach Facility Services LLC04/19/2023, 04/22/202306/22/2023
Wilton Reassurance Company05/29/2023, 05/30/202306/22/2023
Precision Imaging Center11/02/202306/22/2023
Palomar Health03/12/2023, 03/13/202306/21/2023
Dole plc 02/10/202306/21/2023
Community Research Foundation06/20/202306/20/2023
Montana State University 04/05/202306/20/2023
Kannact, Inc. 03/13/202306/20/2023
iottie Inc.04/12/202306/20/2023
Magavern Magavern Grimm LLP12/02/202206/20/2023
Cushing Academy12/03/202206/20/2023
Mondelez Global LLC02/27/202306/19/2023
SEVA Medical Group LLC06/15/202306/19/2023
Oregon Department of Transportation05/28/2023, 6/02/202306/16/2023
Atlas Real Estate Group LLC 11/14/202206/16/2023
Treeways Holdings LLC 02/06/202306/16/2023
The Hatcher Agency02/14/202306/16/2023
Capital One08/11/2022, 05/22/202306/16/2023
New Horizons Medical, Inc.02/12/2023, 04/23/202306/16/2023
ADAC Automotive04/14/202306/16/2023
Atlas Real Estate Group LLC 11/14/202206/16/2023
Treeways Holdings LLC 02/06/202306/16/2023
The Hatcher Agency02/14/202306/16/2023
Capital One08/11/2022, 05/22/202306/16/2023
New Horizons Medical, Inc.02/12/2023, 04/23/202306/16/2023
ADAC Automotive04/14/202306/16/2023
Parker Wellbore 03/11/202206/16/2023
Pickleball Central 03/10/2023, 03/22/202306/16/2023
Des Moines Public Schools 01/09/202306/16/2023
CommerceV311/24/2021, 07/01/202206/16/2023
Oregon DMV06/01/202306/15/2023
Humana Inc. 02/20/202306/15/2023
Parker Drilling Company Group Health and Flexible Benefit Plan06/15/202306/15/2023
Humana Inc. 02/20/202306/15/2023
Parker Drilling Company Group Health and Flexible Benefit Plan06/15/202306/15/2023
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care03/28/202306/15/2023
john and kira’s chocolates11/24/2021, 07/01/202206/15/2023
Mondelez Global LLC 02/23/202306/15/2023
AETHERA LLC DBA JOHN AND KIRAS 11/24/2021, 07/01/202206/15/2023
International Chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood04/14/202306/14/2023
Boot World Inc. 05/27/202306/13/2023
Markwins Beauty Brands, Inc. 02/13/202306/13/2023
Loeb & Loeb, LLP06/07/202206/13/2023
Generations Federal Credit Union 06/11/202306/12/2023
Emmer Bros. LLC08/04/202206/12/2023
Kiefer Aquatics 01/23/202306/12/2023
Great Valley Cardiology04/13/202306/12/2023
Patelco Credit Union02/14/2023, 03/07/202306/09/2023
TST BOCES 04/02/202306/09/2023
Southeast Nursing and Rehab Center05/15/202306/09/2023
Intellihartx, LLC01/28/202306/08/2023
Headwall Photonics, Inc.05/15/202306/07/2023
Ascension Providence03/02/202306/07/2023
Ascension Seton03/01/202306/07/2023
Over the Top Marketing (OTTM)11/29/202206/07/2023
Summit Eye & Optical03/04/202306/07/2023
Marshall & Melhorn, LLC08/20/202106/07/2023
CGM, Inc.12/15/202206/07/2023
KBF CPAs 11/08/202206/06/2023
Utah Medicaid, Division of Integrated Healthcare: Utah Department of Health and Human Services05/08/202306/06/2023
CIBT, Inc.11/19/202206/06/2023
Benefit Management, LLC12/06/202206/06/2023
New Enchantment Group, LLC10/03/2022, 10/04/202206/06/2023
Forsyth County, Georgia12/26/22, 01/24/2306/06/2023
Arpin International Group, Inc.04/14/202306/06/2023
Pearland Independent School District 10/25/2022, 11/08/202206/05/2023
Pension Benefit Information, LLC05/29/2023, 05/30/202306/02/2023
EpiSource02/19/2023, 02/21/202306/02/2023
T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.04/14/202106/02/2023
Heavy Hammer, Inc. 04/21/202306/02/2023
Mercy Medical Center – Clinton, Inc.02/26/2023, 03/05/202306/02/2023
