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You know the basics, but do you know about double time, 7th day work, whether bonuses are included in the rate of pay or when exemptions apply?


Over the past two decades, Californians have witnessed an explosion of class action lawsuits alleging that retail employers have under paid workers and denied them breaks and business-expense reimbursements. As one of California’s premiere law firms, we have filed and prosecuted scores of retail industry cases and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for retail workers. Our own work in this area, coupled with extremely worker-friendly laws, have undoubtedly put every retailer in California under a microscope for potential violations of the state’s wage and hour laws. In fact, if any of the following scenarios sound familiar, you may be entitled to years of back pay and not even know it.

Have you been:

  • a manager paid as a salaried employee and denied overtime pay?
  • denied your meal and/or rest breaks, or forced to remain “on call” during them?
  • subjected to security searches (aka “bag checks”) that interfered with your meal or rest breaks?
  • worked “off the clock?”
  • denied overtime pay because it was not “approved” by management?
  • paid your regular rate for overtime hours?
  • forced to take “comp time” or carry over hours into another week?
  • required to arrive early to make necessary preparations for work, including putting on or removing protective safety gear, without extra pay?
  • subjected to altered time sheets?
  • subjected to a reduced employee bonuses due to company-wide losses?
  • subjected to a reduced or “charged back” commission?
  • made to buy and/or maintain a company-required uniform
  • made to pay business-related expenses or cover cash shortages or other losses (e.g., due to customer theft)?

If any of these applied to you at any point within the past four years, you really ought to contact us. Violations like these are very common–and, usually, very illegal. Take back your rights!

The legal system is set up to “level the playing field” and give workers the power to correct workplace abuses. Cole & Van Note has served California’s workforce for decades as one of the state’s most respected workers’ rights law firms and has recovered massive and record-setting judgments/settlements for employees for workplace abuses. For a confidential discussion of your rights against a former or current employer and/or to submit a claim, contact us for more information.

This information is for illustrative and educational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal advice, the establishment of an attorney-client relationship, or as indicative of a particular outcome regarding any legal issue you might have.


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