Elgon Information Systems10/01/202206/02/2023
Gateway First Bank 03/26/2021, 02/23/202206/01/2023
Commercial Bank of Texas, N.A.02/02/202305/31/2023
Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union 12/01/2022, 12/06/202205/31/2023
Dollar Bank 03/24/202105/31/2023
Builders FirstSource Flex Plan01/01/20215/30/2023
Bigfork Bancshares Inc dba First State Bank of Bigfork 01/09/20235/30/2023
Trussway Manufacturing 03/07/2023, 04/01/20235/30/2023
Shasta Community Health Center03/09/202305/26/2023
Wagner Duys & Wood 03/21/202305/26/2023
Lancaster Orthopedic Group 04/12/202305/26/2023
Grant Regional Health Center 03/24/202305/26/2023
LX/JT Intermediate Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Bevolution Group12/14/202205/26/2023
Managed Care of North America, Inc.02/26/2023, 03/07/202305/26/2023
Capital One 02/01/2023, 02/04/202305/26/2023
McGivney, Kluger, Clark & Intoccia, P.C.11/30/202205/26/2023
Iowa Department of Health and Human Services 06/30/202205/26/2023
TransMedics, Inc. 04/11/202305/25/2023
Winslow Memorial Hospital dba Little Colorado Medical Center03/07/202205/25/2023
Suffolk University 07/09/202205/25/2023
Albany ENT & Allergy Services, PC. 03/23/202305/25/2023
Casey LeSueur Getz CPAs 04/01/202305/25/2023
MedInform, Inc., PLLC 12/05/202205/24/2023
Stanford, Munko & Co., PLLC 03/23/202305/24/2023
Vascular Center of Intervention, Inc. 02/25/2023, 03/29/202305/24/2023
Mercer University 02/12/2023, 02/24/202305/24/2023
Triad Business Bank01/24/202305/24/2023
Stanly Community College07/29/2023, 09/09/202105/24/2023
Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern NJ, Inc.10/29/202205/24/2023
SLT Lending SPV, Inc.03/15/2023, 03/25/202305/24/2023
Pioneer Valley Ophthalmic Consultants, PC 11/13/202105/23/2023
Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.01/30/202305/23/2023
Populus Financial Group, Inc.03/09/2023, 03/10/202305/23/2023
NCB Management Services, Inc. 02/01/2023, 02/06/202305/23/2023
BNY Mellon N.A.11/30/202205/22/2023
Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporations04/06/202305/22/2023
Bread Financial Payments, Inc. 03/31/202305/22/2023
Apria Healthcare LLC04/04/2019, 10/10/202105/22/2023 03/16/2023, 04/23/202305/22/2023
University of Puget Sound04/20/202305/19/23
Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics 03/20/202305/19/23
CNU Online Holdings, LLC dba CashNetUSA 04/19/23, 05/06/2305/19/23
PillPack LLC 04/06/202305/19/23
General Wax and Candle Company02/16/202305/19/23
Credit Union of Southern California01/10/2023, 01/31/202305/18/2023
DISH Network L.L.C.02/22/2023, 02/23/202305/18/2023
Timber Products Inspection, Inc.03/06/2023, 03/16/202305/18/2023
Jaco Oil Company03/25/2023, 03/26/202305/17/2023
Young’s Commercial Transfer 01/20/2023, 01/21/202305/17/2023
Collins Electrical Construction Company03/01/2023, 03/04/202305/17/2023
Village Bank 01/13/202305/17/2023
Puma Biotechnology, Inc.04/22/2022, 06/19/202205/17/2023
HumanGood Washington 01/29/202305/16/2023
B.R. Funsten & Company02/03/202305/16/2023
Fertility Specialists Medical Group 02/19/202305/16/2023
Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. 03/08/202305/16/2023
Hammond Lumber Company 03/22/202305/15/2023
Bay Shore Brightwaters Rescue Ambulance, Inc. 02/22/202205/15/2023
Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) 02/01/202305/15/2023
Cycle Express, LLC dba National Powersport Auctions 02/21/202305/15/2023
R&B Corporation of Virginia d/b/a Credit Control Corporation03/02/202305/15/2023
Washington Convention and Sports Authority t/a Events DC 09/29/202205/15/2023
Edmonds School District01/16/2023, 01/31/202305/15/2023
Goodwill Industries of South Central California 07/21/202205/12/2023
Brown & Streza LLP01/18/202305/12/2023
PharMerica Corporation03/12/202305/12/2023
Renewal by Andersen LLC01/19/202305/12/2023
Retirement Clearinghouse03/15/2023, 03/16/202305/12/2023
CommScope Holdings Inc.03/26/202305/12/2023
ARC Document Solutions, Inc. 01/12/202205/11/2023
Uintah Basin Healthcare 10/25/2022, 11/07/202205/11/2023
Brightly Software, Inc. 04/20/202305/11/2023
HF Foods Group, Inc. 07/28/202205/11/2023
Val Verde Unified School District 01/22/22, 05/10/2205/11/2023
Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC08/30/2022, 09/02/202205/11/2023
County of Contra Costa 09/19/202205/11/2023
InfoMart, Inc.03/22/202305/11/2023
Orcutt Union School District 05/04/202305/10/2023
Kinetic Investment Mangement, Inc. 10/27/202205/10/2023
Asian health services02/02/202305/10/2023
NSi Industries LLC01/13/2023, 01/16/202305/10/2023
Amtel, LLC dba Connectivity Source 04/19/202305/10/2023
Bristol Community College12/14/2022, 12/23/202205/10/2023
Triad Business Bank01/24/202305/10/2023
Wingra Direct, LLC04/18/202305/09/2023
The Dupps Company12/12/2022, 12/22/202205/09/2023
Aventist Media Center d/b/a It Is Written02/08/202305/08/2023
Covetrus, Inc.11/11/2022, 11/28/202205/08/2023
ASAS Health, LLC01/26/202305/08/2023
PRGX Global, Inc.04/08/202205/08/2023
loanDepot, Inc.08/22/202205/08/2023
AAA Energy Service Co.12/06/202205/08/2023
Sysco Corporation 01/14/202305/05/2023
RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc.04/10/2023, 04/11/202305/05/2023
NextGen Healthcare, Inc.03/29/2023, 04/14/202305/05/2023
McPherson Hospital, Inc.07/12/202205/04/2023
Miyoshi America, Inc.03/02/2023, 03/07/202305/04/2023
Copia Scientific, LLC 11/08/202205/04/2023
TrailWest Bank 10/13/202205/04/2023
Pinnacle Propane, LLC 11/28/2022, 12/06/202205/04/2023
HealthPlan Services, Inc. 06/22/2022, 06/23/202205/04/2023
Delano Union Elementary School District11/07/202105/03/2023
University of Illinois 03/21/202305/02/2023
Santa Clara Family Health Plan(SCFHP) 02/07/202305/02/2023
Martin, Inc.02/27/202305/02/2023
Kerecis LLC02/24/202305/02/2023
Optima Tax Relief, LLC12/01/201905/02/2023
Carvin Software, LLC02/22/2023, 03/09/202305/02/2023
Piramal Pharma Solutions, Inc.03/23/202305/01/2023
Worldwide TechServices02/16/202305/01/2023
Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers11/06/202205/01/2023
Cadence Innovations Group02/20/202304/29/2023
Pierce Transit02/14/202304/29/2023
Pierce County Public Transportation Benefit Area Corporation02/11/202304/28/2023
Iowa PBS Foundation11/20/202204/28/2023
HealthPlan Services, Inc.06/23/202204/28/2023
Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International)12/18/202204/28/2023
Summitt Trucking, LLC11/01/2022, 11/16/202204/27/2023
Moody National Companies, LP12/09/202204/27/2023
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 03/09/202304/26/2023
University of California, San Francisco 02/09/202304/26/2023
Alvaria, Inc.03/09/202304/26/2023
nbkc Bank03/01/2020, 07/31/202004/26/2023
Kal Krishnan Consulting Services, Inc.08/19/202204/26/2023
NYSARC, Inc. Columbia County Chapter dba COARC07/18/202204/26/2023
StaffScapes, Inc.02/15/202304/25/2023
GranQuartz, LP12/29/202204/25/2023
LaborLawCenter, Inc.01/23/202304/25/2023
IMA Financial Group, Inc.10/19/202204/25/2023
Salem Five Cents Bank 03/01/2022, 08/13/202204/24/2023
Petaluma Health Center03/07/202304/24/2023
Plante & Moran PLLC04/23/202304/23/2023
Sno-Isle Libraries03/22/202304/21/2023
Astral Brands, Inc.09/16/2022, 09/17/202204/21/2023
Albertson’s Companies, Inc.12/22/2022, 12/24/202204/21/2023
Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon, PA01/30/202304/21/2023
First National Bank of Pennsylvania12/31/202204/21/2023
Robeson Health Care Corporation (“RHCC”)02/17/202304/21/2023
American Bar Association03/06/2023, 03/20/202304/20/2023
Taro Pharmaceuticals03/03/202304/19/2023
Rubino & Company, Chartered11/28/202204/19/2023
R.V.I. Holdings, LLC 08/23/2022, 08/30/202204/18/2023
Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc. (“PCCA”)02/07/2023, 02/08/202304/18/2023
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.03/01/2022, 05/31/202204/18/2023
West Technology Group, LLC11/25/2022, 12/01/202204/18/2023
Alaska Railroad Corporation12/25/202204/17/2023
NewBridge Services Inc.01/26/202304/17/2023
United Steelworkers Local 28606/16/2022, 07/18/202204/14/2023
Medtronic MiniMed, Inc and MiniMed Distribution Corp.09/01/2020, 02/13/202304/13/2023
WRNS Studio02/09/2029, 03/07/202304/13/2023
Hoosier Racing Tire Corp.11/26/2020, 09/16/202204/13/2023
John Muir Health07/01/2021, 03/24/202304/13/2023
Welding Supplies from IOC and Weld my Ride (Subsidiaries of Indiana Oxygen Company) 09/25/2022, 02/27/202304/13/2023
Patelco02/08/2023, 03/14/202304/12/2023
Unlimited Care, Inc. 02/16/202304/12/2023
The Father’s Table LLC 10/02/202304/12/2023
Pennsylvania College of Technology 05/01/2022, 02/07/202304/12/2023
Kannact, Inc. 03/13/202304/12/2023
Uponor North America, Inc. 11/05/202204/12/2023
Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C.03/04/202304/11/2023
Tentamus Group GmbH03/13/202304/11/2023
Retina & Vitreous of Texas, PLLC 02/01/202304/11/2023
Joy Cone, Co.02/27/202304/10/2023
kW Mission Critical Engineering02/11/2023, 03/15/202304/10/2023
Upper Thompson Sanitation District01/20/202304/10/2023
Webster Bank, NA11/27/2022, 01/22/202304/10/2023
Harrington Raceway, Inc.12/12/2022, 12/27/202204/10/2023
Our Lady of the Lake University08/30/202204/10/2023
Flatirons Solutions, Inc.12/15/2022, 01/01/202304/10/2023
Etex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.n/a04/10/2023
Retirement Visions08/09/202204/10/2023
Cornerstone Home Lending02/01/202304/10/2023
Armstrong Transfer & Storage Co, Inc.n/a04/10/2023
University of Hawaii Maui College02/15/202304/08/2023
Brightline, Inc.01/30/202304/07/2023
Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union12/12/202204/07/2023
The Energy Monster, Inc.n/a04/06/2023
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.n/a04/06/2023
Woodward Communications, Inc.02/21/202304/05/2023
Altman Rogers & Co.02/06/202304/05/2023
Thayer Academy02/04/202304/05/2023
Quest Diagnostics12/14/202204/05/2023
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP11/15/2022, 11/16/202204/05/2023
Prescott College10/26/2022, 10/29/202204/05/2023
Northern Arizona University02/07/2022, 02/08/202204/05/2023
N.S. Info Holdings, LLC/ Information Clearinghouse LLCn/a04/05/2023
Highmark Health12/13/2022, 12/15/202204/04/2023
Cal-Ore Telecommunications Company06/16/2022, 07/05/202204/04/2023
Aspire Public Schools02/01/2022, 08/30/202204/04/2023
Chippewa Countyn/a04/04/2023
Penn Abstract and Land Services, LLC, dba Penn Title Company and Lebanon Land Transfer Company11/18/202204/04/2023
Baldor Specialty Foods02/23/202304/03/2023
Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates02/23/202304/03/2023
Meicher CPAs, LLP02/23/202304/03/2023
PGT Innovations, Inc.10/13/2022, 11/29/202204/03/2023
OrthoAlaska, LLC10/12/202204/03/2023
Veridian Credit Union 03/14/2023, 04/02/202304/03/2023
American Paint Horse Association02/27/2023, 03/01/202303/31/2023
Monument, Inc.02/23/202303/31/2023
California Physicians’ Services dba Blue Shield of California01/28/202303/31/2023
Genova Burns LLC01/23/2023, 01/31/202303/31/2023
Preston Trail Golf Club12/20/202203/31/2023
Wolseley Canada Inc. 0/a Safe Step Walk In Tub10/25/2022, 12/12/202203/31/2023
Southwest Healthcare Services10/28/2022, 10/29/202203/31/2023
Atlas Real Estate Group LLCn/a03/31/2023
AudienceView Ticketing Corporationn/a03/31/2023
Chinook Asia, LLCn/a03/31/2023
Killer Instinct, Inc.n/a03/31/2023
Pegasus Logistics Groupn/a03/31/2023
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Inc.n/a03/31/2023
Peter Brasseler Holdings, LLC; Brasseler U.S.A. Dental, LLC; Brasseler U.S.A. Medical, LLC06/24/202203/30/2023
City of Fairburn, Georgia05/05/2022, 08/10/202203/30/2023
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP11/15/2022, 11/16/202203/30/2023
Ara Haddadian CPAn/a03/30/2023
Doctors Hospital of Laredon/a03/30/2023
Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centern/a03/30/2023
GrapheneDx, Inc.n/a03/30/2023
Hamilton Parkern/a03/30/2023
Northwest Texas Hospital n/a03/30/2023
South Texas Health Systemn/a03/30/2023
Texoma Medical Centern/a03/30/2023
Elbit Systems of America, LLC06/08/202203/29/2023
Svanaco, Inc. dba Americaneagle.com07/13/2022, 12/05/202203/29/2023
Smead Manufacturing 02/01/2023, 02/07/202303/29/2023
Aspire Health Partnersn/a03/29/2023
UHS of Delaware, Inc.n/a03/29/2023
Untracht Early LLC n/a03/28/2023
The Arc of Essex Countyn/a03/28/2023
Duplicator Sales & Service, Inc. n/a03/28/2023
Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.n/a03/27/2023
Moody National Companies, LPn/a03/27/2023
Tenney and Company CPA’s 04/14/2022, 05/19/202203/27/2023
The Burton Corporation02/11/202303/27/2023
CRC Companies LLC01/06/202303/27/2023
Oklahoma City University07/23/202203/27/2023
Gravie, Inc.n/a03/26/2023
NCB Management Services, Inc. 02/01/202303/24/2023
Bank of America, N.A. 08/31/2022, 12/07/202203/24/2023
The Brien Center for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services 12/05/2022, 12/11/202203/24/2023
American Pain and Wellness, PLLC11/10/2022, 11/27/202203/24/2023
Integrated Supports for Living, Inc.07/26/2022, 10/07/202203/24/2023
Guidecraft, Inc.09/21/202103/24/2023
Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, Inc. 04/05/2021, 05/17/202203/24/2023
Atlantic General Hospital n/a03/24/2023
Frideres Dental LLC n/a03/24/2023
National Center for Construction Education and Researchn/a03/24/2023
Trussbilt LLC n/a03/24/2023
NewBridge Services, Inc.n/a03/24/2023
Ultralife Corporationn/a03/24/2023
US Wellness Inc. n/a03/22/2023
New Medical Healthcare10/01/202203/22/2023
TMX Finance LLC02/03/2023, 02/14/202303/21/2023
Ascensus Specialties12/05/2022, 12/11/202203/21/2023
Yardley Dermatology Associates, PCn/a03/21/2023
Texas Medical Liability Trust, Texas Medical Insurance Company, Physicians Insurance Company, Lone Star Alliance, Inc. and Risk Retention Group 10/02/2022, 10/13/202203/21/2023
Hill Collegen/a03/21/2023
McAllen Hospitals n/a03/20/2023
Inland Technologies Holdings, Inc. 02/07/202303/20/2023
Sunland Asphalt and Construction, LLC09/22/202203/20/2023
La Canadienne Enterprises Inc.11/21/2022, 01/30/202303/20/2023
Associates in Dermatology n/a03/17/2023
OU Medicine, Inc. d/b/a OU Health n/a03/17/2023
Majestic Care Middletown Assisted Living LLCn/a03/17/2023 n/a03/17/2023
Brigham and Women’s Hospitaln/a03/17/2023
Kiss Products, Inc.09/28/2022, 10/03/202203/17/2023
Mattson Technology, Inc. 07/08/2022, 10/03/202203/17/2023
Cardiovascular Associates11/28/2022, 12/05/202203/17/2023
Richard T. Miller, DMD, PC, dba Great Neck/Mid Island Dental03/27/2022, 06/01/202203/17/2023
AT&T 03/17/202303/17/2023
Northeast Freightways Inc.n/a03/17/2023
Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporations (CHSPSC), LLC impacted by Fortra data breachn/a03/16/2023
Plano Independent School Districtn/a03/16/2023
New Process Steel LPn/a03/16/2023
Happy State Bank 07/28/2022, 07/29/202203/16/2023
Dee Zee, Inc. 03/12/2022, 03/14/202203/16/2023
Myers Power Products, Inc. 01/21/202303/16/2023
Jackson Lewis PC 01/07/202203/16/2023
Eastern Research Group, Inc.01/28/202303/15/2023
Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas 12/18/202203/14/2023
California Department of Health Care Servicesn/a03/14/2023
Merritt Healthcare Advisors n/a03/14/2023
James Billman-Golemme/ LPL Financial LLC/ dba Catalyst Wealth Advisors, LLCn/a03/14/2023
Point32Health – Harvard Pilgrim Health Caren/a03/14/2023
Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centern/a03/14/2023
Raymond James Financial, Inc.02/202303/14/2023
Bone & Joint Clinic S.C.01/16/202303/14/2023
Art Center Inc. dba Northwest College of Art & Design10/27/202203/14/2023
NorthStar Emergency Medical Services09/16/202203/14/2023
Independent Living Systems, LLC06/30/2022, 07/05/202203/14/2023
Cannabis Control Commissionn/a03/14/2023
AllCare Plus Pharmacy, Inc. 04/14/202203/13/2023
Absco Solutions01/29/2023, 02/05/202303/13/2023
University of Washington02/04/202303/13/2023
Burns & Levinson LLP12/15/2022, 02/16/202303/13/2023
Wegner CPAs LLP11/24/2022, 01/25/202303/13/2023
Mitchell Lewis & Staver Co.01/18/2023, 01/20/202303/13/2023
Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. dba MoneyMailerUSA, Inc.05/31/2022, 06/02/202203/13/2023
Hungerford Nicholas CPAs and Advisors05/21/202203/13/2023
Dotcom Distribution12/19/2022, 12/20/202203/12/2023
Topspin Partners, L.P.n/a03/12/2023
SOMACIS Inc.n/a03/11/2023
Beacon Health System11/18/2018, 02/24/202303/10/2023
Florida Medical Clinic, LLC n/a03/10/2023
Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork, Inc.11/16/2022, 11/22/202203/10/2023
Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank11/01/2022, 11/28/202303/10/2023
Rentschler Biopharma Inc.08/22/2022, 12/19/202203/10/2023
Enterprise Bank & Trustn/a03/10/2023
Colquitt Complete Care, LLCn/a03/10/2023
Assumption University02/28/202303/09/2023
City of Malden, Massachusetts01/25/202303/09/2023
Cog Marketers, Ltd d/b/a AgroLiquid12/01/2022, 12/31/202203/09/2023
Associated General Contractors of Washington10/26/202203/09/2023
Curtis & Croft. LLC09/02/202203/09/2023
Labette Community College 08/14/202203/09/2023
New Glarus School District07/01/202203/09/2023
Benefit Link LLC02/15/202203/09/2023
American Independent Securities Group, LLCn/a03/09/2023
Broadband Access Servicesn/a03/09/2023
Kiefer Aquaticsn/a03/09/2023
Lasell Universityn/a03/09/2023
Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.n/a03/09/2023
Community Health Centers of Greater Daytonn/a03/08/2023
The Olympic Club02/20/2023, 02/21/202303/08/2023
Worldwide Mail Solutions, Inc. dba US Global Mail02/20/2023, 02/21/202303/08/2023
The City of Modesto01/31/202303/08/2023
Fortra, LLC contracted by CHSPSC, LLC01/28/2023, 01/30/202303/08/2023
ZOLL Medical Corporation01/28/2023, 01/29/2023
Erickson Demel & Associates, PLLC01/09/202303/08/2023
NY Creates12/13/2022, 12/14/202203/08/2023
Spaulding McCullough & Tansil LLP11/03/2022, 11/04/202203/08/2023
Merced College10/25/2022, 11/03/202203/08/2023
The M. K. Morse Companyn/a03/08/2023
MassMutual Federal Credit Unionn/a03/07/2023
Mothers Milk Bank of Florida, Inc.n/a03/07/2023
Rocker Companies Inc.02/17/202303/07/2023
Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc.02/15/202303/07/2023
Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc.02/03/2023, 02/04/202303/07/2023
White Bird Clinic01/06/202303/07/2023
dp Brokerage, Inc.12/13/202203/07/2023
Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, LLC07/15/202203/07/2023
Murray City, UT07/14/202203/07/2023, Inc.05/26/202203/07/2023
City of Oakland02/10/2023, 03/03/202303/06/2023
Fleming, Nolen, and Jez, Personal Injury Law Firm01/26/202303/06/2023
Northeast Surgical Group, PC01/08/202303/06/2023
Sullivan Financial Group01/03/202303/06/2023
Trinity Health Corporation12/16/2022, 12/18/202203/06/2023
Style Crest Enterprises, Inc.12/13/2022, 12/17/202203/06/2023
Arena 3D Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary, Dancker Sellew & Douglasn/a03/06/2023
Cineplex Entertainment LPn/a03/06/2023
Fitchburg State Universityn/a03/06/2023
Texas Medical Liability Trustn/a03/06/2023
Precision Medical, Inc.n/a03/06/2023
Exponential Interactive dba VDX.tvn/a03/06/2023
West Virginia University Board of Governorsn/a03/03/2023
Veracyte, Inc.01/27/202303/03/2023
Denver Public Schools Medical Plans01/04/202303/03/2023
Wichita Urology Group, PA01/02/2023, 01/03/202303/03/2023
Kansas City Credit Union08/10/2022, 08/11/202203/02/2023
Chick-fil-A, Inc.12/18/2022, 02/12/202303/02/2023
Tenant, Inc. dba Storagefront.com08/01/2022, 08/30/202203/02/2023
Cerebral, Inc.n/a03/01/2023
Codman Square Health Center11/23/2022, 11/27/202203/01/2023
HTI Technology & Industries, Inc.08/18/202203/01/2023
Vocality Community Credit Union10/12/2022, 10/19/202203/01/2023
National Aviation Academy01/10/2023, 02/27/202303/01/2023
College of the Desertn/a03/01/2023
Oregon Academy of General Dentistry10/07/202203/01/2023
Eileen Fisher, Inc.07/02/2021, 10/19/202103/01/2023
University of Pennsylvania08/13/2022, 10/24/202203/01/2023
Community Health Groupn/a02/28/2023
Clarity Child Guidance Centern/a02/28/2023
MC Group Ventures Corporationn/a02/28/2023
Veris Residential, Inc.n/a02/28/2023
REC Silicon11/01/2022, 11/30/202202/28/2023
Lincoln Families01/17/2022, 02/11/202202/28/2023
Hatch Bank01/30/2023, 01/31/202302/28/2023
New Enchantment Group, LLC10/03/2022, 10/04/202202/28/2023
Jackson O’Keefe, LLP08/09/2022, 09/02/2022
Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth07/14/202202/28/2023
Clarity Water Technologies, LLCn/a02/27/2023
Elephant Insurance Services, LLC01/01/0001, 04/01/202202/27/2023
Elevate Services, Inc.n/a02/27/2023
Jackson National Life Insurance Companyn/a02/27/2023
Charter Foods 01/13/202302/27/2023
C. Overaa & Co.12/17/2022, 12/19/202202/24/2023
eMDs, Inc.n/a02/24/2023
Aloha Nursing Rehab Center (HI)n/a02/24/2023
Asante06/12/2014, 01/03/202302/24/2023
School District of Elmbrook08/23/2022, 08/27/202302/24/2023
Sentara Healthcaren/a02/24/2023
David Douglas School District01/29/202302/24/2023
Anderson’s Painting12/06/202202/24/2023
Alight Solutions, LLC06/01/2022, 11/15/202202/24/2023
Christensen Group Insurance10/10/2022, 10/17/202202/24/2023
Advanced Health Media11/27/2022, 12/16/202202/24/2023
Crystal Bay Casino11/27/202202/24/2023
Wallace Supply LLC dba Johnstone Supply11/15/2022, 11/22/202202/24/2023
Aurora Financial Group, Inc.01/20/2021, 01/22/202102/24/2023
Quo Vadis Financial Management Inc.n/a02/24/2023
Lawrence General Hospitaln/a02/23/2023
Texas Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine11/22/202202/23/2023
Evergreen Treatment Servicesn/a02/22/2023
News Corporationn/a02/22/2023
S&K Manufacturing, Inc.n/a02/22/2023
The University of Massachusetts Chan Medical Schooln/a02/22/2023
Riverside Community Caren/a02/22/2023
Woodmeister Master Builders, Inc.n/a02/22/2023
Scott Fetzer Company dba Carefree of Colorado04/27/2022, 01/23/202302/22/2023
Alvaria, Inc.11/24/2022, 11/28/202202/22/2023
Lakeside Software, LLC10/21/2022, 10/29/202202/22/2023
Crum & Forster12/19/2021, 03/20/202202/22/2023
Dental Health Management Solutions08/05/2021, 08/20/202102/22/2023
Henrico Doctors Hospitaln/a02/21/2023
3D Diagnostix, Inc.10/15/202202/21/2023
The Title Group, Inc.05/01/202002/21/2023
Fioravanti Custom Products LLC dba Essential Wholesale & Labs04/24/2022, 05/22/2022, 10/11/2022, 11/05/202202/21/2023
American Guild of Musical Artists04/21/2022, 05/17/202202/21/2023
MiTCON, LLCn/a02/21/2023
Rancho Mesquite Casino, Inc.n/a02/21/2023
TIAA, FSBn/a02/21/2023
UBS Financial Services, Inc.n/a02/21/2023
The Metropolitan Opera 09/30/2022, 12/06/202202/21/2023
Hutchinson Clinic, P.A.12/21/202202/17/2023
Anthony-Thomas Candy Company12/20/202202/17/2023
Stanford University12/05/2022, 01/24/202302/17/2023
Rockler Companies, Inc.05/13/202202/17/2023
BJA Partners06/02/202202/17/2023
Sharp Healthcaren/a02/17/2023
Capital One, National Associationn/a02/17/2023
West Cecil Health Centern/a02/17/2023
Silicon Valley Bank Financial Groupn/a02/17/2023
Steven Engineering, Inc.n/a02/17/2023
Troy Roeder DDS PCn/a02/17/2023
O’Neal Industries, Inc.n/a02/17/2023
Warren County Community Collegen/a02/17/2023
Jackson Lewis PC01/07/202202/17/2023
C.S. McCrossan Inc.09/21/2022, 09/28/202202/17/2023
Everest Global Services Inc., dba TempsPlus Staffing Services, Inc.08/08/202202/17/2023
Tom James Company08/01/2022, 08/30/202202/17/2023
Adams Friendship Area School District11/03/2022, 11/15/202202/17/2023
West Cecil Health Center11/03/202202/17/2023
American Welding & Gas, Inc.11/04/2022, 11/08/202202/16/2023
California Department of Social Services01/06/202302/16/2023
Paul Smith’s College07/01/2022, 08/31/202202/16/2023
Synergy Equipment12/22/202202/16/2023
CKF Inc.12/08/202202/16/2023
MKS Instruments, Inc.n/a02/16/2023
Crockett & Myers Associatesn/a02/15/2023
Asotin County Public Facilities District 04/04/2022, 05/31/202202/15/2023
Penhall Company12/28/202202/15/2023
San Juan Regional Medical Centern/a02/15/2023
Logic Global, Inc. dba Logic Information Systems01/21/2022, 02/02/202202/15/2023


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